The dramatic moment former Neighbours star Eliza Szonert snatches her son from her ex-partner in Malaysia with the help of two burly accomplices 

Neighbours' Eliza Szonert grabs her son back from her ex partner in Malaysia

Former Neighbours actress Eliza Szonert, 41, has snatched her son from former partner Ashley Crick at a restaurant in Kuala Lumpur after a week-long custody battle in the Malaysian capital. She staged the reunion with the assistance of a Australian child recovery agency and an ecstatic Szonert is shown joyfully leaving with her son (left and right) in video footage supplied to Daily Mail Australia. The actress is now urging Australian officials for help to have her passport re-issued so she and her son can return to Australia.

'He's going to stab me to death!' Victim's last words before he was brutally murdered in a random attack at a Sydney bus stop in front of horrified commuters

Man heard screaming for his life moments before he is brutally stabbed to death in front

A man was heard screaming for his life just moments before he was stabbed to death at a bus stop in Sydney's inner west. Eyewitnesses said the man was left on on the corner of Salisbury Road and Church Street (above), Camperdown bleeding profusely from his chest and face. Paramedics transported the man, 51, to a nearby hospital where he later died. A 28-year-old man was arrested at the scene and has been charged with murder.

Woman says she REFUSES to have sex with her husband 'just to make him happy' - after spending years trying to 'please' men by 'acting like a performer in a porn movie'

Britni de la Cretaz, 30, from Boston, said she used to participate in various sexual acts with partners and act like a porn star in the bedroom because she thought that was what men wanted.

'No one is satisfied': Tradie who started campaign against Woolworths' new rewards card calls on grocery giant to bring back the old loyalty scheme

NEW Sydney man Scott Mate took his bid to scrap Woolworths new loyalty card a step further on Friday when he spoke out against the new system on live television.

Almost 50,000 sign petition to keep Gerard Baden-Clay behind bars after his conviction for murdering wife Allison was downgraded to manslaughter

A petition calling to overturn the decision to downgrade the conviction of Gerard Baden-Clay who killed his wife, Allison (pictured), in Brisbane has garnered almost 50,000 names in 24 hours.

Facebook to take over the office: 'At work' version to launch within weeks (and you won't be able to play Candy Crush)

A Facebook worker waits for friends to arrive outside of Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, California, America.
Facebook and Apple, long known for cushy perks such as free meals, laundry service and massages, are among some of Silicon Valley's biggest companies now eyeing reproductive expenses as the next batch of benefits to offer to their employees. (AP Photo/Paul Sakuma, File)

Facebook at Work, Facebook's professional version of its social network, is expected to
launch in the coming months, after spending a year in tests, a
company executive said.

Is this what the world thinks of us? Young backpacker, 24, rejected by a landlord in Scotland because 'Australia is famous for its drunks and racists'

SpareRoom landlord tells Australian she can't rent Edinburgh room because Aussies are

Laura Gratton, 24, saw the $900-a-month room advertised online and enquired about the possibility of living there having recently moved to Scotland for the first time. But the landlord turn down her request straight away - saying that 'it is well known that Australians are racist' and she would therefore not be a good housemate. And after Miss Gratton - who is working in a restaurant in Edinburgh - pointed out that she is friends with people from all around the world, the man again insisted that 'Australia is the most racist nation'.

Pakistani asylum seeker says he abducted and assaulted women to help him 'cope emotionally'

An illegal immigrant has been jailed for horrifying attacks on two women in Sydney, attempting to abduct and assault them in his car. The judge described Musarat Hussain as a predator.

'I shouldn't have done it': Opposition Leader Bill Shorten caught 'texting' while driving... a month after he crashed into 'multiple vehicles' when he spilt his short black 

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has been filmed using his phone while driving - just one month after crashing his car into multiple vehicles after reportedly spilling a coffee on his lap.

Revealed: Bieber's mystery 17-year-old Instagram girl is a $6-an-hour babysitter who breached by-law for drinking in street

Justin Bieber's mystery 17-year-old Instagram girl is a £3-an-hour babysitter

The mystery girl who caught Justin Bieber's eye on Instagram is 17-year-old Spanish student Cindy Kimberley (pictured and inset), who earns $6-an-hour as a babysitter, MailOnline can reveal. Going by the name 'wolficindy', the beauty lives in the Costa Blanca resort of Denia near Benidorm and advertises herself on the internet as a babysitter to children aged four to six and says she has one year's experience. Music star Bieber, 21, put her on the map when he shared a picture to his 47.5million Instagram followers asking: 'OMG who is this!'

