Shocking video reveals the horror of babies born addicted to drugs: Newborns tiny legs shudder uncontrollably during heroin withdrawal - as it's revealed an opioid-addicted child is born every 19 minutes in the US

Shocking video reveals the horrors of babies born addicted to drugs: Newborns tiny legs

The newborn is one of 130,000 babies born addicted to drugs in the US over the last decade - a dependence inherited from their addict mothers. The devastating symptoms of withdrawal can last for a child's first few weeks. Similarly, baby Braxton (top right) was born with a methadone addiction inherited from his mother, Clorissa Jones. She was an addict when she gave birth to her first son, Jacoby. Ms Jones said: 'I was in labor, in the bathroom shooting heroin, about to give birth to my child.' She eventually lost custody of Jacoby, before learning she was pregnant with Braxton. At the time, she was smoking crack and doing heroin. After entering a rehab program she was able to retain custody of her second child. Braxton went through withdrawal for the first two weeks of his life, but is now largely healthy - though he has trouble feeding. Jennifer Lacey Frazier (bottom right) was sentenced to 15 years in jail after accidentally feeding her baby daughter - who was also born with a drug addiction - a lethal dose of methadone.

The embarrassing hidden symptoms of menopause: From prolapse to incontinence, experts reveal the unspoken but distressing realities HALF of all women face 

Yale, Dartmouth and Connecticut Healthcare researchers revealed that menopause causes 51 per cent of women to have a host of physical problems - but 33 per cent of these women don't seek medical help.

Whole grains DO cause flatulence and more toilet trips - but this is a sign of good intestinal health, experts claim

Those eating processed wheat rather than whole grains said they felt more bloated and tired as a result, according to a study by the University of Copenhagen.

How healthy is YOUR state? Hawaiians top the list for a fourth year - while those living in Louisiana face the risk to their health

America's Health Rankings Annual Report deemed Hawaii, Vermont and Massachusetts to be the healthiest states in the US - while Louisiana and Mississippi take the cake as the least healthy.

Could CANNABIS treat your child's epilepsy? Marijuana oil 'significantly reduces seizures in 50% of young sufferers'

Research presented at the American Epilepsy Society's annual meeting found that Epidolex - a prescription cannabis oil - is effective in children who are resistant to common anti-epileptic drugs.

The baby girl who has never eaten a carb: Meet Grace, who has been on the Paleo diet since birth - and her fitness fanatic mum says she has only been sick once in her life

Shan Cooper's baby girl Grace is on the paleo diet and only been sick once

Thirteen-month-old Grace Cooper (pictured right, enjoying some steamed broccoli and left, with mum Shan) has only ever known the Paleo diet. Shan Cooper, from Brisbane, is a keen adherent of the diet, which bans grains and dairy in favour of foods 'cavemen could scavenge for'. Her toddler is more likely to have organic chicken and a plate of vegetables for a meal, rather than toast with the crusts cut off or pasta. 'She loves it,' Ms Cooper said. For breakfast on Thursday, Grace had eggs fried in coconut oil with leftover roast veggies including roasted sweet potato, carrots, potatoes and steamed broccoli, a quarter of an avocado and a small scoop of sauerkraut.

One PEAR a day keeps the pounds away: People who regularly consume the fruit are '35% less likely to be obese'

The daily consumption of pears is associated with lower weight - thanks to the fact that the fruit contains 24 per cert of daily fiber intake, according to researchers from Louisiana State University.

Mastectomy may NOT be the best option: Cancer patients who have breast-conserving surgery and radiotherapy more likely to survive for 10 years

The findings suggest radiotherapy may play a major role in recover, a study by the Netherlands Comprehensive Cancer Organisation found.

Move over North West! Tot with one hand is taking Instagram by storm with his cute smile and stylish wardrobe (and boutiques all over the world want to dress him)

Oakley Lynch, 14 months, from Reading, was born with a limb deficiency which meant his arm failed to grow correctly below his elbow. But that hasn't stopped him becoming an Instagram sensation.

Plus-sized models 'are FUELLING the obesity crisis': Ads featuring larger models 'promote the idea being overweight is acceptable'

Experts at the Simon Fraser University in Canada suggest that using larger body images in ad campaigns 'encourages the idea being overweight is acceptable', and is detrimental to health.

NHS winter crisis deepens: A&E; targets missed as 'frail and elderly' are blamed for bedblocking levels reaching record highs

Key measures were not met for A&E; waiting times or for ambulance response times while there were more than 160,000 days lost to delayed discharges or 'bedblocking,' NHS England figures show.

Gym-going bride-to-be, 28, who has NEVER smoked is diagnosed with incurable lung cancer after going to the doctors with a cough

Bride-to-be Alisha Barnett who has NEVER smoked diagnosed with lung cancer

Alisha Barnett, 28, from Borough, south London, was very fit and regularly competed in triathlons (inset) before her diagnosis. She had just completed a 100-mile bike ride when she developed a cough. When it wouldn't go, further tests revealed she had stage 4 lung cancer. She is now undergoing life-prolonging chemotherapy (right) and is set to get married later this month to her partner of four years, 31-year-old Jon Douglas. Pictured left at her hen party, she described herself as 'lucky.' She said: 'I am lucky. It sounds so lame but anyone could die at any time. I don't want to be depressed. People have a lot worse.'

New oxygen-enhanced MRI scan could identify aggressive tumours before the cancer spreads 

The breakthrough, made by experts at the Institute of Cancer Research in London and the University of Manchester, involves scanning for areas within tumours that are low in oxygen.

Mother of three, 38, who delayed cancer treatment to deliver her fourth child dies just a few days after the baby was born

Cara Combs who delayed cancer treatment to deliver child dies days after baby's birth

Cara Combs, 38 (center), was 23 weeks pregnant with her fourth child when she was diagnosed with Stage 4 Melanoma, but decided to delay her treatment five weeks to give birth to her daughter. Her family say she was scheduled and ready to begin treatment to fight the cancer following the arrival of baby Shaylin on December 5 (inset), however she passed away three days after the birth. Just a few days before the birth of 'Shay', the family came together to have their portrait taken (main), not knowing it would be their final photo all together.

Cheer up! Being miserable won't kill you after all: Stress and unhappiness have NO direct impact on mortality, study finds

Unhappiness and stress won't kill you after all, according to a study by Oxford University scientists. The findings contradict a long-standing consensus that the opposite is true.

