Want to sleep under the stars? From a safari tree house to a tropical clifftop, the world's best outdoor hotel rooms revealed

The world's best outdoor hotel rooms revealed from a safari tree house to a tropical

If you are looking for an experience like no other, try these hotels which offer outdoor rooms for a night at one with nature. From drifting off to sounds on the African plains and a night under the stars in Italy (centre) or St Lucia (right) to enjoying a sunset from an open-air tree house in Thailand (left), here is MailOnline Travel's pick of the most spectacular rooms under the stars.

Is the No. 1 hotel in London on TripAdvisor REALLY worth the hype? A MailOnline Travel reporter visits Hotel 41 to find out

Is London's number 1 Hotel 41 on TripAdvisor REALLY worth the hype?

Thanks to customer reviews, Hotel 41 is No.1 in London on TripAdvisor. Guests rave about customer service and the hundreds of 'little extras' such as the chance to 'plunder the pantry' in the late afternoon. Travel writer Caroline McGuire (inset) spent a weekend there to test it out.

British holidaymaker killed and a second injured when motorcycle was hit by truck on 'notoriously dangerous' hill in Thailand

Witnesses told local media the women had just left a supermarket and were attempting to make a U-turn when they were hit by a pickup truck on Patong Hill in Phuket.

The UK's best FREE family events over the holidays: Visit a market in the shadow of a castle from the Harry Potter films or go for a winter swim in Dorset

There are plenty of free Christmas and winter activities around the country that are family friendly and fun - from walks and swims to musical performance and theatre.

Fire and ice: An eye-popping volcano and one of the best snow records in the world makes Japan's Niseko ski resort the peak of perfection (the luxury lodgings help, too)

Japan's Niseko ski resort is the peak of perfection (the luxury lodgings help, too)

MailOnline Travel's Ted Thornhill is wowed by Niseko with its 6,200ft volcano (main), snowmobiling and the uncrowded runs totalling 29 miles that are covered in powder. And then there's the luxurious Kasara Niseko Village Townhouse (right), which which affords guests quite stupendous views of the resort's geological wonder. It has a superbly appointed huge, swish kitchen, a boot room, dining room, a trio of ensuite bedrooms, a dressing room and a utility room with washing machine and tumble dryer. Plus a wonderful standalone wooden bath.

The festive dining room where you can eat the walls for dessert: Posh hotel opens a life-size gingerbread house complete with a fireplace

Pastry chefs at Ritz-Carlton Dove Mountain, in Arizona, worked on the 20ft, life-size house for weeks, lining the outer walls with gingerbread bricks and decorating them with sweets.

How Jamie Dornan, Gillian Anderson, Robert Pattinson and a whole host of A-listers have helped make Belfast the hottest new weekend destination

With BBC drama The Fall showing off a sophisticated side to the city, not to mention Game Of Thrones showcasing its incredible landscapes, a weekend in Belfast just got popular.

Let it snow! Ski resorts in French Alps forced to delay start of season as slopes remain bare due to balmy December weather

French Alps ski resorts postpone start of season due to lack of snow

Many resorts were hoping to open this weekend, but have decided not to run their ski lifts as they - and holidaymakers - wait for more snow. Saint-Jean-de-Sixt (left) is among those that remain closed amid a 14 per cent drop in bookings in the French Alps. Resorts at Chaillol (top right) and Le Collet d'Allevard (bottom right) are also mostly bare, although some slopes at higher altitudes are open.

An Inspector Calls: Floral pelmets, old-fashioned armchairs, chintzy bedspreads and repro furniture at the Grand Hotel in Eastbourne

The Grand Hotel was built in 1875. It's known as the White Palace but its huge lobby and even bigger main dining room had a cruise feel and there were children running around.

Venice in winter? It's a real ball! All you need for Carnival is a mask, a map and a sense of romance

Venice's Carnival season is a nod to the grand celebrations of the past. Hotels host expensive parties but offers guests the chance to dress-up but those on a budget can have just as much fun.

Breathtaking marine life, extreme stargazing and one-on-one scuba diving instruction: Why a staying on pontoon in the middle of the Great Barrier Reef is the ultimate way to see the Whitsundays

Reefworld at the Great Barrier Reef is the ultimate way to see the Whitsundays

Scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, Australia is a travel bucket-list item for many - and for good reason. And the best place to do it is Reefworld, in the picturesque Whitsundays. Pictured: MailOnline Travel's Katie Amey before a snorkelling trip (inset), Hardy Reef from the air (top left), the swags for overnight guests (top right), the beautiful marine life (bottom right), and the Reefworld pontoon itself (bottom left).

Snappy holiday! Facing 5ft crocodiles, dodging baboons and donning traditional attire - an adventure in The Gambia

Amy Willis has a close encounter with baboons, touches a crocodile in Katchikally and wears traditional dress to sample one of Africa's up and coming tourist destinations - The Gambia.