Convicted terrorists to be locked up indefinitely 'like paedophiles' under PM's proposed new law

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will make the case for some convicted terrorists to be locked up indefinitely when he meets state and territory leaders at a conference in Sydney on Friday.

The Hills star Kristin Cavallari's missing brother Michael found dead nearly two weeks after he drove through Utah desert track in coyote country

Kristin Cavallari's missing brother Michael found dead nearly two weeks after he drove

Michael Cavallari (left) who vanished 14 days ago in the Utah desert, was last seen at a convenience store in the town of Monticello, where he asked for directions to Salt Lake City. His abandoned car (bottom right) was later found with its engine running and the air bag deployed near a remote dirt road. Now his sister Kristin (top right) has confirmed her brother's body has been found. 'We want to thank everyone for their love, support and prayers during this very difficult time,' she said.

Kate gets swept away! Duchess' new hairstyle takes flight as she shines in vibrant $2,000 dress teamed with high-street coat on her third public outing in a week

Kate Middleton wears Emilia Wickstead dress and Reiss coat at Action on Addiction centre

Wearing a dress by designer Emilia Wickstead, right, and a £325 coat by high street store Reiss, left, a favourite of Kate's, the royal was visiting the Centre for Addiction Treatment Studies to see its work providing training, education and professional development for those working in addiction and other related fields. The Duchess was there in her role as patron of the charity Action on Addiction, one of the first she took on after joining the royal family.

Three Australian men charged with the attempted gang rape of a 17-year-old Norwegian backpacker after 'dragging her into the men's' toilet of a Croatian bar 

The three Australian men - one aged 21 and his two 23-year-old friends - have had their passports confiscated after the alleged assault and they are expected to go on trial in the new year.

Boy terror suspect, 15, used bizarre code word for guns as he 'plotted attack on police building', texting co-acused that 'I'm going to get to paradise through banana'

A 15-year-old Sydney boy who was charged over a plot to carry out a terrorist attack at an Australian Federal Police building used the code word 'banana' to discuss firearms.

Shocking video reveals the horror of babies born addicted to drugs: Newborn's tiny legs shudder uncontrollably during heroin withdrawal

Shocking video reveals the horrors of babies born addicted to drugs: Newborns tiny legs

The newborn is one of 130,000 babies born addicted to drugs in the US over the last decade - a dependence inherited from their addict mothers. The devastating symptoms of withdrawal can last for a child's first few weeks. Similarly, baby Braxton (top right) was born with a methadone addiction inherited from his mother, Clorissa Jones. She was an addict when she gave birth to her first son, Jacoby. Ms Jones said: 'I was in labor, in the bathroom shooting heroin, about to give birth to my child.' She eventually lost custody of Jacoby, before learning she was pregnant with Braxton. At the time, she was smoking crack and doing heroin. After entering a rehab program she was able to retain custody of her second child. Braxton went through withdrawal for the first two weeks of his life, but is now largely healthy - though he has trouble feeding. Jennifer Lacey Frazier (bottom right) was sentenced to 15 years in jail after accidentally feeding her baby daughter - who was also born with a drug addiction - a lethal dose of methadone.

Could CANNABIS treat your child's epilepsy? Marijuana oil 'significantly reduces seizures in 50% of young sufferers'

Research presented at the American Epilepsy Society's annual meeting found that Epidolex - a prescription cannabis oil - is effective in children who are resistant to common anti-epileptic drugs.

Thousands of homes without electricity after more than 73,000 lightning strikes hit Queensland and wild weather rips up trees and tears down 150 power lines

A violent storm hit Queensland overnight on Friday causing almost 7,000 homes to be without power. More than 73,000 lightning strikes were recorded as winds torn down 150 power lines.

Morbidly obese woman who weighs 300kg and is barely able to stand says her parents enable her life-threatening food addiction by giving her 'whatever' she wants to eat

My 600lb Life's Nikki Webster says her parents enable her food addiction

NEW Nikki Webster is one of 12 people documenting their weight loss stories on the upcoming season of the TLC reality series My 600lb Life. The 33-year-old is a food addict who is unable stop herself from binging - even though she fears it may cost her her life.

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer gives birth to identical twin girls - but will she still have a job to go back to after her two-weeks maternity leave?

The 40-year-old, who is married to Silicon Valley investor Zachary Bogue, tweeted on Thursday: 'Our identical twin girls were born early this morning. Our whole family is doing great!'

US firefighters pictured using a 'snout mask' on lucky dog rescued from house fire

The fire happened Wednesday morning, with firefighters reportedly responding about 4:50am. Oakland Firefighters Local 55 said on Facebook 'we are happy to report the dog is doing well!'