How video games are helping children recover from brain injuries: 'Diego the robot' encourages paralysed girl to move again

Grace McShane, seven, of Northumberland, is starting to move after a bleed on the brain left her paralysed. This is with the help of the robot 'Diego' at the Great North Children's Hospital (GNCH).

Could your weekend lie in KILL you? Social jet lag 'increases the risk of diabetes and heart disease'

University of Pittsburgh researchers surveyed 450 middle-aged adults and discovered that 'social jet lag' - waking up earlier on work days and sleeping in on days off - was worse for health than actual jet lag.

Dementia patient wins payout after suffering SEVERE burns when she tripped and fell onto a scalding hot pipe at a care home

Brenda Williams, 74, suffered a 10-inch burn on her forearm, as well as a six-inch burn on her left leg while living at Campion Gardens Care Home in Swansea, South Wales.

Terminally ill father-of-four writes down his vows after throat cancer took his voice so he can finally tie the knot with his partner of 38 years

Terminally ill father writes down his vows after throat cancer took his voice so he can

Terence Reeves, 57, finally tied the knot with teenage sweetheart Josie Flynn, 55, at a hospice in Birmingham, yesterday afternoon. He was diagnosed with throat cancer last year. The disease means he has had to undergo a tracheostomy so cannot speak any more. He wrote his vows to his childhood sweetheart and the pair were married at a moving ceremony yesterday. New wife, Mrs Reeves said: 'He's got a heart of gold. I love everything about him. He's my best friend and always has been.'

Can working out in the DARK make you lose double the amount of weight? FEMAIL tests the new Victoria's Secret-approved fitness class that even has an alcohol licence 

FEMAIL tests the new Victoria's Secret-approved fitness class 1Rebel

One gym that's become an A-list magnet is 1REBEL, which encourages working out in the dark to live hip hop music and even has an alcohol licence. FEMAIL sent Emily Austen, 28, from London, to trial the class - and see if it could help her achieve a supermodel body. Here's how she got on...

The 50 things EVERY woman needs to know about sex (and why you should panic if he's not a good kisser)

Sex expert Tracey Cox reveals the 50 things you need to know about sex from your libido to finding out if a man will be good in bed. She wrote her advice to her step-daughter Sofia to read later in life.

Could this finally end the agony of back pain? Ibuprofen patches deliver 10 TIMES the amount of painkiller through the skin

The patch, developed by the University of Warwick and Coventry-based company Medherant, could pave the way for other 'long-acting' treatments for back pain and arthritis, scientists say.

Why drinking hot lemon in the morning DOES improve your health: A slice of the fruit in hot water can aid weight loss, help combat colds and keep you looking young

An infographic by health website DYLN reveals ten reasons why drinking a glass of lemon water daily improves your health and appearance, keeping skin youthful due to its collagen boosting properties.

Why do so many women feel sad after sex? These women claim making love causes them to become emotional and even cry

Laura Summers, 28, from Sittingbourne, Kent, feels tearful after intimacy, sometimes even the next day. Rachael, 35, from Brighton, has felt emotional in the moments after sex.

Hospital is supposed to make you feel better! MailOnline readers share pictures of the WORST food served up on Britain's wards 

MailOnline readers share pictures of the WORST hospital food served in the UK

After father Darren Graham shared the photos of food given to his son that he wouldn't feed to his dog - at and award-winning hospital in Middlesex - readers have shared images of other awful meals they were offered. From what one says is 'supposed to be cottage pie' (top left) to a pork casserole served to a heavily pregnant woman who said it was so tiny, it wouldn't feed a small child (top middle). There was a spinach and ricotta pasta (bottom right) that was so dry it was inedible, and when the elderly man's family complained, they were advised to pour pea and ham soup on it. There was also bangers and mash that had spent so long in the microwave that the gravy went almost black (bottom left). One person shared images of the healthy and tasty offerings served to his friend in Germany (bottom middle) to show just how different things are on the continent.

Colorblind man sees color for the first time... and is more impressed by grass than his friend's rainbow jumper

Alex Kriz who lives in Rochester, New York, commented on how 'beautiful' the grass looked as well as the color of his friend's rainbow hoody in the emotional video posted to YouTube.

Breastfeeding mother is banned from Women's Institute meetings after poll of members ruled she 'wasn't welcome' with her six-week-old daughter

Nicole Bentley took newborn baby Scarlett to a 'pre-formation' gathering of the Sutton Belles - a new group set to start up in the new year in Sutton-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire.

Around the world in Christmas calories: Americans and Brits gorge on a 3,500 kcal festive feast while a traditional Japanese meal of KFC is 'healthiest' - map reveals how YOUR holiday spread compares...

Christmas in calories as Americans and Brits gorge on a 3,500 kcal festive feast

Dr Wayne Osborne, of, compared the typical Christmas day meal in 28 countries nations. He warned the typical American and Brit would have to work out for two weeks to burn off their festive feast. His research found that while the US tops the calorific leader board with the UK and Ireland in joint second place, Japan's traditional fare since the 1970s - a KFC takeaway - was healthiest, with just 1,400 calories per person. France takes the third spot with an average of 3,217 calories, while Lithuania, where Christmas Eve dinner is traditionally a modest affair, is the healthiest spread in Europe. Dr Osborne warned 'consuming large amounts of fatty, sugary food in short order is a recipe for poor health'. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes and obesity 'are all likely outcomes of persistent bad dietary habits'. He said, a Christmas meal of 3,289 calories would take an 11-stone person more than 14 hours to burn off walking, and around four and a half hours to burn off jogging. 'When factored into a person's regular routine, walking for an extra hour each day or jogging for an extra half an hour each day could amount to two week's worth of extra January exercise,' Dr Osborne said. 'That's two week's worth of exercise, just to burn off the calories from one meal.'

We say what you need to know: NHS bosses claim revelations don't justify cost of FOI investigations 

The Health Service swallows more than £2billion of taxpayers' money every week and is one of the biggest employers in the world, with 1.3million staff.

Half of GPs are prepared to join mass resignation over the state of the NHS caused by lack of funding and relentless paperwork 

Half of GPs say they would join in a mass resignation to protest at the pressures on surgeries caused by lack of funding and relentless paperwork, a study by Pulse Magazine has found.

Number of children in the US suffering ADHD jumps 43% in a decade - with a sharp rise in girls battling the condition

More than one in 10 US children and teens have been diagnosed with ADHD - that's 5.8 million between the ages of five and 17 - according to scientists at George Washington University.