Why Philadelphia is America's big cheese: The former capital of the US is an unsung destination for culture addicts and foodies

Philly is a city of many firsts and it is also the greenest city in the country. Most visitors head for the heart of the town for the Historic Mile for culture. Art is the city's best kept secret.

Shaking up a cocktail, tucking passengers into bed and calming nervous flyers: Fascinating vintage photos reveal life in the sky for the first air hostesses of the 1930's

Shaking up a cocktail, tucking passengers into bed and calming nervous flyers: Fascinating

The first female flight attendant was Ellen Church, who flew from San Francisco to Chicago in 1930. She helped to recruit the first group of female flight attendants. Over the next decade, air hostesses became increasingly popular, especially those who were trained as nurses, as they were thought to calm nervous fliers.

Airbus A380 named best aircraft in the world... the first time Boeing has failed to bag the award 

The honour was voted by Global Traveler's readership as part of its 11th annual Tested Reader Survey Awards, which were presented during a ceremony held in Beverly Hills, California.

Around the world in five minutes: Man quits his job to travel to Brazil, Costa Rica and beyond in the ultimate selfie video

Ian Tilson quit his job to travel the world. Instead of pointing the lens towards the scenery, he instead put himself in the footage, with pool parties, stunning mountains and beaches in the background.

Can you believe these were taken by an EIGHT-year-old? Photography prodigy who has worked with cameras since he was five captures stunning scenes around the UK

Eight year old photography prodigy Oliver Andreas unveils a stunning set of images

These stunning images of some of the most breathtaking spots in the UK were taken by a photographer who is just eight-years-old. Oliver Andreas, from Gosport, Hampshire, has been taking photographs from a young age and became a confident landscape photographer when he was just five. His talent hasn't gone unnoticed. The prodigy has judged young photographer's competitions and has now been made the ambassador for a top photography company.

King of the road: Unemployed man converts a 1990s school bus into a motorhome to live on the American highways

Patrick Schmidt, who goes by Skoolielove, lives in a DIY converted school bus. He drove from Las Vegas to Florida on a 10,000 mile journey this year and plans to continue his journey.

Two 'drunk' Irish passengers en-route to Conor McGregor v Jose Aldo Las Vegas mega-fight have a punch-up of their own that forces pilot to ground plane 


The JetBlue aircraft was only 25 minutes into the five-and-a-half hour flight when the decision was taken to return to New York John F Kennedy International Airport.

A private suite with a lie-flat bed, spa-style showers and a lounge: What it's REALLY like to fly in Etihad's new A380 First Apartments

What it's REALLY like to fly in Etihad's new A380 First Apartments

Etihad's extravagant Residence suite has been causing a buzz - and not only for its price tag. Thankfully there is another (cheaper) way to fly First Class in the form of the airline's First Apartments. And forget tiny capsule seating, passengers can enjoy the privacy of their own section complete with bed, vanity mirror and sofa for as little as £2,500 a ticket, one way. The private suite features a Poltrona Frau leather ottoman, which can be used for entertaining, or converted into an 81-inch lay-flat bed (right). Instead of screens on the back of seats, there are 24-inch flat screen televisions and guests can also entertain in the lobby lounge (left) available to enjoy an after-meal drink in. There is also a bathroom (inset) with showers to freshen up while on board.

You think it's cold here? Meet the Scottish postie who won a dream job in Antarctica (but has no heating, no mains electricity and has to wash in icy waters)

Laura Martin was selected from 2,400 people to work on Goudier Island. She is one of four people working seasonally at the 'Penguin Post Office'. Severe weather has prevented cruise ships from stopping.

Firefighters spray WRONG PLANE with foam after smoke and sparks seen coming from engine of Air China aircraft

Firefighters were called to the scene at Fuzhou City Airport in southern China yesterday following reports of a possible fire discovered on an Air China flight taxiing for take-off.

Are these the world's ugliest skyscrapers? Elephants, gods and climbing babies are among the most bizarre towers in the world

The world's strangest looking skyscrapers revealed

Skyscrapers have become symbols of every major city, but some have drawn interest from tourists because they are so bizarre. East of Beijing, guests can stay at a hotel (left) that features the likeness of the Chinese gods of good fortune, prosperity and longevity. Bangkok's Elephant Building (top right) is Thailand's 'most talked about building' - but for the wrong reasons. Prague's television tower features sculptures of naked babies crawling up its communist-era pillars (bottom right).

Why you shouldn't buy flight tickets on a Friday: Research reveals it's best to wait until Sunday... where you could save as much as 13%


The study was undertaken by Expedia and the Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC), who also urged people looking for cheap flights in Europe to look to book 140 days in advance.

High-flying hounds: Orphaned dogs Troy and Bonnie take PRIVATE PLANE to their new home to begin a life of luxury

Nine-year-old Terrier Cross, Troy, and six-year-old Bonnie, a Corgi-Cross, have had a rough time of it since their owner passed away - but now they are jet-setting it to Guernsey.

