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  1. Action Alert

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  2. WATCH: a visual love letter to Chicago's organizers. By |

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  4. Miami Dade Police just executed a man in public as bystanders filmed.

  5. Feds have infected this platform and are using every means to track beware of what you download or what you say in DMs

  6. Search engine for the ’s dirty secrets |

  7. Judge rules Chicago must notify journalists, activists before destroying decades of police misconduct files

  8. hashcat and oclHashcat have gone open source

  9. Agree.

  10. BREAKING: Boise Police Will “Mass Evict” Cooper Court Homeless Camp by Force TODAY

  11. All charges have been dropped against who blockaded the BART train this time last year!

  12. FBI Asst Director at presser: "We don't do wide-sweeping massive surveillance without legal process."

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  14. . you broadcasted the ID of the woman who needed protection from the man whose irrelevant history you're now broadcasting, fucking quit.

  15. So, we're all clear: laws/decency are mere suggestions that go out the window entirely when dealing with hated/feared/dehumanized "others."

  16. Protest in San Francisco over black man killed by police: reports

  17. The ever moral and sent - a cop with 18 civilian complaints - to crack heads at the 2012 protest.

  18. killer shown here as a frightening CPD sent to beat protesters in 2012.

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