Decorating the tree is a glimpse into cherished memories: Broken baubles bring heartache for this mother

A stock photo of a young girl decorating christmas tree.

Lorraine Candy was devastated when her Christmas tree collapsed and decorations that held precious childhood memories were destroyed. Lorraine had loved decorating the tree.

The woman who doesn't recognise her own REFLECTION: Mother-of-two who suffers from face blindness can't remember what her children look like 

The woman who doesn’t recognise her own REFLECTION: Mother-of-two who suffers from face

KC Andrew, 60, from Portland, Oregon, has prosopagnosia or facial blindness (left). This means she can't recognise her own face, or that of her children, friend, including roommate Tony (pictured right) or colleagues. Once, her ex-husband threw her a fancy dress party but she felt confused as she didn't recognise anyone, telling the waitress 'This is the wrong room'. She is mother to children Laura, 31 and Eric, 23, who both also have face blindness. Sometimes, she and Laura play pranks on each other, waiting in restaurants to see if the other will recognise them. In order to recognise people, she studies their voice, specific gestures, height, hairstyle, clothing and their way of walking. Rather than becoming dejected, Ms Andrews tries to approach her condition with humour. She said: 'It's mildly embarrassing, yes - but I approach a lot of things with humour and the face blindness is no different. I deal with it.'

Why Christmas is a nightmare for eczema sufferers: Central heating, unhealthy party food and synthetic fancy dress costumes all irritate sensitive skin

EXCLUSIVE: More than a quarter of parents questioned by skincare company Salcura said their child's eczema was so bad it had ruined their Christmas in the past.

Half of GPs are prepared to join mass resignation over the state of the NHS caused by lack of funding and relentless paperwork 

Half of GPs say they would join in a mass resignation to protest at the pressures on surgeries caused by lack of funding and relentless paperwork, a study by Pulse Magazine has found.

Why happy pills could be replaced by therapy: Patients with severe depression benefit as much from treatment as they do from taking tablets

Experts compared antidepressants with a type of talking therapy (pictured) and found no statistical difference between the two treatments in terms of response or remission.

Pill that may wash away the cause of Alzheimer's: Treatment dissolves toxic plaques on the brain that are warning sign of the disease

More work needs to be carried out before the drug can be tested on humans, but Korean researchers say the treatment could be best targeted at those at risk from inherited forms of the disease.

Anti-social and aggressive behaviour in teenage tearaways is caused by 'lack of grey matter in the brain'

Researchers from the University of Birmingham combined brain imaging figures from 13 previous studies, making it the largest study of its kind. Its findings were published in JAMA Psychiatry.

Severely burned girl, 5, who lost her entire family in an act of arson just wants cards for Christmas

Severely burned New York girl Safyre Terry only wants cards for Christmas

A sweet little girl in New York has only one wish for Christmas this year and is asking people to help make it more merrier. Two years ago, Safyre Terry suffered severe burns to over 75 per cent of her body from a New York house fire caused by arson that killed her father and three younger siblings. This holiday season, she's asking people to send her Christmas cards to fill up the card tree her aunt purchased. Her aunt, Liz Dodler said Safyre got excited at the thought of filling up the tree. ''I can't wait to fill it up' my response was 'Hunny, that's probably not gonna happen. We maybe get 10 cards a year, and the card tree holds 100,'' she said. But after posting a posting a plea on Facebook on December 3, hundreds of people have shared in the comments that they will send the little girl a card.

SPONGES could save the lives of gunshot victims: FDA approves military gadget to plug wounds in 15 seconds for use in civilians

In what may be a timely move, the FDA has issued clearance to RevMedX to introduce its XStat Rapid Hemostasis System for treating gunshot wounds in the civilian population. Last year the device received FDA clearance to be used on the battlefield, but now ambulances in the U.S. will have the option of carrying XStats as well.

The device contains a bunch of tablet-sized sponges that are injected, similar to using a typical syringe, deep into the wound. The tablets absorb blood and rapidly expand to fill the cavity that they find themselves in. The patient is then transported to a trauma ward where the sponges are removed and treatment can continue.

Each sponge contains a radiopaque marker that can be seen under X-ray imaging, making it easier to make sure all the sponges are cleared of the body.

The new indication for the XStat allows its use on both adult and adolescents suffering from acute ballistic lead poisoning.

Ambulances in the United States may soon be equipped with life-saving sponges to prevent gunshot victims from bleeding out. The military device was just cleared for use in civilian settings.

Could anyone actually survive Home Alone? From severe burns to fractures and internal bleeding, doctors reveal how Harry and Marv would have been KILLED by Kevin McCallister's antics

Doctors diagnose the injuries suffered by the burglars in 'Home Alone'

From a punctured lung to head fractures from a flying paint can, bottom right, genital mutilation caused by a BB gun, bottom left, and third degree burns, experts reveal the true nature of the injuries Harry and Marv would have suffered in Home Alone. And the consensus is overwhelming - at least two of the injuries, a blow torch to the head, top left, and a crow bar to the chest, top right, would likely result in death.

Playing 3D video games can improve your memory: Tests show they can improve your recall by 12 per cent in TWO WEEKS

Researchers at University of California Irvine found that playing  three-dimensional video games such as SuperMario 3D World helps people perform better in memory tests.

Alcohol CAN make you more attractive: Social drinkers found to be more appealing than teetotallers... but heavy drinking is ugly

Researchers at the University of Houston found social drinkers are seen as being more attractive than non drinkers but heavy drinkers were considered to be the least appealing.

Boy, 5, who woke up one day unable to speak is learning to talk again after being diagnosed with ultra-rare condition

Ross Griffiths from Redcar, Teesside, stopped being able to talk when he was 16 months old. Now 5, doctors have diagnosed him with a rare genetic variation where part of a chromosome is missing.

Could brain scans hold the key to diagnosing mental illnesses? Test finds people with schizophrenia and bipolar disorders have biological markers

University of Georgia researchers carried out a series of hearing and visual tests to assess a patient's cognitive abilities. They found brain-based markers helped to differentiate the conditions.