Pictured: The loaded handgun made on a 3D PRINTER found at a home meth lab... as the founder of bodybuilding supplement company Mass Nutrition is arrested

Police find terrifying loaded 3D printed handgun in bikie house raid 

Luke McNally, 31, was arrested on Thursday after police searched a Gold Coast home and found a loaded 3-D printed handgun (pictured), ice, steroids, as well as a dismantled meth lab hidden in surrounding bushland. Former Mass Nutrition supplement CEO McNally is an alleged drug cook and Lone Wolf bikie. The home was raided as part of an investigation into the Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs.

Why you shouldn't buy flight tickets on a Friday: Research reveals it's best to wait until Sunday... where you could save as much as 13%


The study was undertaken by Expedia and the Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC), who also urged people looking for cheap flights in Europe to look to book 140 days in advance.

Can YOU tell what's real in this picture? Incredible video shows off an optical illusion that makes flat objects look 3D

Can YOU tell what’s real in this picture? Incredible video shows off an optical illusion

Glancing at the table in this video, you would be forgiven for thinking the items on it are all real. But what you're seeing is in fact a simple 'anamorphic' illusion. By using skewed photographs of objects, a visual artist has created a mind-bending example of just how easily our brains can be tricked into seeing something that's not there. He has made the image available online so that anyone can download them and try to recreate the illusion for themselves.

'Something they want, something they need, something to wear, something to read': Mums get into heated debate about how much to spend on their kids at Christmas

Facebook page has an overwhelming response to the question of how much to spend on each child at Christmas after criticism of a British mother who spends more than $3000 on presents.

It's the Christmas must-have present... but why should you be careful about putting a hoverboard under your tree 

Paul Hodgins, pictured, in his kitchen in Deal, Kent suffered £25,000 worth of damage when the hoverboard he bought for his grandchildren caught fire after being put on charge for an hour.

I can't BARE it! AirAsia passenger shares disgusting pictures of woman who put her feet on her armrest through the whole four hour flight

AirAsia passenger shares pictures of woman who put her feet on her armrest during flight

A Chinese woman said she endured the worst flight of her life when her armrest was occupied by the bare feet of a fellow passenger for four hours. The woman, named Ms Wu, said her rear passenger, who is allegedly also Chinese, reached out from behind and rested her feet on her chair during the AirAsia flight FD588 from Bangkok to Xi'an on November 29. Ms Wu said she complained to the hostess, but was told nothing could be done because 'they are all Chinese'.

How to build a DEATH STAR: Nasa engineer reveals the Empire could have simply repurposed an asteroid to create the ultimate weapon


A Nasa engineer has proposed a method to efficiently build a Death Star, and it's not the way the Empire would have done it. Asteroids could be used to provide all of the essential building blocks.

Young Australians developing an app dubbed 'Tinder for Muslims' win $10,000 government grant

A group of young Australians from Sydney are currently developing a 'Tinder-style' app called iUmmah for Muslims in a bid to combat radicalisation among youths.

'It borders on child abuse': Parents outraged as it's revealed 80 students got chickenpox at school that asks families 'to be tolerant' of non-vaccinated children 

80 students get chickenpox at Melbourne's Brunswick North West Primary School

Parents who vaccinate their children have vented their outrage on social media after one in four students at a primary school were found to be infected with chickenpox (stock image). Up to 80 students at Brunswick North West Primary School, in Melbourne's north, have been infected over the past two weeks since the first cast was reported to Victoria's Department of Health on November 26. Following the outbreak, people have taken to Facebook and Twitter to express their concerns after it was said the school had previously asked families to be 'tolerant' of non-vaccinated children'.

Volkswagen's emissions scandal was a result of systemic rule-breaking, rather than just a few rogue engineers, chairman admits as he says winning back trust is essential

At a remarkable press conference in Germany today, company bosses said 'winning back trust' was their main challenge after the damning revelations emerged three months ago.

Could this finally end the agony of back pain? Ibuprofen patches deliver 10 TIMES the amount of painkiller through the skin

The patch, developed by the University of Warwick and Coventry-based company Medherant, could pave the way for other 'long-acting' treatments for back pain and arthritis, scientists say.