A heavenly view: Jaw dropping video captures the moment two daredevils climb 124ft to the top of Rio de Janeiro's iconic Christ the Redeemer statue

Video captures the moment 2 daredevils climb Rio de Janeiro's Christ the Redeemer

The hair-raising video shows Russian photographers Vadim Makhorov, 26, and Vitaliy Raskalov, 22, exploring the streets of Rio de Janeiro before summiting the world-renowned statue. The footage and pictures are a breath-taking display of the stunning views of the city offered up by the magnificent landmark.

'Can you count out 100 beans as that's my limit for breakfast?' The strangest requests from hotel guests revealed

Travelodge has shared the most bizarre requests that some of its 17 million customers have made - from arranging to move the moon to what time the Northern Lights come on.

Take the Inca trail... from the comfort of your armchair as Google Street View launches tour of Peru's Machu Picchu

Online visitors can now enjoy the panoramic vistas 8,000 feet above sea level on a Google Street View walk around the enchanting 15th-century Inca site in Peru.

Want a break with guaranteed sunshine or snow and the cleanest air? The countries that get the best weather in the world

The countries that get the best weather in the world

When booking a holiday many seek to find a place that has guaranteed sunshine and little chance of rain ruining the fun. If this is the case tourists would be best heading to Arizona, which gets around 4,000 hours of rays a year (top right). And those looking for fresh air and starry landscapes should head to Iceland, where visitors inhale the cleanest air on earth, and Namibia, which boasts pristine skies. One of the best countries for ideal humidity is Cyprus, whose ocean location provides welcome cool breezes for holidaymakers. Whether you feel most at home soaking up the sun or heading to the slopes, here are the destinations with the most perfect weather conditions from around the world.

Pilot writes 32 absence notes for pupils after their flight was delayed for 20 hours

Heavy fog caused the delay to the flight from Cyprus to London Gatwick. Captain Wayne Mott wrote the notes for 31 students and one teacher after the group missed a day of school due to the delay.

'We're all going to burn and die!' Man arrested and plane searched by police for 'terrorist activity' after shocking outburst left fellow passengers in tears


Dozens of passengers watched on in astonishment after the male passenger began 'shouting and banging' as the flight EZY1847 prepared to take off from Manchester Airport.

Motorcycle diaries: The breathtaking images taken by a French photographer on an eight-year road trip around Vietnam will make you ache to visit the country

Photographer Réhahn's images of Vietnam will make you want to visit the country

Photographer, Réhahn, gave up his hectic life in France in 2007 to take a motorbike trip through Hoi An, Dong Van Valley and Mu Cang Chai and beyond. He has captured over 50,000 pictures - including shots of cycling locals (left), women rowing down an algae covered lake (centre) and the rolling rice fields in Mu Cang Chai (right) during his Vietnamese odyssey but only 145 have made it into his first photo book.

The 'Paris Hilton effect': Plane passengers are buying doctor's notes off the internet to allow them to take their pets into the cabin at no extra charge


In the U.S, under the terms of the Air Carrier Access Act, people are permitted to take animals on board a flight if they can't function without the support of the animal.

Hard Rock to open hotel next to Checkpoint Charlie site in Berlin... but frustrated locals want a meaningful memorial to the historic Cold War crossing

When it opens in 2020, the 372-room hotel will serve as a shrine to Berlin's music scene and display a section of the Berlin Wall that will be inscribed with the 'thoughts and mottos' of musicians.

Are these the world's scariest landing strips? The airport approaches so terrifying even pilots will think twice 

MailOnline Travel reveals the world’s scariest landing strips at airports around the world

To get to certain idyllic spots in the world, you have to land at some seriously challenging airports. Some flanked by the ocean like the Marshall Islands, are hair-raising even for pilots. Sint Marteen Airport (left) in the Caribbean is notorious for its low approach over a crowded beach. Kai Tak Airport (top right) in Hong Kong forces pilots to descend through high rises and mountains. Manakara Airport (bottom right) in Madagascar is cut in two by an active railway line.

Is this the dream travel photography job? National Park offers a lucky shutterbug $100,000 to shoot its stunning landscapes

National Park Service is looking for a talented photographer to produce 'exhibition quality prints for exhibition, publication, or other visual purposes' of the breathtaking natural areas.

Elephant rides could be BANNED in India as Supreme Court look into petition over treatment of animals

Elephant riding in Goa and Rajasthan came under scrutiny from officials this week after a number of judges raised concerns saying that the animals may be subject to torture.

Nights in the backpacker ghetto: Street massage, laughing gas and cheap beer on tap feature in photo tour of Bangkok (but does it all look a little tame?)