'There is always hope for our little miracles': Mothers share heartwarming 'before and after' pictures of their premature babies as tiny newborns - and as thriving healthy children today

Mothers share heartwarming before and after stories of their premature babies

Sydney mother Melisa Gardner has offered hope to expecting mothers and parents of premature babies after sharing a touching before and after story of her son Dwight. He was born at 32 weeks and was just 42 cm long. He is now a happy and healthy 10-year-old boy. Other inspired mothers have since shared their own stories. Michaela Harris' little girl Grace was born at just 24 weeks and given a poor survival chance. But she fought on and is now a healthy three-year-old - her mother saying 'you'd never guess she was premmie' if it wasn't for a scar around her shoulder. After a near-death experience and an emergency C-section, Debra Tropea gave birth to her fourth son Kruz at 35 weeks. Both she and her son are now well and Mrs Tropea says Kruz has a 'kind, gentle heart and is an 'amazing little man.'

The end of therapy on the couch? New counselling app means patients can be treated for conditions like stress, depression or anorexia in their own homes

EXCLUSIVE: The new Babylon Therapy app offers UK patients 50-minute consultations with qualified therapists by phone or video call for £49, removing the need to travel to a clinic.

Women's brains sharper than men's in old age: Elderly now spend less time with memory problems even though life expectancy has increased

A8T62B elderly woman posting a letter in traditional red British letter box in the country

Even though female life expectancy has increased over the past 20 years, elderly women spend less time with memory problems than they did, a study shows.

Why IS it so hard to lose weight? Because we're actually designed to STORE fat, expert claims

Matthew Haines, a senior lecturer in Health and Wellbeing at the University of Huddersfield, says after weight loss, appetite hormones tend to promote over-eating again, leading to weight gain.

Children born to mothers with polycystic ovarian syndrome 'are at greater risk of developing autism'

Swedish researchers revealed that children whose mothers have a common female sex hormone imbalance called polycystic ovarian syndrome are 59% more likely to develop autism.

Mother shares touching story of how a mall Santa reassured her autistic six-year-old that his condition will not land him on the naughty list, and that it's 'OK to be himself' 

Naomi Johnson, 32, from North Muskegon, Michigan, took to Facebook on Sunday to praise the Santa at the RiverTown Crossings Mall for his treatment of her son Landon.

Eat FAT to get fit: Athletes who lay off the carbs 'burn more fat and show greater levels of endurance'

Scientists from New Zealand found switching athletes to a low-carb, high-fat for four weeks made them burn more fat during a four-hour cycle test - and they added the diet can benefit everyone.

Father loses HALF his body weight after taking up exercise and cutting out his beer guzzling habits which saw him drink up to a dozen a night as he washed down his dinner

Father loses HALF his body weight after taking up exercise and cutting out beer

A man who tipped the scales at almost 200 kilograms managed to shed more than half his body weight after a health scare which made him realise his ballooning weight could cause his three-year-old daughter to grow up without a father. Aaron Monckton, 29, from Longwarry, south-east of Melbourne, said it has been a 'hell of a journey' but after loosing 100 kilograms he is feeling fit, healthy and alive for the first time since his teens. The loving father to three-year-old Hanna decided to turn his life around after he started to feel a tightening pain in his chest in April last year.

Are YOU brave enough to try it? FEMAIL tests ultimate at-home chemical foot peel which promises to remove an entire layer of skin and leave your soles totally smooth

Baby Foot claims it will remove all of the dead skin cells on your feet within a week of application. So US Femail Editor Charlie Lankston, 27, and reporter Erica Tempesta, 30, tested the claims.

Anorexic reveals how she was just hours from death after not eating or drinking for a WEEK in order to be 'thin and popular' 

Anorexic Elle Lietzow reveals how she nearly died death after not eating for a week

Elle Lietzow, then 17, from Melbourne, Australia, refused to let even a drop of water touch her lips at the height of her struggle with anorexia, when her weight plummeted to under five-and-a-half stone. After a week of fasting she collapsed with a seizure and was rushed to hospital. She was in such poor condition doctors and nurses were astonished she was still alive. She later admitted to losing weight because she thought being skinny would make her popular amongst her peers. Elle, now 19, was cruelly taunted by her peers as a young girl. Although she was just a few pounds overweight, school kids would kick and push her and chant 'fat whale' as she walked through the playground. She said: 'I wanted to stay skinny just to be accepted by everyone. I had gained so many friends when I lost weight accidentally during my swimming and everyone would compliment me. 'I thought, if I quit swimming I am going to have to keep that low weight so that people would still want to be my friends, because if I gain weight no one would want to be my friend anymore.' Now recovered, she said: 'A message I have for those suffering with anorexia at the moment is that only you can save yourself.' She is now recovered and has become a vegan (right).

Obese 14-year-old who weighs 17 STONE refuses to diet because eating healthily would 'ruin his childhood'

Former footballer Christina and retired solider Barry Palmer, from Dagenham, admit they 'never thought they would have an overweight child' but their son Harry, is double the average for his age.

Giving up gluten can make you FAT: Trendy devotees claim going gluten-free stops bloating and tiredness. But there's a catch... 

C3E9JA conceptual image of traditional bread with an unhappy face drawn on. Our daily bread, domestic, home life, what we consume.

'Could the gluten-free philosophy really be the secret to health, or is it just a myth swallowed by the worried well? To find out, I eliminated all gluten from my diet for six weeks,' writes ANGELA EPSTEIN.

Does the flu jab actually work? The vaccination costs the NHS £100 million, but last year it was worryingly ineffective. Now take-up's falling

A registered nurse prepares an immunization shot in preparation for entering kindergarden during a DC Department of Health Back-to-School Vaccination Clinic at Coolidge High School in Washington DC,on August 20, 2009 

The Department of Health provides free vaccines for healthcare providers that serve Medicaid-eligible children. The DOH also provides free immunizations for uninsured and under-insured District residents at its express clinic.    AFP PHOTO / Tim Sloan (Photo credit should read TIM SLOAN/AFP/Getty Images)

As the influenza season takes hold, official figures show the number of people being vaccinated against it is low.

Breast cancer survivor covers mastectomy scars with intricate floral tattoos in order to reclaim control of her body after undergoing two surgeries and six rounds of chemo

Dana Donofree, 33, of Philadelphia, underwent a double mastectomy and reconstruction shortly after she was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 28, but hated how her new breasts looked.

For 60 years, Steve thought he was the only man in the world with this mortifying genital defect. But in fact it's surprisingly common

Essex man thought he was the only one in the world with this penis defect

Steve Baker's entire life has been blighted by a condition that doctors, girlfriends, his siblings and even his own mother were too embarrassed to discuss with him, let alone have properly investigated. It was only three years ago, at the age of 59, that Steve, from Essex, finally discovered he was not the only man in the world so afflicted. Steve has hypospadias, a congenital defect of the penis.Those affected have a malformed opening in the penis, which may not be at the tip but somewhere on the shaft or even right at the base of the organ. They may also have a 'micropenis', a penis measuring smaller than 2 ¾ inches long and something that the historically male-led medical profession has had trouble acknowledging.

