Omar Alghabra (MP Mississauga Centre), a Sharia Law Supporter, is the new Parliamentary Secretary for Foreign Affairs.

On 02 December 2015, Prime Minister Trudeau appointed a series of Members of Parliament to be Parliamentary Secretaries. In the Canadian parliamentary system, this person is officially designated to assist their minister with minister with his or her duties.

NOTE: The Muslim Brotherhood, founded in 1928 in Egypt has been listed as a terrorist group in a variety of countries including Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. The Jamaat-e-Islami has been banned or proscribed in some 25 countries. In January of 2015, the Muslim Brotherhood announced that they would return to a path of violence and that is members should “seek martyrdom.”

In April 2014, Tahir Gora published a paper that suggested that the Muslim Brotherhood and Jamaat-e-Islami would attempt to run multiple candidates in the 2015 federal election using the Liberal Party of Canada as its political entry point.[1] This is the well-worn path of “political entryism.”

The question must arise as to whether any candidates in represent extremist views brought into Canada by the Muslim Brotherhood, its proxies or its front groups. With some 700(+) dues paying Muslim Brotherhood members in Canada[2], the question is increasingly relevant.

According to the article of 2014 written by Mr. Gora:

“The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), the National Council of Canadian-Muslims — formerly the Canadian affiliate of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) — and others are full of members linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, its Jamaat-e-Islami sister group and their ideology.”

Mr. Gora said he had a conversation with a staunch member of the Jamaat-e-Islami. He reports the conversation in the following manner:

We want Muslims’ representation in our parliament so that our members can watch our interests in the government.” By “Muslims,” he meant Jamaat-e-Islami and Muslim Brotherhood followers.

Testimony in the Senate of Canada in 2015 by Lorenzo Vidino stated that the Muslim Brotherhood has multiple front groups in Canada of which the four best known are the NCCM/CAIR CAN, the Muslin Association of Canada, Islamic Relief Canada and the now defunct IRFAN (listed as a terrorist entity).[3]

Omar Alghabra

Omar Alghabra (Mississauga-Centre) was born in 1969 in Khobar Saudi Arabia to Syrian parents and came to Canada alone at the age of 19. He was previously a Member of Parliament from 2006 to 2008 and represented Mississauga-Erindale before the boundaries were redrawn.

In 2002, Mr Alghabra stated that he did not believe that HAMAS (Muslim Brotherhood proxy group) or Islamic Jihad were terrorist groups.[4]

Mr Alghabra has openly stated that he favors Sharia Law for Ontario and that he was disappointed when he did not happen in Ontario after the 2003/2006 debate in Ontario.[5]

Upon being nominated for the 2006 election, Mr Alghabra thanked the ISNA for their support.[6] This raises the question about what kind of support a federal charity is giving to a political campaign.

Omar Alghabra was also speaker at the 2007 ISNA 33rd Annual conference which was held in conjunction with the Muslim Student Association (founded by the Muslim Brotherhood) and Muslim Youth of North America conferences. That conference was headlined by Tariq Ramadan, grandson of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The ISNA was in the news in 2013 when the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) took away their charity status for one of their fund raising bodies (Development Fund) when it was discovered that they were funding a terrorist group: the Jamaat-e-Islami. As noted above, Jammat-e-Islami is the ideological sister of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The ISNA also made the news in 2008 when they tried to invite the head of Jamaat-e-Islami (Qazi Hussein Ahmad) to speak at an ISNA conference in Canada in 2008.[7] Mr. Ahmad has been previously banned some 25 countries, yet the ISNA sought to have him in Canada.[8] His visa to Canada was pulled at the last minute. Mr. Ahmad had spoken at a previous ISNA conference in St Louis in 1998. The ISNA-Canada conference was run jointly with the Muslim Students Association and Muslim Youth of North America, and endorsed by the Canadian Council on American-Islamic Relations, the Islamic Circle of North America, and the Muslim Association of Canada. All of these organization have been publicly identified repeatedly as Muslim Brotherhood front groups.

When Liberal leader Justin Trudeau spoke at the ISNA in 2013, he noted the following:

In particular, I would like to thank the organizers of this event: Yasmin Ratansi, our Liberal candidate for Don Valley East; Omar Alghabra, who will represent the Liberal Party in Mississauga Centre; and Salma Zahid, the Liberal candidate for Scarborough Centre.

Many of the meetings for the campaigns of Omar Alghabra were held at the ISNA. It is not clear if they ISNA charged for this or of the space was provided with no charge. With the ISNA still having charitable status for some of its functions, questions should be raised about a federally registered charity providing free and/or rented meeting space for a political party campaign.

Of note, the ISNA was involved in a series of scandals whereby charity money for the poor was squandered on other projects.[9] As well, the ISNA High School received Saudi money, despite several initial denials from the ISNA[10] and the ISNA High School Principal was a guest speaker at the annual conference of Hizb-ut-Tahrir[11], perhaps the fastest growing extremist group in Canada.  The ISNA high school also made the news when its soccer team refused to play another high school team that had girls on it.[12]

According to the Al Jezeera News Service, Omar Alghabra is a “long-time personal friend” to Prime Minister Trudeau. Additionally, Mr Alghabra is stated to have been able to “recruit more than 12,000 volunteers across the country to work for Trudeau’s campaign.”[13]

All of this information collectively raises the question as to whether Canada will be well served by this new Parliamentary Secretary.




[2] Tharwat Kherbawi is a former leadership figure of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and the international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood. He has three books on the Muslim Brotherhood, which are “From the Heart of the Muslim Brotherhood” and “The Mystery of the Temple” and the “Imams of Evil.” He has hundreds of articles and press and television appearances on this subject. In early 2015, he was interviewed about the Muslim Brotherhood in Canada.

In this interview, he notes that there are some 700 dues paying members of the Muslim Brotherhood in Canada. He regards this figure as low, because many Muslim Brotherhood members have left Egypt following the ouster of the Muslim Brotherhood’s President Morsi in 2013.












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