Photographer Maciej Dakowicz's Bangkok backpacker ghetto photo tour

With a beer bottle in one hand and a camera in the other, photographer Maciej Dakowicz captured the highs and lows of revellers in Bangkok's 'backpacker ghetto'. Every year tourists from around the world still flock to the Thai capital - a city notorious for its hedonistic vibrancy, making it a paradise for holidaymakers who prefer to come out at night.

Morbid fascination? Meet Britain's grave-obsessed cemetery hunters who lead tombstone tours discovering the past

The group shares stories of the grave sites on their blog and via Twitter. They began in 2013 and now runs tours of graveyards around London. Their unusual hobby is often met with confusion or intrigue.

Pretty fly... for Wi-Fi: Infographic reveals which airports around the world have the fastest internet speeds (and it's Thailand that is leading the way)

best WiFi airports in the world

Top of the pile is Don Mueang International Airport in Thailand, that recorded the fastest download speed of 42.22Mbps. Seven of the top 20 ranked were all in the Far Eastern country.

Is this the most entertaining flight layover of all time? Ballet dancers perform hilarious routines on airport's moving walkway

State Street Ballet dancers perform routines on Denver airport moving walkway

Dancers from State Street Ballet, in Santa Barbara, California, held each other over their heads and did handstands on the walkway to pass the time at Denver's international airport. They thought it would be a funny way to pass the time during a five-hour layover, and the video now has more than 2.5 million views on Facebook.

Nature's snowmen: Incredible photographs show thousands of trees transformed into frozen figures on Japanese mountains

Images of the Hakkoda mountains were captured by Sho Shibata, who is based in Aomori, north Japan. From a distance, the snow covered trees looked like giant snowmen

Outrage after Zenith cruise ship's anchor 'completely destroyed' a portion of coral reef in the Cayman Islands 

Zenith cruise ship anchor damages coral reef in the Cayman Islands

Underwater footage shot by a dive instructor, Scott Prodahl, shows the anchor (left) and its chain draped across the reef - breaking off pieces of coral - while the ship (inset) was in George Town's harbour. Prodahl claimed a massive portion of the reef was 'completely destroyed' as the chain (right) moved back and forth, and called for greater protection. However, environment bosses said there was no negligence on the part of the ship's crew.

Forgotten in the smog: Remarkable pictures show Beijing's landmarks as they once looked before the worst pollution of the year blanketed the capital

Prior to being enveloped by the worst smog the Chinese capital has seen this year, the landmarks such as Tiananmen Square are pictured amid a backdrop of clear, blue skies.

Is this the world's most disturbing tourist attraction? Inside the decommissioned US prison where an electric chair nicknamed 'Old Sparky' is the central attraction 

Built in 1966, the gothic inspired West Virginia State Penitentiary once housed some of America's most dangerous and reprehensible inmates but has now re-opened as a tourist attraction.

Would you brag about these locations? Facebook reveals its most checked-in places of 2015 

Facebook reveals its most checked-in places of 2015

Around a billion users go on Facebook daily with many sharing their locations with friends. The social media site has revealed its top 20 most checked-in locations. Disney took the top spot, but with parks in California, Florida, Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong and the soon-to-be-opened Shanghai, they perhaps have an unfair advantage. Following behind were the Universal Studios parks and the dazzling lights of New York's Times Square (bottom right). It is hard to take a bad picture of Yosemite National Park (left) - which probably account for why so many people take to the social media site to share the destination with friends. And it is no surprise the Eiffel Tower (top right) took fourth place as the attraction welcomes almost seven million visitors a year (around 75 per cent of whom are foreigners).

Imagine, a Beatles yoga retreat: Spiritual sanctuary where the Fab Four learnt to meditate opens in India

The retreat in Rishikesh, India, opened 35 years after John Lennon's death. The band stayed at the ashram in 1968 but it was abandoned in the 1970s. The band wrote numerous songs while at the retreat.

Have you done something illegal without realising? Infographic reveals 34 of the most surprising laws tourists should be aware of when travelling abroad

It can be hard to blend in while away on holiday but there are things you can avoid so you don't stand out for the wrong reasons, such as not stepping on Thai money out of respect for the royal family.

In a Star Wars destination not so far away: The Force Awakens film locations you can visit and where to stay for an out of this world escape

Star Wars The Force Awakens film locations you need to visit

There's no doubt about it - Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be one of the biggest films of 2015. The seventh film in the series has already been predicted to take £400 million in its opening weekend, when it finally hits the big screens world wide on December 18. As the buzz builds around the latest release, MailOnline Travel looks at some of the filming locations around the world including Iceland, Abu Dhabi and the UK, and a few Star Wars themed attractions you can visit.