Newly-wed, 21, spent five days in a coma fighting for her life after suffering a massive stroke before bleeding 'miraculously stopped on its own'

Hannah Grimshaw spent five days in a coma after suffering a massive stroke

Hannah Grimshaw, 21, from South Yorkshire had been suffering mild headaches but put it down to a busy week at work. She had actually suffered a subarachnoid haemorrhage which caused bruising to her body (inset of bruised arm). Doctors put her in an induced coma (right) for five days to establish what was wrong with her and let her body recover. The bleeding on her brain stopped and she was discharged from hospital days later (left) and is recovering well. She said: 'It's just so scary that this all happened so quickly. If it can happen to healthy 21-year-old, it can happen to anyone.'

'The chicken is too chickeny': Fussy children reveal why they don't want to eat their dinner - including that the vegetables are full of 'disgusting vitamins'

A TV experiment hosted by paediatrician, Dr Ranj Singh reveals the reasons why British children reject some foods. Excuses include 'vegetables have disgusting vitamins' and carrots which are 'hot.'

Experts reveal the simple tricks that mean you can enjoy your favourite Christmas foods WITHOUT putting on weight

Canapes, cocktails and cake can make Christmas parties seem a major dieting dilemma but help is at hand. Jane Michell of dieting website Jane Plan shares her tips for resisting temptation with FEMAIL.

New diet craze is masking eating disorders, says Nigella: Celebrity cook lashes out at 'clean eating' fad

Her books contain recipes for some of the most indulgent cakes and puddings. So it is no surprise that Nigella Lawson takes a dim view of so-called 'clean eating'.

Why it's tough to be a teen: Girls are TWICE as likely to be victims of cyber-bullying and nearly half think they are 'too fat'

The figures, taken from the first 'What About YOUth? Survey', asked 120,000 15-year-old's in England questions ranging from general health and well-being to if they had tried drugs.

Eczema patient spent 20 HOURS a day in the bath to soothe her flaking skin after suffering a severe reaction when she stopped using steroid creams

Eczema patient Laura Stageman suffered a severe reaction when she stopped using steroid

TV producer Laura Stageman, 30, from Tottenham, London, says she has suffered depression and even contemplated suicide after developing Red Skin Syndrome, which causes severe and painful flaking of the skin (right). She had been using an anti-inflammatory steroid-based medication to treat eczema since she was a toddler but suffered a severe reaction, (pictured inset on her wrist) when she stopped taking it last year. She is now warning others of the dangers of using the creams. 'Every morning I woke up shedding skin everywhere. I needed to hoover my bed and house at least seven times a day to get rid of all the flaking skin that has rubbed off my body and I could not wear anything,' she said.

Coffee kick that will last all day: Nestle claim to have developed technique that makes it possible to slow release caffeine 

Scientists have developed a technique that could put coffee with slow release caffeine on the shelves. The technique could also potentially be used to release nutrients in a controlled fashion.

Why your man can't watch TV and chat at the same time: Focusing on visual tasks leaves people deaf to sounds around them

Scientists at University College London used brain scans to study how the brain copes with visual tasks and found it tends to induce a condition called inattention deafness.

Hope for teenager cancer patient 'sent home to die' with a bottle of morphine as leading British doctors offer him a lifeline - but he still needs to raise £50,000

Jordan Lotter offered lifeline by British doctors but still needs to raise £50,000

Jordan Lotter, 18, from London, has a rare and aggressive form of cancer. He was told doctors could no more for him when the disease returned two months after he was told it was in remission. The sports-loving college student was given a bottle of morphine and told to go home after doctors at University College London Hospital (UCLH) declared all they could do was offer additional chemotherapy to prolong his life. As MailOnline reported last month, his family want to send him to a private clinic in Germany which offers alternative treatments such as immunotherapy in a bid to save his life and are raising funds through their fundraising page. Now oncologists at the Royal Marsden in London, the world's first hospital dedicated to cancer diagnosis, treatment, research and education, have offered a second opinion and want to work with the family. Today Jordan's father Charles Lotter said: 'It is hugely encouraging that they are prepared to work with us on integrated care for Jordan involving chemotherapy and the other therapies abroad. Jordan's family aim to raise £65,000 to send him to a private clinic in Germany.

Smokers who use e-cigs 'are risking harm to their lungs': Tests on 50 types of device find most contain chemical responsible for incurable condition known as 'popcorn lung' 

Tests at Harvard on more than 50 types of electronic cigarettes including 'cupcake' and 'cotton candy' flavours found most contain a chemical blamed for an incurable condition called 'popcorn lung'.

How prostate cancer increases the risk of dementia: Patients given common hormone therapy are 'TWICE as likely to develop Alzheimer's'

Scientists at the University of Pennsylvania and Stanford found prostate cancer patients treated with androgen deprivation therapy are at greater risk of developing Alzheimer's.

Boy, 7, who died with his father when they were hit by a car as they walked home from a Christmas party has helped save EIGHT lives after his mother donated his organs

Little Fraser was walking hand-in-hand with his father Stuart, 43, when they were knocked down, just moments after leaving a friend's house in Talbot Green, South Wales.

Wants a good night's sleep? Let your PET share your bed: Researchers find animals can keep us 'safe and secure' at night

Researchers from the Center for Sleep Medicine at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona released a new study showed 41% of participants said they sleep better with pets.

I work out every day. You can't do action movies without being in incredibly good shape: Luke Goss under the microscope

HOLLYWOOD, CA - SEPTEMBER 18:  Actor Luke Goss attends the premiere of Cinedigm's "War Pigs" at ArcLight Cinemas on September 18, 2015 in Hollywood, California.  (Photo by Earl Gibson III/WireImage)

Actor and singer Luke Goss, 47, answers our health quiz.

Teabags filled with maggots that heal chronic wounds: Larval therapy only targets dead or infected tissue

Teabags filled with maggots that heal chronic wounds

Chronic wounds are a major health problem that affect hundreds of thousands every year. But now a company in Wales thinks it has the answer: teabags filled with tiny maggots. It sounds stomach-churning, but the reality is that these small pouches are manufactured in an industrial setting not dissimilar to a hospital isolation unit.

