Mother-of-three strips off to perform gravity-defying yoga poses for Instagram because she 'loves' her body - despite haters telling her to cover up

Comfort-eater reveals how she ditched 10 stone AND her husband after he called her a 'fat cow' and accused her of only losing weight from her ankles

Jen Ault, 35, from Huthwaite, Nottinghamshire, claims she divorced her ex, 37, because he made cruel jibes about her weight. She dropped from 22st 4lbs to wear a size eight.

'It's way too dangerous to circle a tornado': Pupil's ingenious exam paper answer sweeps the internet after an instruction is taken a little too literally

A US pupil answered an exam question about tornadoes by highlighting the instruction to 'circle one' as their response. The paper has gone viral after being seen 2,300,000 times.


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Doting father brings the stars of Toy Story to life for a magical photo album to celebrate his baby son's first Christmas

Sam Auger-Forber Toy Story to life for a magical Christmas photo album

Sam Auger-Forbes, 26, from Rochford, Essex created the inventive stop-motion caper for two-month-old Harvey (pictured together left) taking inspiration from the Disney Pixar film (right) The 76-photo series sees Woody the cowboy (inset) and friends set up the family Christmas tree. The part-time photographer spent seven hours putting the album together and will share it with his son when he's older as a memento of his first Christmas.

Move over North West! Tot with one hand is taking Instagram by storm with his cute smile and stylish wardrobe (and boutiques all over the world want to dress him)

Oakley Lynch, 14 months, from Reading, was born with a limb deficiency which meant his arm failed to grow correctly below his elbow. But that hasn't stopped him becoming an Instagram sensation.

The house that JADE built: Stunning timber and glass lakeside home designed by Ms Jagger in A-list Cotsworld development goes on the market for £1.25million 

Jade Jagger, 44, designed the four-bedroom property at The Lakes by Yoo development in The Cotswolds in 2008. It's now back on the market with estate agents Knight Frank for £1.25million.

Buy the bartender a pint, pay your way and DON'T play darts if the locals are reading papers: Debrett's etiquette guide reveals the proper way to to behave in a pub

The first ever Debrett's Guide to Beer Etiquette is an online guide instructing punters how to behave in a pub, enjoy a beer in a respectable manner and even pour the perfect pint.

Cancer survivor whose confidence was 'eaten away' by the disease plucks up the courage to pose wearing just BODY PAINT for charity calendar

Amanda Wilson, 40, from Elderslie, Renfrewshire, said stripping off to be Miss August for photographer Caroline Stewart's project, featuring 17 other cancer sufferers, was 'so much fun'.

A royal good sport! Candid black and white photos that show King George V taking part in a boisterous four-legged race in 1911 go up for auction 

King George V and Queen Mary visited India in 1911 for their coronation as Emperor and Empress of Delhi. Black and white shots of the trip go on auction this week in Sherborne, Somerset.

Runner reveals the terrifying moment she was sexually assaulted mid-race but still WON - despite sprinting two miles off course to raise the alarm

Kate Jayden, 29, from Chester was attacked during a 24-hour night ultra-marathon. She had to run two miles to get help but still came first when the race restarted the next morning.

'They polarize anyone who is not white, thin, tall and happy': Girl Meets World star Rowan Blanchard, 14, slams celebrity 'squads' like Taylor Swift's for being too 'exclusive' 

The 14-year-old Disney actress said the cliquey way female friendship is portrayed by celebrities and in the media these days is 'polarizing'. She didn't call out Taylor specifically.

Inside the Iron Lady's wardrobe: Margaret Thatcher's iconic power-suits, pearl necklace and Launer handbag on display ahead of Christie's auction 

A collection of Margaret Thatcher's most iconic garments and personal belongings are open to public view, at Christie's on London's Kings Street, before they go up for auction on December 15.

Having children with a much older man is a DISASTER: As Ronnie Wood fathers twins at 68, a warning from a couple whose marriage imploded

44-year-old Rachel Ragg desperately wanted children with Anthony, 75. She soon realised Anthony was just too old to handle young children and advises older men think twice before fatherhood.



The actress donned a bright knit to beat any winter blues while arriving at Joe's Public Theater in NYC. Here we show you how to emulate her style for a fraction of the price...

Lupita Nyong'o brightened up a chilly winter's day with a pop of lime green Lupita Nyong'o brightened up a chilly winter's day with a pop of lime green

Female golfer reveals how she was forced to quit the sport after online trolls accused her of sleeping around and being too sexy

Golfer Melissia Pretty forced to quit the sport after barrage of abuse

Former pro-golfer Melissia Pretty, 24, of Bramhall, Cheshire was forced to quit the sport because of abuse on social media and anonymous messages criticising her glamorous style on the course. Melissia can sympathise with the US golfer Paige Spiranac who this week hit back at critics who said she'd only been invited to compete at an elite event in Dubai because of her model looks and social media presence.

'The odor I produced brought out sweetness in both of us': Meet the wife who insists that FARTING in front of your husband improves your relationship and increases intimacy

Jessica Gentile, 30, said farting creates a more open, honest relationship. The New Jersey newlywed said bathroom humor is a staple in their home and women shouldn't have to deny their bodily functions.

Nine children. One mum and dad. ZERO benefits Meet an utterly inspiring family of the sort you feared no longer existed 

The Barrett family has two parents and nine kids aged between five and 27. Ann and William, 51, still live in the house they bought as a young couple. The family have never claimed child benefits.