Wipeout that almost ended in disaster: Surfer is knocked out by 20ft Hawaiian pipeline wave before bodyboarder comes to his rescue

In this Sunday, Dec. 6, 2015 photo, pro surfer Evan Geiselman catches the wave that he fell on and nearly drowned at the North Shore Oahu surfing spot known as Pipeline, near Haleiwa, Hawaii. Bodyboarder Andre Botha rescued Geiselman after the surfer fell. (AP Photo/Matt Castiglione)

Evan Geiselman, 22, was pinned underwater by the waves waves at North Shore in Oahu, Hawaii - and could have died were it not for a dramatic rescue by bodyboarding champion Andre Botha.

No selfies with monks, no revealing clothing and no smoking! Hilarious video shows tourists how to behave at Angkor Wat

Cracking down on inappropriate behaviour, Angkor Wat in Cambodia has released a hilarious new video urging tourists to take note of their code of conduct.

Head in the clouds: Company designs glass seating area to go ON TOP of aircraft so passengers can enjoy 360-degree view of the sky

Planes designed with a glass SkyDeck seating area ON TOP of aircraft

The in-flight entertainment product, SkyDeck, is hoped to be a feature that can be installed on private jets as a VIP amenity or as a pay-per-view experience on passenger airliners.

Are these your jumbo jets? Malaysian airport takes out newspaper ad to find owners of three abandoned Boeing 747s

Malaysian officials warned that the Boeing 747-200F planes, which have been sitting idle on the tarmac at Kuala Lumpur International Airport will be auctioned or sold for scrap if no one claims them.

Are these the most impressive Christmas trees in the world? From New York's centrepiece lit by 45,000 bulbs to The Vatican's decorations revealing the scene-stealing festive features across the globe

MailOnline Travel reveals the best Christmas trees in the world

Whether they be placed outside one of the globe's most iconic buildings in Italy (top left) or guarding the entrance to Kyoto's train station, their magical presence is felt by all celebrating the season. MailOnline Travel reveals their take on the world's most stunning holiday décor - from the tallest floating tree in Rio de Janeiro (bottom left) to an elevated pink decoration in The Galeries Lafayette in Paris (right).

EasyJet and British Airways named worst airlines for flight delays (while Heathrow ranks last for airports)

The study included 39 airlines and found easyJet, Britain's largest budget carrier and one of the busiest in Europe, had the most delays with nearly 7,000 in October.

Fake doctor who treated hundreds of patients on cruise ships finally arrested after working undetected for FIVE years

The unidentified man was arrested by police at Berlin Tegel Airport. He trained as a nurse but didn't have the qualifications to work as a doctor. The case is currently under investigation.

Plane is evacuated after passenger activates emergency slide, shouts 'bomb'... then flees by jumping from wing

Volaris Airlines passenger flees plane after shouting 'bomb' and 'activating slide' in

Passengers had boarded the Volaris flight from Mexico City International Airport to Cancun and it was ready for take off when a man opened the exit and jumped out. All 179 passengers were evacuated from the plane and the search found no explosive device.

Would you skate on the River Thames? Ice rinks could make a return to the waterway after 185 YEARS thanks to a new retractable jetty design

Plans to create 'Frost Flowers' - a series of natural ice rinks on the surface of the river - were revealed today by creator NBBJ and would see retractable jetties placed over the water in London.

Bomb squad inspects Air France plane after flight from San Francisco to Paris forced to divert to Canada due to anonymous threat

Passengers were forced to disembark in groups and go through security checks by Montreal police, who brought in a bomb squad and determined the threat was a 'false alarm'.

Grim photos show passenger jet's cabin flooded by 'raw effluent' as liquid leaked from bathroom into aisle mid-flight

Air Zimbabwe cabin flooded by 'raw effluent' mid flight passenger claims

Air Zimbabwe has denied claims that human waste flowed down an aisle after a passenger's photos of the mess surfaced on social media following the flight from Harare to Johannesburg. The photos show a long streak of liquid and a flight attendant trying to stop the flow. The airline claims clean, odourless water flowed into the cabin after a faucet was left running in a lavatory.

Brits are the biggest travellers but they are least concerned about potential dangers: New map reveals the riskiest destinations for tourists across the world

Despite the fact that more than 80 per cent of Britons have ventured abroad, the study found that they are the least concerned about potential dangers, whether from public transport or natural disasters.

Tighter security for tourists in Bali after six Indonesian police officers receive death threats from ISIS

Indonesia has upgraded its national security for the Christmas and New Year holiday season after six police officers received personal threats from ISIS

Couple who quit their jobs for life on the high seas: Pair sold their house and blew their wedding budget to explore the world by boat

Meet the couple who quit their jobs, sold their house and decided to explore the world on

Despite having never lived on a boat before and having limited nautical experience, former TV weather presenter Charlie Smith, 29, and her fiancé, who goes by the name Captain, 34, embarked on a new life on the high seas this year. Leaving behind everything they knew, the adventurous couple departed their home in Jersey, Channel Islands and so far have sailed their way round the west of the Mediterranean, France, Spain, Italy, Elba, Corsica, Sardinia and the Balearic Islands.