The baby girl who has never eaten a carb: Meet Grace, who has been on the Paleo diet since birth - and her fitness fanatic mum says she has only been sick once in her life

Shan Cooper's baby girl Grace is on the paleo diet and only been sick once

Thirteen-month-old Grace Cooper (pictured right, enjoying some steamed broccoli and left, with mum Shan) has only ever known the Paleo diet. Shan Cooper, from Brisbane, is a keen adherent of the diet, which bans grains and dairy in favour of foods 'cavemen could scavenge for'. Her toddler is more likely to have organic chicken and a plate of vegetables for a meal, rather than toast with the crusts cut off or pasta. 'She loves it,' Ms Cooper said. For breakfast on Thursday, Grace had eggs fried in coconut oil with leftover roast veggies including roasted sweet potato, carrots, potatoes and steamed broccoli, a quarter of an avocado and a small scoop of sauerkraut.

Fake Minions, faulty flotation devices and dangerous bow and arrows: The DOZENS of Christmas toys being sold in $2 stores that pose deadly risks to your children

Christmas toys being sold in $2 stores across NSW could drown or choke your child 

As Christmas season comes into full swing, parents are being advised to avoid a list of deadly toys being sold in pop-up stores that could cause their children to drown, choke or suffer stabbing injuries. Knock-off Minions (top left), faulty flotation devices (bottom left) and dangerous bow and arrows (right) were just some of the 83 hazardous toys that NSW Government Fair Trading investigators found on sale across the state.

The real-life Grinch: Florida cop's wife caught stealing packages of Christmas gifts from porch of another officer's family

Dana Hager, 42, from Lakeland, was seen on security footage brazenly strolling up to the front door and taking two large brown USPS packages which contained presents for the family's toddler.

'Thank you for ruining our Christmas': Sick man's heartbreaking letter after all his car tyres were slashed by vandals... before his neighbours step in to save the day 

Christmas saved for sick Wellington man after vandal slashed his four tyres

Wellington, New Zealand, man Josh Carwell-Cooke awoke to find his tyres slashed and stuck a letter on his car's back windscreen (right) explaining that he has been in and out of hospital (left), looking forward to travelling over Christmas. But Christmas was saved when neighbour Rose Moore posted to Beaurepaires' Facebook page, who generously replaced the tyres.

Rising AFL star broke into car yard smashing eight vehicles with a seatbelt buckle causing $10,000 worth of damage... but he didn't know he was breaking the law

Lewis Taylor, a 20-year-old midfielder with the Brisbane Lions football club, has escaped a criminal conviction after causing over $10,000 of damages in a car yard with his childhood friend.

Cheeky vandal alters giant KFC ad announcing a new restaurant is opening... and gives it a whole new meaning

An advertisement on construction hoarding outside a soon to open KFC restaurant at Manly's The Corso in Sydney's northern beaches has been vandalised by disgruntled locals.

Just another day in paradise: ISIS release bizarre series of pictures showing how they spend their down time diving, building boats and FISHING

Bizarre ISIS pictures show jihadis diving, boat building and FISHING

Islamic State has released a bizarre series of pictures showing extremists taking time off from their bloodthirsty jihad to go fishing, boat building and diving (pictured) in the Euphrates River. Photographs of the surreal scenes show them posing by the water's edge with fish, grinning proudly while they hold up their catch. Some are seen still carrying their automatic machine guns, while others are dressed in camouflage fatigues and their faces remain concealed.

Music promoter who demolished his $250,000 Audi by hitting four cars, a tree and a brick wall on Melbourne Cup night is charged with drink driving 

A Perth music festival promoter has been charged with drink driving following an Melbourne Cup day accident which saw him crashing his $250,000 Audi into four parked cars, a tree and a brick wall.

Repeat drink-driver, 30, caught in an 'odd' state at McDonald's drive-thru claims he didn't know two bowls of jelly he ate at a party were soaked in VODKA

Appearing at Wellington District Court on Thursday, Mathew Vibert, from New Zealand told a judge he had eaten two bowls of jelly at a friend's barbecue on the night of September 6, 2014.

'Her smile, her dimples, hugging her': Kate and Gerry McCann share the 22 things they miss about Madeleine

Kate and Gerry McCann list 22 things they miss about Madeleine

Kate and Gerry McCann have listed  22 things they miss about Madeleine, including her smile and her dimples, as they join families of other missing people in a charity campaign, which sees families posing in the door of their homes to signify how they're still hoping for their loved ones to return home for Christmas. They feature alongside the families of (l-r) Lee Boxell who went missing in, Rebecca Carr in 2002, Mary Flangan in 1959, Trevor Patrick O'Donnell in 1994, Thomas Moore in 2013 and Sharon Joseph in 2008.


