Whether you are tired of paying out so much money for your daily Americano, or are sick and tired of spending time standing in line and waiting for your favorite macchiato every single day, it might be time to consider a home espresso machine.

If you have gotten weary of making those frequent treks to your local Starbucks or other coffee shop, only to get there and then have to wait in line, then wait for the barista to brew up your favorite beverage, and then fork over unbelievable amounts of money for that cup of java…oh, and don’t forget the obligatory tip, then maybe you should at least consider getting an espresso maker.


“THE” Three Top Espresso Machines

Here are the three top home espresso machines, THE absolutely loved ones by many customers who got and used them, and then liked them so much they went back and wrote top reviews about them.

Best Home Espresso Machines

Nespresso Citiz and Milk Aeroccino Frother Bundle

Best Home Espresso Machines

DeLonghi Magnifica Espresso Machine

Best Home Espresso Machines

DeLonghi EC680 Dedica

4.7 out of 5 stars

4.5 out of 5 starsTop Three Best At-Home Espresso Machines4.6 out of 5 starsTop Three Best At-Home Espresso Machines
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Above are the three most top-rated espresso machines out there nowadays…all three offered at Amazon.

Amazon is a very trusted retailer who provides products very quickly and in great condition upon arrival.


Consider the following for a minute…

Are you spending $1,200 per year at your local espresso stand? If you are a daily visitor to your local coffee house, you most likely are spending about this much.

Read the rundown below to get a pretty close guesstimate of how much you are actually spending on espresso beverages monthly and yearly.

If you are spending $5 per day, 5 days per week…

…grand total = $25 per week.

Multiply that grand total by 4…

…grand total = $100 per month.

Multiply that by 12 (months) for a Grande (okay…pun intended!) yearly total of…

$1,200 a year spent on espresso!!

If you are buying more than one daily, even just once in awhile,

the total goes even higher!


The first thing to consider before buying a home espresso machine…

If you are thinking about getting an espresso machine but don’t really know anything about them, there is one very important thing you need to determine before you will be able to make any type of educated decision.

Determine what “kind” of espresso machine would be best for you and your lifestyle. This will be a huge factor, and once you have narrowed down this one, you will not feel nearly as “lost.

You would likely do well choosing a super-automatic home espresso machine if you are one of the following types of people:

  • Someone who just wants to be able to brew espresso without a lot of learning curve involved, basically someone who wants a machine that requires just learning what the buttons on the machine do.
  • Someone who does not want to have to manually brew espresso, which would include learning and needing to do things such as getting the correct grind coarseness of coffee beans, how to correctly “tamp” (compress) the coffee beans into a portafilter, etc.
  • Someone who has a very busy lifestyle with no time to put into learning some needed basics that are required if you want a semi-auto espresso machine or a manual/lever machine.
  • Someone who wants to avoid as much mess, fuss, and muss as possible, such as cleaning up spilled grounds, etc.
  • Someone who wants the option of using today’s easy serve espresso (E.S.E.) pods, which are virtually mess-free and very simple to use. There is, however, at least one semi-auto espresso maker that does allow for using either ground coffee or E.S.E. pods on a use-by-use basis. That particular machine would be the DeLonghi Dedica EC680.

You would more than likely do great with a semi-automatic espresso maker if you are one of the following types of people:

  • Someone who likes to learn new things, such as how to correctly grind coffee to the correct coarseness/fineness and how to “tamp” (compress) the grounds into a portafilter.
  • Someone who has some time to devote to learning the new things mentioned above.
  • Someone who really doesn’t mind wiping up some coffee grounds or spilled water on occasion.
  • Someone who likes to “fiddle” around with “new toys,” and will enjoy experimenting with different grinds of coffee and different amounts of tamping.

If you are truly ambitious about learning something new (and you would have to be VERY ambitious, no doubt about it), another consideration would be a manual/lever espresso machine.

Below are listed the characteristics of someone who might, and we emphasize the word “might,” do well purchasing a manual lever espresso machine. We don’t have many available at this site at this time, although this link will take you to Amazon, where there are a few more available. Characteristics of a person who would do well with a manual/lever espresso machine would include the following:

  • Someone who loves to “fiddle” with and learn how to use new things, unlike anything they have ever used before.
  • Someone who is a TRUE “coffee snob.” Manual/lever espresso machines are notorious for being able to produce absolutely the very best espresso that can be made.
  • Someone who does not mind practice, practice, practice, and likely MORE practice, before being able to successfully brew espresso. Although there are only two crucial things that need to be learned, including the correct grind coarseness of the coffee beans being used, as well as the correct “tamp” (compression) of the coffee grounds, these two “things” can be very difficult to get a handle on without a lot of practice.

Once you have determined which type of machine would best fit yourself and your lifestyle, you will be well on your way to knowing what would be best suited to your needs.


You might feel you are “splurging” if you are considering a home espresso machine; however, after you see the amount of hard-earned cash you have saved in the long run, you will realize you were truly splurging money when you were stopping at the local coffee shop every day!

You could get a really over-the-top one for that amount of money, and you likely won’t even need to spend that much to get yourself a very high-quality machine you can use at your leisure, 24/7, whenever you wish — even all seven days of the week if you want, without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

Not too long ago, I was very much done with making the trek to my local Starbucks and waiting in line. At that point where I had truly “had it,” I made the decision to get myself a home espresso maker.

So I bought a semi-automatic machine priced in the mid range, and learned the few essentials that I needed to make good espresso from home.

This learning process really did not take very long before I was up and running, making espresso beverages equal to, and then even much BETTER, than those I had been paying “through the nose” for at the local coffee shop.

If you have been considering getting your own espresso maker but have been hesitant, either because of the required learning curve or because of the price, rest easy that the learning curve is not nearly as great as you probably now think it is.

If you have  hesitated because of the horrendous cost of some of the available espresso machines out there, keep in mind the total mentioned above – $1,200 per year if buying an espresso drink five days per week for a year.

There are many different espresso machines available, and one is sure to be just right for you.


At this site there are many top-rated machines at this site for you to consider, whether it is a super-auto or semi-auto machine, or even a manual/lever one, that you have in mind.

This site showcases only the top-rated espresso machines, as rated by customers who have gotten them, used them, and then gone back to provide a rating of the machine they bought.

ALL machines at this site had to go through a somewhat rigid evaluation before they were considered as additions to this site.

Following are the main requirements that all machines at this website had to meet to be considered for addition to this site:

  • Average overall customer rating of 4 out of 5 stars or higher (at the time they were added).
  • High-quality machine build/structure.
  • Availability at not only Amazon but also other major retailers.
  • Good customer service by the manufacturer.

Best Home Espresso Machines