Survivor releases terrifying GoPro video filmed INSIDE a plane as it crashes and flips upside down

Passenger Kurt Steinbruch uploaded the three and a half minute long clip to mark the one year anniversary of the incident in New Jersey, which saw the aircraft hit the ground in a muddy field.

Woman clears three security points and boards a plane using a MAN'S boarding pass in airport 'mix up'

LaShonda Traylor passed through check-in, security and the boarding gate at Dallas Fort Worth International with the man's document on November 30 on her way to Texas.

Are these the best private islands in the world? From French Polynesia to Abu Dhabi you can castaway in style at an A-lister hideaway for as little as £250 a night (and even Cara Delevingne reveals her favourite)

The best private islands in the world from French Polynesia to Abu Dhabi

Condé Nast Traveller has scoured the planet to find the ultimate private islands around the world. Indulge in a selection, which includes destinations from a Greek island, to a luxury lighthouse in Maine. Festival-loving model and actor Cara Delevigne (inset left) favours the secluded Parrot Cay for its crystal-clear waters, whitewashed villas and laid-back Caribbean atmosphere, but other top locations include the slick, Asian-style lair Zaya Nurai Island in Abu Dhabi (top right), the sumptuous The Brando in French Polynesia (left) and Ariara in the Philippines (bottom right).

Will Iran and Kazakhstan be the It destinations of 2016? National Geographic Traveller has released its 'Cool List' for next year (with some surprising results)

If you are already dreaming of and planning your holidays for next year, it's worth knowing that Iran Costa Rica and Washington DC are tipped to be the top travel destinations of 2016.

Having a whale of a time! Incredible footage shows THOUSANDS of belugas frolicking in pristine waters off northern Canada 

Photographer Nansen Weber filmed the animals with a drone in the summer and released the footage recently. The mammals gather at Cunningham Inlet on Somerset Island annually.

Designed by Darth Vader? Italian luxury motorboat with expandable WINGS to resemble a space craft is revealed (but it will set you back £500,000)

Star Wars and Darth Vader inspired motorboat with expandable WINGS

The Evo 43 has an expandable 'wing' (inset) that's said to resemble that of TIE Fighter Crafts in Star Wars. It will increase the deck surface area of the boat by 40 per cent. The 42 foot long boat can travel 38 knots and has a range of 300 miles (main) but costs £500,000.

Calling a Scottish person 'English', failing to buy your round in Ireland and not tipping your waitress in the US: Reddit users reveal tourists' worst habits in their country

In a thread on the social-networking website Reddit, users from around the world blasted tourists for everything from poor table manners to failing to stand on the correct side of the escalator.

Terrifying moment a diver is HEADBUTTED by the one-and-a-half-tonne walrus coming towards him in the Arctic

American Jon Cornforth was shooting the animals (pictured) from just six feet away in Svalbard, Norway, but it almost ended in disaster when one became aggressive.

'We're overrunning the Planet': David Attenborough's fears over what the swelling population is doing to his favourite holiday destination - The Great Barrier Reef

David Attenborough's fears over the Great Barrier Reef in North Queensland

Sir David Attenborough's favourite holiday destination has been Queensland, Australia, since he first travelled there 60 years ago to see the Great Barrier Reef. But he is now worried about its future because of effects of global warming.

The incredible moment a volcano erupts after it laid dormant for 110 YEARS is captured on film by a plane passenger 

The footage, which was filmed thousands of feet up by the guitarist of San Francisco rock band Gold Minor, shows the volcano in Central America spouting ash on Wednesday.

Did YOU save money on your last flight? Average price of a plane ticket has dropped 5% this year (but it only amounts to £15 in savings on a £300 return flight)

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) said the five per cent drop, particularly for leisure travel, has supported a three per cent increase in passenger traffic this year.

Ahead of the crowd: TripAdvisor's top 10 upcoming holiday destinations for 2016 (with surprising hotspots including Brighton and Liverpool)

TripAdvisor's top 10 upcoming holiday destinations for 2016 revealed

The seaside city of Brighton was named sixth in the world and third in Europe in the annual TripAdvisor awards that identify places growing in popularity according to feedback from millions of travellers. Taking the top accolade for the 2016 awards was Tulum in Mexico (top left), recognised for its Yucatan beaches and well-preserved ancient ruins. Banff, Canada (top right), Gatlinburg, Tennessee (bottom left), and the Iguazu Falls (bottom right) and Brighton (centre) were also selected.

The airport of the future: Ultra-modern glass terminal will be filled with trees, tropical flowers and giant dragons hanging from ceiling

The new Terminal 3 building at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport is expected to cater to 45 million passengers a year once it is completed in 2020, with connection times of just 40 minutes.

