35+ DIY Romantic Gifts for your Better Half

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31. DIY “I Love You Because” Calendar

DIY “I Love You Because” Calendar

Usually, calendars are full of notes related to work, school, all sort of tasks, meetings… important, yet boring stuffs. However, there are some upgrades that can be done to transform an ordinary calendar into a truly romantic item. For example, you can make your spouse’s days a way more interesting by writing something cute for each day of the year. If you need some inspiration and a few extra tips, please click the link below.

DIY “I Love You Because” Calendar Tutorial – WellnessMama

32. How to Compile an “All About You” Gift Basket

How to Compile an "All About You" Gift Basket

I suppose your partner already knows why you love him, but it’s nice to remind him this, at least from time to time. You can start with writing a giant list that includes all the reasons that make you love him, then buy a couple of small gifts (like candy, chocolate, key chains, notebooks etc.), write personalized tags for each of them, and all you have to do now is to put everything in a nice basket. For more inspiration, check the tutorial below.

How to Compile an “All About You” Gift Basket Tutorial – TheDatingDivas

33. Romantic DIY Love Compass (with Printable Template)

Romantic DIY Love Compass (with Printable Template)

I’m pretty sure your partner is the center of the universe for you, but don’t you think (s)he’d like you to hear you saying this as often as you can? Well, this is one of those opportunities, when you can make your lover feel adored. All you have to do is to click the link below, follow the tutorial step by step, then print the template and your gift is almost done. Take note that you can also use a real compass, as long as its pointer is blocked into position (with glue or with a little magnet).

Romantic DIY Love Compass Printable Template & Tutorial – RomantiCraft

34. How to Personalize a Cereal Box in a Romantic Manner

How to Personalize a Cereal Box in a Romantic Manner

The feeling of winning something… anything is one of the most pleasant experiences in a person’s life. Unfortunately, you can’t control the fate, but at least you can influence it a little. No, I’m not speaking about hacking the lottery, but about giving a gift in a cute & romantic manner. For this, you’re going to need a printer, scissors, glue, a cereal box and, of course, a prize. For more details, please follow the tutorial below.

How to Personalize a Cereal Box in a Romantic Manner Tutorial – RomantiCraft

35. DIY Romantic Memory Jars

DIY Romantic Memory Jars

Do you have any souvenirs or little things that mark nice memories in your relationship? If you do, then your gift is half done. All you have to do now is to print a picture with you two, put it in a jar, arrange all the items as nice as you can and screw the lid on tightly. If you have too many souvenirs, and it’s hard for you to decide which is more suitable, then I suggest you to make more Memory Jars with different themes (such as seaside, picnic, zoo etc.).

DIY Romantic Memory Jars Tutorial – MarthaStewart

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