'I have to watch out for my health': Sex and the City costume designer Patricia Field, 74, to shutter her New York store after 50 years, as she admits she is too 'tired' to run it

The costume designer-turned-store owner opened her first Manhattan store in the West Village in 1966 and then moved to E. 8th St five years later.

Female zookeeper, 23, who had 'never been happier in her life' dies after suffering a serious head injury during a rugby match

Lily Partridge who had ‘never been happier in her life’ dies after head accident

Keen sportswoman Lily Partridge (left and right) was injured during a game on Sunday before collapsing at the side of the pitch. She died in hospital on Monday night. Paying tribute to her today, Lily's bereft parents Jeff and Liz said their 'brilliant star' daughter had never been happier and had 'crammed so much' into her 23 years. They said Lily, who carried around two donor cards, had also 'selflessly' donated two of her organs to 'give others the gift of life.' Speaking from their home in Exeter, Devon, they said: 'Hopefully one, two, three or more people will have a better quality of life thanks to Lily.' Lily was one of the first recruits at the Topsham based Exonian Ladies Rugby team where she had played hooker for the past 18 months. Fellow players yesterday said she was 'incredible and brilliant' as a player and had become social secretary of the club.

Farmyard drugs 'make our meat a health risk': Warning antibiotic resistant superbugs will claim more lives than cancer within 30 years

Dosing livestock with antibiotics is putting human health at risk, scientists will warn today. They say farmers should rein in their use of the drugs because bacteria are becoming immune to treatment.

450,000 in limbo thanks to Welsh NHS crisis: A year after the Mail exposed failures, experts slam dire waiting times 

In the worst cases, vital knee operations are being delayed for almost a year and a half, leaving elderly patients immobile and in agony, findings from the Royal College of Surgeons show.

New peppermint pill for painful gut: Healing dissolvable capsule releases oil slowly

Girl Taking Pill

In a one-month study at the University of South Alabama, patients were given a dissolvable capsule which released the peppermint oil slowly.

Gel made of your own blood and then injected into your scalp to cure hair loss

The gel contains platelet-rich plasma (PRP) - a concentrated mix of substances in the blood that help cell growth and healing.

High Street chemists who charge the NHS £300 for skin creams that should cost £12

High Street chemists who charge the NHS £300 for skin creams that should cost £12

A sickening rip off sees the NHS paying many times over the odds for simple products for patients with severe eczema, psoriasis or other debilitating skin conditions. Toby Butt, now 12, from Burton-on-the-Wolds, Leicestershire, has lived with agonising eczema all this life. In some respects he has been one of the lucky ones because he is getting a cheap and effective treatment.

ME AND MY OPERATION: Tiny plug that stops a dicky heartbeat triggering a stroke 

FEMAIL - Anne Read, aged 72, at her home in Littlehampton, Sussex, UK. Anne had 2 strokesn last year following years of artrial fibrillation but in february she had anoperation which has changed her life for the better. 
01273 486851 
Picture by Darren Cool

Ann Read, 72, a retired carer from Littlehampton, West Sussex, was given a new implant to prevent this, as she tells CAROL DAVIS.

Could a gadget that shines light in your ear cure winter blues? 

E5RGBK 2 year old girl giving care to her dolly with her doctor outfit.

e asked experts for their views on some of the latest winter tech - which they rated based on the health claims and how useful such a product might actually be.

ASK THE DOCTOR: Will my new arthritis pill cause side-effects? 

Coloured X-ray showing erosion of both knee joints due to ^Brheumatoid arthritis.^b Rheumatoid arthritis is one type of arthritis, a general term used to describe inflammation of the joints. The disease typically affects joints symmetrically: joints of the fingers, wrists, feet, ankles, hips and shoulders are also affected. The degree of severity varies considerably. Rheumatoid arthritis is diagnosed by a blood test that reveals the presence of the ^Irheumatoid factor^i and by X-rays that show erosion of the joints. Anti-inflammtory drugs are used in treatment; severe cases may require replacement with an artificial joint.

A patient has been advised to start methotrexate but has resisted because of the possible side-effects. Dr Scurr advises.

Woman who spent 8 HOURS a day picking her skin - until she became a recluse and attempted suicide - is finally cured of her disorder thanks to therapy

Angela Hartlin with dermatillomania is finally cured of her disorder

Angela Hartlin, 29, from Nova Scotia, Canada, became a prisoner in her own home due to the constant picking of her face, arms and chest due to dermatillomania (left and inset). Doctors said she would never recover, and she became depressed and even attempted suicide. She made a documentary to raise awareness to the condition, which was seen by a consultant psychiatrist, who contacted her. After 12 weeks of therapy Ms Hartlin was able to tackle some of the underlying issues that caused the picking, and her skin soon healed. Her beautiful wedding photos of her marriage to husband Jason show her incredible transformation (right). Ms Hartlin said: 'I'm still not pick free - I do have urges every single day and it's a long process but I want people to know they aren't alone, there is resources out there to help them. Coming out in public has taken a burden off my shoulders. I don't have to hide this other part of me.'

Sprinting for less than 5 minutes can be 'just as beneficial as 45 minutes of regular jogging'

People following a high-intensity exercise regime were also more likely to stick to it than those doing more traditional exercise, a study by Curtin University found.

Worried your child has autism? Expert reveals the 5 tell-tale warning signs

Warning signs include a child not responding to their name and not engaging in pretend play, says Professor Connie Kasari, of UCLA's Psychiatry Department.

Drop a dress size by Saturday: Brighter skin. Glossier hair. Oodles of energy. The diet to get you in shape for the party season

Everyone wants to look as slim and sexy as possible this party season. Beat the bloat and lose the pounds by following a liquid diet. It will help you lose weight quickly and reset your health equilibrium.

The man who's fathered 54 babies in just two years: Britain's most prolific sperm donor also has eight children of his own 

Declan Rooney (pictured), 43, from Middlesbrough, boasts a 50 per cent first-time success rate and says he has even helped couples who have been unable to conceive through IVF.

Young gay and bisexual men with HIV 'are more likely to have risky, unprotected sex'

Columbia University experts found that young gay and bisexual men with detectable HIV have unprotected sex more often than those who have suppressed the virus after antiretroviral treatment.