A bridge fit for King Arthur: Contest is launched for new walkway to birthplace of mythical ruler in Cornwall

English Heritage has shortlisted six designs for a new £4million footbridge linking Tintagel Castle to the Cornish mainland. The site linked to the King Arthur legend attracts 200,000 visitors a year.

DO look down: Trending hashtag on Instagram #fromwhereidrone shows spectacular aerial photographs of landscapes around the world like you've never seen them before

Drone photgraphs #fromwhereidrone reveal spectacular landscapes on earth

A hashtag that is currently trending is #fromwhereidrone, where people can showcase the most spectacular images from above. Here MailOnline Travel shares highlights including a fiery-coloured coastline round Lake Mead, Nevada (left), the sunset peeking through the Bahá'í House of Worship in Wilmette, Illinois (top right) and the romantic island of Lonubo in the Maldives (bottom right).

Britain's best pub walks revealed: The stunning watering holes where you can enjoy the scenery (as well as a pint)

Whether it be tucked behind a snow-covered Scottish mountain or marking the entrance to a quaint Cotswolds village - these pub walks are nothing short of magical.

Price of skiing holidays continues to slide for Britons as strength of the pound means it has never been cheaper to hit the slopes


Kitzbuhel, Austria has the biggest price fall, with equipment hire, lift passes, ski school, meals and drinks at £458, down by 15 per cent compared with last winter.

Bugatti of the sea: Team behind the world's fastest supercar reveals plans for sleek luxury yachts with top speeds of 43mph (starting at £1.5million)

Bugatti and Palmer Johnson reveal plans for luxury yachts

Ranging from 42ft to 88ft in size, the luxury yachts will have dark blue carbon fibre and titanium hulls, accommodation for four and the same flair as Bugatti's classic and modern cars. The interior can be tailored to the owner's liking, and each vessel will take a year to build. With a starting price of £2.3million ($3.5million), the 63ft mid-range yacht has salons above and below deck, accommodation for up to four guests, and a cabin for crew.

Our Kind Of Town: Exploring Frank Sinatra's Palm Springs haven during his centenary year, with sashaying singers and a piano-shaped pool

This year would have been Frank Sinatra's centenary year, and there is plenty to explore within his Palm Springs retreat from his Twin Palms resort to the restaurants and bars he frequented.

Now THAT'S one way to get away from it all! Spine-shaped floating hotel with restaurants, cinemas and swimming pools on board can drift across the ocean

MORPHtel floating hotel designed by Gianluca Santosuosso

Designed by 32-year-old Londoner Gianluca Santosuosso, the luxurious MORPHotel (left) would be composed of capsules that house guest rooms with ever-changing views of the sea. On board, guests would have access to the same amenities as a hotel on land, including swimming pools (top right), restaurants and lounge space (bottom right). Each end of the half-mile spine would have a boat that can detach from the structure and take guests for a ride in the surrounding waters.

Sunrise yoga, dinner tables made of sand and five-star resorts that are nothing short of paradise: Why the Maldives is so much more than a destination for honeymooners

The Maldives are so much more than just a luxury honeymoon destination, as MailOnline Travel's Katie Amey discovered during a visit to Jumeirah Vittaveli and Jumeirah Dhevanafushi.

Indoor skydiving, wacky water parks, deluxe mountain dining and a guaranteed Happy End... Slovakia's Tatra Mountains are a winter wonderland on and off the slopes

Slovakia skiing Jasna Low Tatras.jpg

Slovakia's ski resorts may not lack scale of slopes but they are everything the Alps are not - no crowds or huge bills, and the locals are eager to please. And skiing is far from the only attraction on offer.

How many have you visited? The 20 most Instagrammed locations of 2015 revealed (with New York, Paris and Moscow attractions all featuring highly) 

Most Instagrammed locations of 2015 revealed with New York and Paris featuring highly

Instagram has revealed its top geotagged locations of 2015, and one thing was for certain - tourists love Disney, with four of the five parks featuring in the top 20 results. Also popular was the Louvre in Paris (top left), the Empire State Building (top right), the Eiffel Tower (centre), the Yankee Stadium in New York (bottom left) and Santa Monica Pier in California (bottom right).

The flying headteacher! Meet the woman who commutes between three of the UK's smallest schools by airplane (and one of her sites has just ONE pupil)

Kate Evans grew up in London but is now flying to her schools in Orkney which have a combined roll of 16 pupils. The smallest of the schools, on North Ronaldsay, has just one primary age pupil.

As if you needed another reason to visit Thailand: Revealing 21 NEW national parks featuring waterfalls, forests and underwater diving spots

Revealing 21 NEW national parks in Thailand including Chet Sao Noi and Doi Chong

The first seven of the new national parks in Thailand will be registered within three months. Five parks have been approved. Others are waiting for Royal Decree and should be listed by end of 2016. The proposed list include Doi Phatang in Chiang Rai (main), Hat Khanom in Mu Ko Thale Tai (inset right) and Tham Sakoen in Nan (inset left).