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The Chinese 'house of horrors' where 10,000 rabbits are skinned EVERY DAY (and factory workers are paid just 2 cents for every animal they kill)

The Chinese 'house of horrors' where 10,000 rabbits are skinned EVERY DAY

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT Shocking video footage from the site shows thousands of animals crammed into cages so small they cannot stand up (right). The creatures are then yanked out by their ears and struck over the head with the side of a blade, a technique intended to knock them out before they are killed (left).

Astonishing DIY rocket made out of gas canisters among the homemade arsenal seized by Iraqi forces after storming an ISIS arms depot in Ramadi

Iraqi forces paraded rockets made from gas canisters (pictured) through the besieged city and laid out hundreds of explosive shells after a breakthrough battle against the terror group

James Deen's porn production company under health and safety investigation amid allegations of violence and claim that actors are not wearing condoms

James Deen's production company is under investigation by a California watchdog agency for 'serious workplace health and safety violations,' Michael Weinstein of AHF says.

Death of mother, 22, who was mauled by two pit bulls, is bizarrely ruled a SUICIDE as medical examiner says she 'purposely' climbed over fence to get attacked

Rebecca Hardy, 22, of Port Huran, Michigan, was mauled to death by two pit bull mixes on Thursday. Her death was ruled a suicide on Wednesday since she climbed the fence into their enclosure.

Are these the world's scariest landing strips? The airport approaches so terrifying even pilots will think twice 

MailOnline Travel reveals the world’s scariest landing strips at airports around the world

To get to certain idyllic spots in the world, you have to land at some seriously challenging airports. Some flanked by the ocean like the Marshall Islands, are hair-raising even for pilots. Sint Marteen Airport (left) in the Caribbean is notorious for its low approach over a crowded beach. Kai Tak Airport (top right) in Hong Kong forces pilots to descend through high rises and mountains. Manakara Airport (bottom right) in Madagascar is cut in two by an active railway line.

'Can you count out 100 beans as that's my limit for breakfast?' The strangest requests from hotel guests revealed

Travelodge has shared the most bizarre requests that some of its 17 million customers have made - from arranging to move the moon to what time the Northern Lights come on.

What ARE the buried buildings of Angkor Wat? Researchers discover ancient temple was surrounded by a 1-mile long 'mysterious structure' with towers and a giant SPIRAL of sand

Angkor Wat's buried towers

Sprawling structures nearly a mile in length and an ensemble of buried towers have been dug up from the grounds of Angkor Wat, spurring new mysteries about the ancient temple.

Bad Santa! Hilarious police mugshots show what happens when Christmas turns sour... and you end up in custody in a festive jumper or even an elf costume

Bad Santa! Hilarious police mugshots show what happens when Christmas turns sour... and

Police mugshots from across the US show the gloomy faces of men and women dressed up in seasonal wear having been arrested in the run-up to Christmas. They show a Louisiana man dressed as Buddy the Elf arrested and charged with drunken driving (top left), two women posing for mugshots in Christmas sweaters (bottom left and top right), a Santa lookalike arrested on December 23 for liquor violation (top center), a man in a Santa outfit arrested for holding up a Volusia County bank two days before Christmas (bottom center) and a spoof mugshot released by police in Tennessee who said they had detained The Grinch (bottom right) for the 'attempted theft of Christmas'.

A Lego Millennium Falcon, a Liberty princess crown and a telescope for spotting the man on the moon: This year's ESSENTIAL Christmas gifts for children

If you haven't already given in to pester power, there's plenty of shopping time left to ensure the little ones in your life get fantastic presents this yuletide.

From drinking beer bongs to partying with strippers and getting choked by Darth Vader: This is what happens when Elf on a Shelf is left up to Dads

The Elf on the Shelf phenomenon has sparked the imagination of some devious fathers who have placed the jolly creature in a series of precarious, and often provocative, positions

EXCLUSIVE: Did jealousy tear their marriage apart? Close friend reveals Grammy winner David Foster's career was overshadowed by Yolanda's 'Housewives' spotlight

Friend reveals David Foster’s career was overshadowed by Yolanda’s spotlight

Music mogul David Foster didn't want his legacy lost in all the Real Housewives headlines, a close friend of the composer tells Daily Mail Online exclusively. Robin Hood (pictured left with David) says juggling it all took an 'emotional toll' on him as well as caring for his sick wife. Yolanda, 51, is battling Lyme disease. 'This is a guy who has sold tens of millions of albums but his wife is getting all the attention because of the show,' reveals Robin Hood.

Sisters who fell pregnant at the same time and were given due dates just six days apart beat 2,000-to-one odds as they give birth within 13 MINUTES of each other

Jo-Anne and Rebecca Hurt, from Sheffield, have always been close, but even they were shocked to discover they fell pregnant at the same time - and then they gave birth within minutes of each other.

