35+ DIY Romantic Gifts for your Better Half

36. Last-Minute Jar of Kisses

Last-Minute Jar of Kisses

Wouldn’t be cute if you two could kiss even when you’re apart? Nothing simpler. All you need is a white sheet of paper, a red lipstick, a pencil, scissors and a jar. Now apply the lipstick, kiss the sheet of paper, cut the kisses, write a reasons for each kiss and put them all in a nice jar.

Last-Minute Jar of Kisses Tutorial – LoveOfATravelingSoldier.Tumblr

37. Personalized “Best Boyfriend / Girlfriend Award” Certificate (Free Download)

Personalized "Best Boyfriend / Girlfriend Award" Certificate (Printable)

Yes, I know this is not the latest breakthrough in terms of romantic gifts, but if it’s not a new idea it doesn’t mean it’s a bad one. Think about love notes… They are here since people lived in caves, but they are still the most romantic thing in the world. If you decide to make a nice certificate to show your admiration, you should visit the website below first, follow the instructions, download the printable version of your certificate, personalize it, print it and frame it.

Personalized “Best Boyfriend / Girlfriend Award” Certificate Free Download & Tutorial – MyCertificateTemplates

Remember that no Facebook status nor a nicely packed tablet will ever equal a romantic walk on the seaside, so make sure you take some time to build your relation as it should. I know you’re a busy person, who can’t take a week off just to make a gift, but I’m pretty sure your partner deserves at least a few hours of crafting, don’t you think? ……….. Don’t forget to SHARE the love! :)

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