Teabags filled with maggots that heal chronic wounds: Larval therapy only targets dead or infected tissue

BioMonde manufacture a new type of dressing called the "BioBag". The small mesh bag contains Maggots to help clean open wounds. Kris Flinn Marketing Dir holds the new mesh bag that contains  around 50 maggots and two soft plastic blocks that stops the maggots from being crush in the bag...Shot for Good Health - 17/11/2015..©Alistair Heap +44(0)7967638858..Photo Credit: Alistair Heap

It sounds stomach-churning, but the reality is that these small pouches are manufactured in an industrial setting not dissimilar to a hospital isolation unit.

Boy suffering headaches and sleepiness is diagnosed with rare condition where the brain slips into the SPINE

Boy, 9, suffers from rare disorder which saw his brain slip into his NECK

Kai Diawne, 9, of Hexthorpe, South Yorkshire (left), suffered from a type 1 Chiari malformation, where the lowest part of the back of the brain drops down into the top of the spinal canal. He was diagnosed at age four but doctors said they would only operate if it became life-threatening. Kai began to develop problems with his balance, headaches and sleepiness, and a scan revealed pressure had built up on his brain. He was taken for an operation to relieve the pressure in January (right and inset), but developed medical meningitis, and required a further eight operations, totalling 20 hours of surgery. After six weeks in Sheffield Children's Hospital (where he met Olympic medallist Jessica Ennis, right) he is finally back at home ready to celebrate Christmas with his family. His mother, Michelle Boardman, 46, said: 'He really is my miracle. I can't believe how far he has come on in a year.'

How infertile mosquitoes 'could ERADICATE malaria within years': Genetically modified insects 'pass on gene that renders their offspring sterile'

Using the controversial CRISPR/Cas 9 gene drive technique, scientists at Imperial College London altered the DNA of a type of mosquito, causing the insects to pass on a gene that disrupts egg production in offspring.

Move over kale! Black raspberries are the new superfood on the block: Fruit 'shows greater ability to fight heart disease, cancer and stroke than better-known cousins'

A team of Polish researchers discovered black raspberries, native to Central Europe, contain three times the level of antioxidants as raspberries or blackberries.

Are YOU a 'digital deadwalker'? Distracted teens are most likely to bury their heads in their phones - but women over 55 'are most at risk of serious injury'

Experts at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons warned distracted walkers are more likely to be involved in car accidents and suffer sprains and fractures.

Two genes act as BRAKES to halt leukemia: Molecules 'previously thought to accelerate the disease actually work together to stop it'

University of Edinburgh scientists revealed that two molecules block the onset of leukaemia when they work together - and said medication should be developed to promote the genes' activity.

Brave teen who underwent life-saving gastric surgery after rare medical condition left her morbidly obese begins radiation therapy to treat her SECOND brain tumor 

Texas teen with hypothalamic obesity begins treatment on new brain tumor

Alexis Shaprio, 13, from Texas, has begun proton radiation therapy to remove her new brain tumor at St. Jude's Hospital in Florida. She first developed hypothalamic obesity, which makes her feel constantly hungry, after doctors removed her first benign brain tumor in 2011, and in 2014 underwent gastric sleeve surgery to treat the life-threatening condition.

Worrying about getting old 'increases the risk of dementia': Positive thinking is the key to a healthy brain in old age

The Yale researchers said while there has been a lot of focus on how a healthy diet can help keep the mind young, we should also consider the benefits of positive thinking.

Hospital sparks outrage by erecting a SIXTH smoking area - and ignoring pleas by health watchdog for the shelters to be banned 

Cancer patients, health groups and anti-smoking charities say the sixth smoking area erected by Royal Stoke University Hospital, Stoke-on-Trent, without consultation 'encourages smoking'.

Would you talk to your three-year-old about sex? Health chief urges parents to discuss biology with pre-school children so they can understand consent and safety as teens

Health chief Professor John Ashton says parents should teach children as young as three about sex so they don't grow up thinking it's a taboo topic, and wants sex education in primary schools.

Broken bones, lost friendships and £50,000 from the bank of mum and dad: Britain's leading female paralympic triathlete on how her quest for gold in Rio comes at a price

Emily Harris, 18, is going for gold at the Paralympics in Rio...but her dream has come at a price. The Great Yarmouth teenager estimates her family have spent £50K in just three years helping her.

Betrayal of every patient: NHS barred from making vital checks on the qualifications of foreign doctors under new EU rules

Under new EU rules, European doctors, nurses and midwives will be issued electronic 'passports' which automatically enable them to practise in hospitals and GP surgeries.

My very revealing home visit from TV's dishiest doctor: SARAH VINE's had one health crisis after another. Time to call the doc who sends pulses racing...

My very revealing home visit from TV's dishiest doctor by SARAH VINE

The BBC series Doctor in the House features Dr Chatterjee visiting people's homes - and now he's spending the day with Sarah Vine to assess her overall health. Sarah is healthy but needs to relax more - even though Dr Chatterjee is impressed with her exercise regime and the vitamin supplements she takes.

Would you want to know how old your body REALLY is? Blood test claims to be able to reveal our 'biological age'

A doctor having a blood sample of a man.

By analyzing the proteins in a blood sample, researchers have found that they can determine a person's biological age using a simple new blood test.

Mother decided to bring up her three-year-old son as a girl in Britain's youngest case of a child wanting to change sex

Kerry McFadyen's daughter is Britain's youngest case of gender dysphoria

Seeing their toddler playing with scissors can be a terrifying sight for any parent but for Kerry McFadyen it was a moment that changed everything. The 32-year-old came across the scene in the bathroom of her home in Strathspey, Scotland, when three-year-old son Daniel (pictured left) said he wanted to cut off his penis so he could be a girl. It led to his parents making the difficult decision to allow Daniel to become Danni (pictured right, and inset with her family), in what is believed to be the UK's youngest case of a child wanting to change sex.

First e-cigarettes to be prescribed on the NHS in the New Year but ministers 'wanted to keep it quiet in case GPs are overrun' 

Doctors will soon be able to hand out the device to smokers who want to quit, a move that will reportedly cost the NHS in the region of £20 per kit and £10 a week for each patient's cartridges.

Take a seat (but only for half an hour at a time): People who exercise but spend long periods sitting down could be harming their health

In an experiment completed by a Canadian research team, the detrimental effects of sitting were apparent regardless of how much time the volunteers who spent exercising.

HIV infections in the US fall 20% over the last decade - but NOT among gay and bisexual men or those living in the South

A report by the Centers for Disease Control revealed that 70 per cent of new HIV cases last year were in gay or bisexual men or drug users - while 44 per cent of infections affected people in the South.