The race is on! Baidu unveils plans for self-driving buses as Samsung announces it wants to make parts for autonomous cars

South Korea-based Samsung plans to develop a car components business focusing on autonomous driving tech, going head-to-head with Apple. Baidu's self-driving car is shown.

Nights in the backpacker ghetto: Street massage, laughing gas and cheap beer on tap feature in photo tour of Bangkok (but does it all look a little tame?)

With a beer bottle in one hand and a camera in the other, photographer Maciej Dakowicz captured the highs and lows of revellers in Bangkok's 'backpacker ghetto'.

How will Santa know where we live? Dad uses drone to give Father Christmas directions to new home

Doting dad Jonathan Silman, a resident of the Olympic Village in Stratford, London - now known as East Village - created a reindeer guidance system to aid Santa Claus.

Agonising moment a rescue worker pulls a plastic fork from a turtle's nose - just months after discovering another one with a straw jammed in its nostril

Leatherback Trust rescue a Costa Rican sea turtle with a plastic fork stuck in its nose

Animal rescue experts found the olive ridley turtle shuffling along a beach in Costa Rica, Central America and went about removing the fork, which was jammed in its nostril. The incident came just months after the same volunteers had to remove a plastic straw from the nose of another sea turtle and has prompted renewed pleas for holidaymakers to avoid leaving debris on beaches.

White van man hired to deliver 25 cases of champagne worth £6,500 to company boss's home drove off with it instead 

Matthew Mitchell failed to deliver 25 cases of Louis Roederer champagne to Jaimie Haselock, the CEO of Champers & Hampers, at his west London home. He has now been convicted of theft

Pilot writes 32 absence notes for pupils after their flight was delayed for 20 hours

Heavy fog caused the delay to the flight from Cyprus to London Gatwick. Captain Wayne Mott wrote the notes for 31 students and one teacher after the group missed a day of school due to the delay.

British single mother is fined for taking seven-year-old daughter out of school for a week so she could go on last holiday with terminally ill grandmother

A mother was slapped with a fine after taking her daughter on holiday with her dying grandmother during term time. Charlene White, of Yeovil, was charged £60 by Birchfield Primary School.

It's a knockout! Sylvester Stallone posts video of 'gutsy' Michael B Jordan getting KOed for REAL during filming of climactic Creed fight

Sylvester Stallone's video sees Michael B Jordan get KOed during Creed fight filming

It is the sort of painful moment he has experienced himself while filming the Rocky saga.  So no wonder Sylvester Stallone praised Michael B Jordan for clambering from the canvas after he was knocked out for real while filming the climactic fight scene for hit boxing movie Creed. The 28-year-old was smacked right on the kisser by former light heavyweight world title challenger Tony Bellew, who played world champion Pretty Ricky Conlan in the film.

Outrage after Zenith cruise ship's anchor 'completely destroyed' a portion of coral reef in the Cayman Islands 

Underwater footage shot by a dive instructor, Scott Prodahl, shows the anchor and its chain draped across the reef - breaking off pieces of coral - while the ship was in George Town's harbour.

A lifetime of misery: Circus bear gets new titanium jaw after having his teeth ripped out with pliers, but it's not enough to save him and he dies weighing just 90kgs 

dmvidpics 2015-12-10 at 12.34.53.png

GRAPHIC CONTENT Invictus, a black bear, was a captive at the Harley Circus in Yucatan, southeast Mexico, where he his teeth were torn out by vengeful handlers after he broke free.

Size doesn't matter, it's all about STAMINA: Cockroach females prefer smaller males with more energy to larger, slower insects 

Researchers from Anglia Ruskin University analysed the courtship rituals of Cuban burrowing cockroach (pictured), a species in which the males attract females by raising their wings.

Now that really is a HIGH-way: Engineers put finishing touches to Chinese suspension bridge that will be one of the world's biggest

Chinese engineers put finishing touches to huge suspension bridge in China

Workers are applying waterproof materials and asphalt to the Qingshui River Bridge with a fortnight to go until traffic is permitted across. The bridge, which cost ¥1.54billion (£158million) and took two years to build, will be 1,332ft (406m) tall and with a span of 3,707ft (1,130m). It has been built in rocky karst terrain to improve transport links between the provincial capital of Guiyang and neighbouring counties. It will shorten the distance from Weng'an county to Guiyang from about 100 miles to 23 miles, construction director Gao Heng said.