'There was a blow up and lots of people died': How children as young as SIX are discussing terrorism in the playground

Channel 4's series The Secret Life Of Six Year Olds found that youngsters will learn about upsetting current events from their friends if their parents don't tell them about the outside world at home.

'When I phone home I still want mum to answer': Denise Welch fights back tears as she reveals the pain of losing her beloved mother to cancer

The former Loose Women star, 57, described how she is still grieving for her mother Annie three years on. She opened up on ITV's Lorraine in support of the channel's Text Santa Christmas campaign.

'Hello from the MOTHER side!' Mom creates witty parody of Adele's Hello to vent about her daily struggles, from tough math homework to stress eating

Emily Mills, a singer-songwriter from Waco, Texas, created a video for her parody of the smash hit telling a story from 'the mother side', which has since been viewed over 600,000 times.

Start your pudding a week early and spend 24 hours on the turkey: When to begin your festive cooking (and it's MUCH earlier than you think)

Preparing the biggest meal of the year can be a daunting task.'s step-by-step guide to cooking your festive feast t charts the countdown of Christmas food prep from fridge to table.

Stylish sticks, organic bare branches and a pile of wooden blocks: Would you decorate your house with a hip 'modern' tree or do they 'ruin all that is Christmas'? 

Bec Judd recently divided social media with her unique yet stylish stick Christmas tree. Now, hundreds of others have shared snaps of their own elaborate yet not-so-festive creations.

Sisters who fell pregnant at the same time and were given due dates just six days apart beat 2,000-to-one odds as they give birth within 13 MINUTES of each other

Jo-Anne and Rebecca Hurt, from Sheffield, have always been close, but even they were shocked to discover they fell pregnant at the same time - and then they gave birth within minutes of each other.

The ultimate gift guide for gadget lovers: A hairbrush for glossy locks, a 3D printer and a futuristic hoverboard - the must-have technology this Christmas

The ultimate Christmas gift guide for gadget lovers  this holiday

For all the gadget lovers in your life (or those who like a techy treat), FEMAIL has found the perfect gift to suit all budgets from £19 to £399. From an ionic hairbrush to a hoverboard to hit the streets on, there's everything you could think of for a technology-tastic Christmas.

Parents face the most expensive Christmas ever as this year's must-have toys soar in price - averaging an eye-watering £60 EACH

The Toy Retailers' Association has published this year's top 12 dream Christmas toys, and the average price of gifts has increased from £46.32 to £59.32 - that's a huge 28% rise from last year.

Transgender men give VERY honest accounts of everyday life - from checking that public loos have cubicles and 'crying at everything' thanks to taking hormones

Transgender man, Jake Graf, from London, told FEMAIL that he wanted his video featuring bloggers and activists to give trans teenagers hope that there is 'light at the end of what can be a very long tunnel.'

Bad hair day Letizia? Spanish Queen has her curls whipped by blustery winds as she walks to a royal engagement in Madrid

Queen Letizia, 43, strolled down the street to a meeting for the Spanish Federation of Rare Diseases. She was caught in the wind but took it in good humour, while wrapped up in a red coat.

Woman says she REFUSES to have sex with her husband 'just to make him happy' - after spending years trying to 'please' men by 'acting like a performer in a porn movie'

Britni de la Cretaz, 30, from Boston, said she used to participate in various sexual acts with partners and act like a porn star in the bedroom because she thought that was what men wanted.

'It is MY work': Kylie Jenner accused of 'stealing' imagery and 'ripping off' the logo for her coveted lip product range from a Los Angeles-based make-up artist

Lip Kit By Kylie posted an Instagram photo showing metallic rose gold lips dropping with gloss, but make-up artist Vlada Haggerty has called out the reality star for appropriating her imagery.

'I always train Christmas morning, that's my thing': Heavily pregnant Michelle Bridges reveals plans for the holidays as she prepares for her baby's imminent arrival

Celebrity trainer Michelle Bridges is preparing to welcome her baby into the world. The star has revealed her tips and tricks for keeping healthy and staying fit throughout the holiday season

From drinking beer bongs to partying with strippers and getting choked by Darth Vader: This is what happens when Elf on a Shelf is left up to Dads

The Elf on the Shelf phenomenon has sparked the imagination of some devious fathers who have placed the jolly creature in a series of precarious, and often provocative, positions

They don't wake up like this! Kendall and Kylie Jenner's dermatologist shares the secrets behind their flawless complexions in step-by-step skincare tutorial

Dr. Christie Kidd, of Beverly Hills, shares the in-depth morning and nighttime beauty regimens of Kylie, 18, and Kendall, 20 in a new video released on Kylie's app and website.

Mums and daughters so close they can't cope when it's time for university: The teens who found their homesickness unbearable

Ruth Mills, 50, and 19-year-old Elspeth from Kent struggled to be apart. Heather Jay and daughter, Michaela struggled with separation issues when she began a degree at Nottingham University.

The 50 things EVERY woman needs to know about sex (and why you should panic if he's not a good kisser)

Sex expert Tracey Cox reveals the 50 things you need to know about sex from your libido to finding out if a man will be good in bed. She wrote her advice to her step-daughter Sofia to read later in life.

'You're not really related': Tatler causes outrage after penning bizarre guide on whether it's okay to have sex with your cousin, brother's wife or LABRADOR 

British high-end magazine Tatler has caused outrage with an online feature offering advice on whether it's okay for readers to have sex with their family members and pets.