The world before Instagram: Family's colour photo albums from the early 1900s show dreamy holidays without the crowds (or obsession with selfies)

Photos showing the Paneth family, from Britain, riding camels, swimming in lakes, taking boat rides and perching on the tops of spectacular mountains are a time capsule to a bygone era of travel.

She's on cloud nine! Model who ditched a career as an economist for one in the sky is named Russia's best flight attendant

Anastasia Babushkina, 23, from Nizhny Tagil, Russia, studied economics at university but opted for a career in the clouds because she felt it would be more interesting and rewarding.

A film set from a galaxy far, far away: Haunting images show abandoned Star Wars props deep in the Tunisian desert

Abandoned Star Wars sets deep in the Tunisian desert like Mos Espa

These surreal photographs are instantly familiar to any fan of Star Wars - they show the landscape of Tatooine, where Luke Skywalker grew up in the sci-fi blockbuster. Tunisia, where much of the classic film was shot, was a popular tourist destination before being caught up in the 'Arab Spring' of 2011, and is now trying to rebuild its tourism industry. Here, MailOnline Travel takes a look at some of the fascinating sets left behind that will bring fond memories for dedicated Star Wars fans around the world. Included is Luke Skywalker's home (bottom right), a collection of vaporators (bottom left) and even toilets that were used by the cast (inset centre).

Not even if you're in first class! Planes named as one of the worst places to make a pass at someone (but they're not as bad as funerals or the gym)

It may seem like the perfect place to make a romantic connection, but a dating website says it is never appropriate to make a pass at someone on a plane because there is nowhere to escape.

Seeing double from the Colosseum to the Tower of London: Daughter recreates treasured holiday snaps her mother took 30 years earlier

Lydia Coutré recreates European holiday snaps her mother took 30 years earlier

Lydia Coutré, a journalism student from Cleveland, Ohio, (pictured far left in photo bottom row, centre) travelled to Italy and London to capture iconic buildings that had already featured in their family album 30 years ago. The opportunity came about when the high-school student was offered the chance to study in Florence in Italy. Back in 1982, Lydia's mother Rita (far left in photo top row, centre) visited the capital of Italy's Tuscany region, returning to the U.S. with a varied collection of photographs. Included in the comparisons are Trafalgar Sqaure (top left) and Tower Bridge (top right ) from London, and Rome's Colosseum (bottom left) and the Leaning Tower of Pisa (bottom right) in Italy.

Don't be a dumbo! Tourists urged to boycott MASSAGES from elephants on beaches in Thailand

Animal charities are asking tourists to avoid elephant massages on holiday, claiming the animals have been subjected to cruel treatment like beatings and starvation.

Coney Island in its heyday: Fascinating images show the New York seaside retreat jammed with city revellers lining the beaches and enjoying elephant rides

New York's Coney Island in its heyday in fascinating images

Nicknamed America's Playground, Coney Island offered New Yorkers the chance to escape the city and enjoy amusement rides, theatre shows and even have a dip in the sea. In the later years of the 19th century, the rough and tumble party spot was even dubbed 'Sodom by the Sea,' although family amusements began to later pop up in the 1900s. Here are some incredible black and white retrospective photographs showing Coney Island in its heyday during 1896 to 1905.

Is this the end of agonising security queues at the airport? High-tech machine can scan ten pieces of hand luggage every MINUTE

The machine, which contains five scanning lockers, can process 10 passengers with a bag each in every minute, which works out to 600 passengers every hour.

Plane makes emergency landing when tyres BURST shortly after take-off with debris left scattered on runway

This shocking picture shows the damage a plane suffered shortly after take-off when its tyres burst. The aircraft had set out from Hangzhou's Xiaoshan International Airport in China.

A road trip for the bucket list: Take a spin down the world's longest, clearly defined coastal driving route which covers 1,600 miles of Ireland's stunning west coast

Take a spin down the world’s longest, clearly defined coastal driving route

Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way is a spectacular chance to witness the most breathtaking landscapes in the country. Sights not to miss include Ireland's longest cave, Pollnagollum and the Cliffs of Moher (bottom right). John Craven and his wife returned to Ireland to realise their goal of driving the stunning route from Donegal to Galway in eight days.

Go for a spin on a 1,000-year-old moat or in the shadow of a royal seaside retreat: As the festive season gets fully into swing, the best ice skating rinks in Britain revealed

The best ice skating rinks in Britain revealed

From skating in the shadows of the Natural History Museum (top left) and the Tower of London (top right) to a snowy arena at the Eden Project in Cornwall (bottom left), there are many spectacular options this year. Working round popular landmarks are Glasgow On Ice's rink in the heart of George's Square (bottom right) and the skating at Somerset House (centre). Here is MailOnline Travel's guide to the rinks you should not miss this season - even if you are more Bambi on ice than Torvill or Dean.


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