He's BACK! Daredevil who broke his spine films himself hanging from 150ft high water tower two years after stunt which nearly paralysed him

Dramatic footage showed urban free-climber Matthew Adams, of Suffolk, clinging onto his friend's wrist and dangling from a part of the dilapidated Severalls Hospital in Colchester, Essex.

Would you brag about these locations? Facebook reveals its most checked-in places of 2015 

Around a billion users go on Facebook daily with many sharing their locations with friends. The social media site has revealed its top 20 most checked-in locations, with Disney dominating.

New oxygen-enhanced MRI scan could identify aggressive tumours before the cancer spreads 

The breakthrough, made by experts at the Institute of Cancer Research in London and the University of Manchester, involves scanning for areas within tumours that are low in oxygen.

BBC suspends gay journalist who said he was 'ashamed' to work there after they refused to axe Tyson Fury from Sports Personality shortlist over homophobic views 

Belfast based BBC journalist Andy West (pictured) claims he has been ordered off work after voicing his opinion against the World Heavyweight champion's inclusion following remarks.

Move over North West! Tot with one hand is taking Instagram by storm with his cute smile and stylish wardrobe (and boutiques all over the world want to dress him)

Oakley Lynch is taking Instagram by storm with his cute smile and stylish wardrobe

Oakley Lynch, from Reading, Berkshire, was born with a limb deficiency condition which meant his arm failed to grow correctly below his elbow. But that hasn't stopped the toddler from becoming an Instagram sensation after his parents Victoria and Greg Lynch, both 30, set up the page. He now gets sent fashionable clothes from all over the world and has 15,000 followers. He now has more than 40 pairs of shoes, 20 hats, 50 bibs, more than 50 T-shirts, 20 jumpers and countless blankets, books and cuddly toys.

Is this Britain's happiest dog? Belle the 10-year-old Staffie cross can't help but smile at everyone she meets 

Carers of ten-year-old Belle, who is currently at the Dogs Trust in Harefield, west London, believe she may have taught herself to beam because it gets such a good response.

Teenage girls in Rotherham were 'taken from care homes and repeatedly raped by groups of Asian men after being lured into prostitution by gang including two women'

Five men and two women are accused of roles in the sexual exploitation of children in the South Yorkshire town over a period of more than 10 years. Pictured: Defendant Majid Bostan

Fugitive burglar taunts detectives with photographs of him sat on top of a police car and giving obscene gesture

A fugitive burglar has been taunting detectives by posting pictures of himself sitting on a police car and swearing. Stephen Slark, from Brighton, is wanted for breaching terms of his release from prison.

The Force Awakens in Sydney: Star Wars fans dressed as their favorite character invade the city to celebrate the latest movie franchise installment with Harrison Ford

Star Wars fans celebrate The Force Awakens release with Harrison Ford in Sydney

Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo and even Australian Darth Vader were back in action on Thursday at the Sydney Opera House celebrating the eagerly anticipated release of Star Wars: Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Thousands of fans dressed as their favourite characters from the cult classic in preparation for the new installment - 40 years after the original Star Wars hit theatres in 1977 featuring actor Harrison Ford as Han Solo.

Is this the most entertaining flight layover of all time? Ballet dancers perform hilarious routines on airport's moving walkway

Dancers from State Street Ballet, in Santa Barbara, California, held each other over their heads and did handstands on the walkway to pass the time at Denver's international airport.

I would go to my child's gay wedding, vows Archbishop of Canterbury insisting he will always love them 'full stop. End of sentence'

The Most Rev and Rt Hon Justin Welby, the Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, speaks with members of his congregation outside Canterbury Cathedral following the Easter Sunday service on March 31, 2013 in Canterbury, England. Justin Welby was enthroned on March 21, 2013 as the 105th Archbishop of Canterbury and head of the Church of England.  (Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images)

Archbishop Welby said if one of his five children asked for his blessing for a gay marriage, he would pray with them and attend the ceremony despite Church of England opposition to the law.

The end of therapy on the couch? New counselling app means patients can be treated for conditions like stress, depression or anorexia in their own homes

EXCLUSIVE: The new Babylon Therapy app offers UK patients 50-minute consultations with qualified therapists by phone or video call for £49, removing the need to travel to a clinic.

Nine-year-old miniature poodle Doug had fur so matted that it left him blind and in too much pain to walk properly

Miniature poodle Doug had fur so matted that it left him blind and unable to walk

A miniature poodle was in such a neglected and sorry condition that he reduced kennel staff to tears. The nine year old was brought into Portsmouth City Council's care with his fur so matted that it made him blind and in so much pain that he could barely walk. Carol Plumbly, lead kennel assistant at the council, said: 'This is one of the worst cases we've ever seen.'