Depressed new mums 'too scared to seek help': Almost a third suffering postnatal illness do not go to their doctor over fears they are letting loved ones down 

Fears their parenting ability will be questioned and concerns that they are letting their loved ones down are leading many women to suffer from postnatal illnesses in silence.

No need to fear the dentist's drill: New toothcare regime using regular brushing and VARNISH cuts fillings by up to half

Researchers at the University of Sydney in Australia have found thorough brushing and a special fluoride varnish can cut down on the need for dentists drills and fillings.

Obese teenager who lost five stone and had surgery to remove his excess skin before eating his way back to 20 stone unveils his new body - after slimming down again

Extreme yo-yo dieter who weighed 20st age 16 reveals how he shed five stone TWICE

James Brumpton, 26, from Manchester, weighed 21st 3lb aged 16 (left). After losing five stone in two years, he went back to stuffing junk food (inset), thinking he wouldn't be a 'victim' to weight gain again - but he ended up even heavier than before, hitting 20st 9lb. But he's lost the weight once more and is now in the best shape of his life (right), hitting the gym six times a week. 'To me, 20 stone was the point between unhealthy and a real problem,' said James, adding that it was already affecting his health, which was particularly frightening as a teenager.

Saved from surgery that risks infertility... by a daily tablet: One-a-day pill to ease the fear of hysterectomy for thousands of young women 

The new development in the treatment of fibroids - painful, non-cancerous blood-filled lumps that grow in or around the uterus - could save thousands of women from ever needing surgery.

How DO surgeons perform a sex change? Eye-watering animation reveals every stage of how a man becomes a woman

Male to female sex change surgery involves removing the penis and testicles, attaching a working clitoris, and constructing a vagina, as surgeons from University of Tuebingen, Germany, demonstrate.

HEALTH NOTES: Why rapper Example has lost his bounce 

Example, real name Elliot Gleave, injured his Achilles tendon after jumping up and down too much during his gigs. He has been told it might take up to nine months to regain his full strength.

MATT ROBERTS: Stretch yourself back into shape 

The PM's personal trainer MATT ROBERTS advises on stretching muscles and how to cope with heartburn as well as asking 'what would Madonna do?' in this unmissable column.

My fall wasn't 'karma' - it was epilepsy. And it won't ever silence me: Britain's most waspish columnist KATIE HOPKINS reveals the full torment of her 20-year battle with violent fits 

KATIE HOPKINS reveals the full torment of her 20-year battle with epilepsy

'That's karma' was a pretty standard Twitter response (inset) to the pictures I posted (right) after I suffered a seizure in the middle of a busy London road in which my fall was broken only by my face and teeth going through my lower lip. I'm no doctor. But I am certain it wasn't karma. It was epilepsy.This is the first time I've chosen to share a private part of my life and pictures of my smashed face. It may be news to you, but it's old news to me. I have lived with epilepsy for 20 years, dislocating my shoulder more than 40 times as a result of such seizures, writes KATIE HOPKINS.

When fear is used as a weapon: From PTSD and depression to strength and resilience, psychiatrist reveals how terror attacks impact on our mental health

Daniel Antonius, director of forensic psychiatry at the University of Buffalo, said while fear can change people's behaviour and PTSD is common, fear can also serve to strengthen resilience among communities affected.

Superbug resistant to ALL antibiotics reaches Europe: Danish patient becomes infected with untreatable form of salmonella that is 'probably already in Britain'

Experts fear it is the start of a global epidemic of untreatable infections. Professor Frank Møller Aarestrup, of the Technical University of Denmark, said today: 'This is a very alarming discovery.'

Prescription drugs ARE a 'gateway to heroin addiction': Three in four teenagers 'using heroin, started out hooked to prescription opioids'

New York University researchers found that 75 per cent of teenagers who abuse heroin got hooked on the drug after abusing prescription painkillers, such as Percocet, Vicodin and Oxycontin.

Revealed... how much weight YOU need to lose to look healthier AND more attractive to the opposite sex 

Men and women need to lose eight to nine pounds before friends and family will notice it in their face, but to appear more attractive to potential partners requires shedding more, Canadian researchers found.

Yes, you really are seeing double! Identical twin defies the odds to give birth to her OWN set of twin girls 

Identical twin defies the odds to give birth to her OWN set of twin girls 

Michelle Cooke, 33, (right) from Cobham Surrey, was astonished to learn she was expecting twins and even more shocked to find out they were identical. She has an identical twin Sarah (left) and gave birth to Elsie (left) and Marnie (right) in September. She said: 'Then to find out that I was pregnant with identical twins was just unbelievable. I rang my identical twin Sarah and told her and she just screamed down the phone. She couldn't believe it either.' Experts said the chances of it happening once were about 3 in 1000 so to have it happen again by chance was 'very rare.'

'Designer babies' are ruled out FOR NOW - but experts fall short of banning use of gene editing in humans in the future

Organizers of an international summit said gene editing technology is 'nowhere near ready' to be used in pregnancy, but should be used to alter embryos as part of research into cures for diseases such as HIV.

Half of adults who should take statins DON'T - 'increasing their risk of heart disease and stroke'

The US Centers for Disease Control warned that 78.1 million Americans are eligible to take cholesterol-lowering drugs - but only 45.5 per cent are actually taking them.

Doctor with the magic touch: Paediatrician reveals secret of how to hold a baby and stop it crying EVERY time

Credit: YouTube/Robert Hamilton
Caption: Dr. Hamilton shows how to calm a crying baby

Dr Robert C Hamilton, of Santa Monica, California, says his technique, 'The Hold', works every time, and demonstrates it in a video which has had more than one million views since Sunday.

Father faces commuting from FRANCE every day because his sick sons need a drug to help them walk that's not available on the NHS

William and Isaac Baker both have the muscle-wasting disease Duchenne muscular dystrophy. The drug, Translarna, is now available in several European countries.

Size 26 woman who became too fat to fit into her Santa costume sheds NINE STONE and says this Christmas she'll be a slinky elf

Size 26 woman who became too fat to fit into her Santa costume sheds 9 STONE

Size 26 Roisin Curran (left and centre left), 30, from County Down, Northern Ireland, who used to consumed 4,000 calories a day, struggled to find any festive outfits that would fit her size 26 frame for her work party. The retail worker, who opted for a portion-control diet combined with exercise, was forced to cut through the elastic of a Santa costume so that she could fit her 19st 7lb figure in. She's now lost an impressive nine stone leaving her fitting a size 10 and weighing 10st (right).


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