Think you're popular? It's all in the mind: Brain scans reveal your social standing could be based on how your brain is wired

Popularity may not just be down to good looks or witty jokes. Scientists at Columbia University suggest that popular people's brains are better at picking up subtle social cues.

Terrifying moment landslide crashes into roadside houses and pushes them towards busy traffic in China

Drivers in Congjiang County, south China, were metres away from being flattened when a landslide pushed two houses onto a busy road. The incident was captured on a traffic surveillance camera.


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L-R, Oliver 21, Kitty 18, Florence 23, Ann (mum) 51, William 51, Matilde 19, Livvy 27, Front Row, Louis 13, Bessie 7, John Boy 5 & Malachy 15 - The Whole Family - Supermum Feature


That's one way to get closer to nature: Wildlife volunteer, 23, has her hair, legs - and even her armpit - groomed by enthusiastic BABOON

BABOON grooms hair, legs and armpit of wildlife volunteer, 23

Stacey Feltham, 23, held still while Shauna, a female chacma baboon, hunted through her hair for bugs and dirt at the Naankuse wildlife sanctuary in Namibia. After Shauna finished with her hair, the five-year-old primate turned to her legs and picked at them as well in a show of affection. It had earlier also groomed her armpi

Britain's most married man will spend Christmas with would-be wife number nine in the Philippines after number 8 dumped him for sharing bed with masseuse 

Ron Sheppard, who is still living with his eight wife in Martock, Somerset, will spend the festive season with call centre worker Cristel Marquez after secretly chatting her up online.

Former RAF man who took job as a handyman for Formula One hero's ex-wife but ended up in her bed is now battling for a big slice of her $20million fortune 

Jason Patrick was given a job at Faylands House in Oxfordshire, the property of Daphne McKinley - ex-wife of Formula One racing legend Guy Edwards -before the pair started a relationship



Seven skips a SECOND! Astonishing video shows Chinese pupil jumping rope faster than you can count 

Chinese pupil completes 108 skips in 30 seconds at international contest in Dubai

Cen Xiaolin from Guangdong, China, racked up 108 skips in 30 seconds and 548 skips overall at the World Inter School Rope Skipping Championships at the Nad Al Sheba arena in Dubai. Video footage (pictured) almost struggled to pick up how quickly his legs were moving as he completed his round, in a competition where nine countries took part.

Morbid fascination? Meet Britain's grave-obsessed cemetery hunters who lead tombstone tours discovering the past

The group shares stories of the grave sites on their blog and via Twitter. They began in 2013 and now runs tours of graveyards around London. Their unusual hobby is often met with confusion or intrigue.

Netanyahu's attack dog: Mortified Israeli PM's rescue pooch Kaiya bites two of his guests at Hannukah ceremony

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (C) stands next to his recently adopted dog Kaiya during his meeting with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry (rear & 3rd L) in Jerusalem November 24, 2015. Netanyahu's recently adopted dog Kaiya has sunk her teeth into her new position, biting two visitors at an event on December 9, 2015, including the husband of the deputy foreign minister. Picture taken November 24, 2015.   REUTERS/Matty Stern/U.S. Embassy Tel Aviv/Handout   ATTENTION EDITORS - THIS IMAGE HAS BEEN SUPPLIED BY A THIRD PARTY. IT IS DISTRIBUTED, EXACTLY AS RECEIVED BY REUTERS, AS A SERVICE TO CLIENTS.  FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY. NOT FOR SALE FOR MARKETING OR ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS

The usually docile canine took a snip at a lawmaker and the husband of the deputy foreign minister during a candle-lighting ceremony to mark Hannukah at his Jerusalem residence.

A rare glimpse of Sweden's mummified Bishop of Lund: Body of 17th century Peder Winstrup goes on display for the first time

The mummified remains of Peder Winstrup, the influential Bishop of Lund (pictured) who died in 1679, have been shown to the public before he is due to be reburied at Lund Cathedral on Friday.

Pick on someone your own size! Terrified lioness gets the fright of her life after being charged by a bull elephant 

Pick on someone your own size! Terrified lioness gets the fright of her life after being

This lioness got a rude awakening whilst basking in the sunshine in South Africa after a bull elephant charged behind her while she rested on a mound. The stunning pictures capture the moment the shocked lioness was forced to make a quick getaway after spotting the large elephant at the last minute. Luckily for the lioness, she managed to get away from the elephant, with the scene expertly captured by British photographer and tour guide Michelle Lutener.