From the gulags to a 'five star jail': Inside Putin's £115million detention centre that is the largest in Europe with 4,000 inmates, a concert hall and even a museum

Inside Vladimir Putin's £115m detention centre Kresty-2 in St Petersburg

This is the first glimpse inside the largest detention centre in Europe that is currently preparing to open on the outskirts of Vladimir Putin's home city of St Petersburg. The giant jail (pictured is the interior and exterior) will hold 4,000 inmates and replaces the notorious Kresty prison which housed political prisoners during the tsarist and Soviet eras. Called Kresty-2, the new penitentiary, announced personally by Putin nine years ago, will accommodate both men and women - including those with young children - in separate facilities.

British army officer turned mercenary and an Australian among 15 killed in Yemen fighting Iranian-backed rebels

The officer, named locally as Colonel Arthur Kingston and Australian Phillip Streetman were killed in heavy fighting in the southern Yemeni city of Taiz after rebels attacked the mercenary's base.

Astonishing DIY rocket made out of gas canisters among the homemade arsenal seized by Iraqi forces after storming an ISIS arms depot in Ramadi

Iraqi forces paraded rockets made from gas canisters (pictured) through the besieged city and laid out hundreds of explosive shells after a breakthrough battle against the terror group

Down with this rubbish! Angry Ukrainian mob fed up with local bureaucrat's fraud seize him outside his office and throw him into the GARBAGE 

Nikolay Shershun, a former city deputy in the city of Rivne in the west of the country was grabbed by masked men and marched down the street while being kicked before being thrown in a bin.

Netanyahu's attack dog: Mortified Israeli PM's rescue pooch Kaiya bites two of his guests at Hannukah ceremony

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (C) stands next to his recently adopted dog Kaiya during his meeting with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry (rear & 3rd L) in Jerusalem November 24, 2015. Netanyahu's recently adopted dog Kaiya has sunk her teeth into her new position, biting two visitors at an event on December 9, 2015, including the husband of the deputy foreign minister. Picture taken November 24, 2015.   REUTERS/Matty Stern/U.S. Embassy Tel Aviv/Handout   ATTENTION EDITORS - THIS IMAGE HAS BEEN SUPPLIED BY A THIRD PARTY. IT IS DISTRIBUTED, EXACTLY AS RECEIVED BY REUTERS, AS A SERVICE TO CLIENTS.  FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY. NOT FOR SALE FOR MARKETING OR ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS

The usually docile canine took a snip at a lawmaker and the husband of the deputy foreign minister during a candle-lighting ceremony to mark Hannukah at his Jerusalem residence.

The frontline of Germany's migrant crisis: Inside the small town where Nazi hate mobs hold violent protests and threaten to burn down refugee centres

The German town of Freital is on the brink after 2,200 refugees moved into the town. Anti-immigration protesters have staged demos outside the 35 euros a night Hotel Leonardo holding 400.

Is the Vatican promoting birth control to tackle climate change? Senior Papal adviser claims it could offer a 'solution' to spiralling population

Cardinal Peter Turkson (pictured), from Ghana, said natural methods of birth control could help prevent the impending food shortages associated with a warmer planet.

Calais is the most Right wing town in France: Marine Le Pen's National Front score massive 49 per cent of votes in the home of the Jungle 

The anti-immigration National Front party, led by Marine Le Pen, scored a massive 49 per cent of the votes in Calais that is home to 6,000 migrants all hoping to sneak into Britain.

Shock and awe: ISIS show off their TANKS and hi-tech arsenal looted from the Iraqi army in series of chilling pictures from the frontline 

The images, which include militants using handheld rocket launchers and automatic weapons, were reportedly taken during a battle at Deir Ezzor military airport in Syria.

Taliban murders 37 people during attack on Kandahar airport: Nine jihadis killed by Afghan security forces during 24-hour raid 

Nine Taliban terrorists have been killed and one is believed to be still fighting after the jihadis launched an attack on Kandahar airbase more than 24 hours ago.

North Korea goes to the dogs: Wealthy Pyongyang residents increasingly buying pets as status symbols while millions resort to eating strays outside the capital 

North Korean watchers said today there has been a noticeable increase in the number of residents in the capital, Pyongyang, who have become dog owners in the past three to four years.

Shocking pictures of traffic cops getting amorous triggers a second sex scandal probe in Mexican police force

Last night the police force's internal affairs department in Pueblo, Mexico launched a second probe after two new X-rated pictures were posted online.

Girls un tour! North Korean leader sends his all-female dance troupe on six-day dancehall diplomacy tour of China 

These are some of the girls who are members of an all-female dance troupe who have been sent by North Korean despot Kim Jong-un on an important diplomatic mission to China.

Woman, 41, dies in a Frankfurt hotel after undergoing an EXORCISM: Five arrested including her own son after her body was beaten to free the 'demons' from inside her

German police have arrested five people including the victim's 15-year-old son after a woman died in a Frankfurt Hotel room. A post-mortem found that the woman suffocated but was badly beaten before death.

Horror as children and babies are among 14 people killed and 20 injured in Russian airstrikes on rebel-held areas of Syria

ALEPPO, SYRIA - DECEMBER 07: Syrians try to rescue people who are trapped under the rubble of a collapsed building after the war-crafts belonging to the Russian army carried out airstrikes on the opposition-controlled Sukuri neighborhood in Aleppo, Syria on December 7, 2015. (Photo by Ibrahim Ebu Leys/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING: Local civil defense sources said the raids targeted districts in the city of Aleppo held by Western-backed rebels who oppose President Assad.

'This is not our policy. We are not evil': Syrian rebels force ISIS fighters to their knees... then SPARE them to prove 'Muslims are not evil' 

Mimicking the actions of ISIS extremists who have murdered hundreds on camera, the Levant Front rebels aimed their guns at the fanatics' heads, only to spare their lives at the very last moment.

Taliban storm Kandahar airport complex: Armed attackers wearing suicide vests locked in furious firefight with security forces 

Taliban terrorists have launched several attacks today across Kandahar in Afghanistan as the organisation attempts to recover from factional infighting which has left more than 50 jihadis dead.

Mobsters ball: Dozens of Russia's most notorious underworld figures are all caught by police at their own networking party

Some 53 alleged gangsters have been arrested after police swooped on a gathering in Podolsk, near Moscow, Russia, which was billed as a criminals' networking party.

Lions made famous by Big Cat Diary are poisoned: Female Bibi is found lying on her side 'foaming, spitting and panting' after eating laced cow carcass

Two lions from the Marsh Pride (pictured) have died, including lioness Bibi, who was found lying on her side 'foaming at the mouth, spitting and panting' before her death.

Hands off our treasure! Spain says it holds the rights to galleon the San Jose - and its $1bn worth of gold coins - found in Colombian waters 300 years after it sank

Jose Garcia-Margallo, the Spanish foreign minister, has said he hopes to come to an cordial agreement with Colombia as both countries try to claim rights to the submerged shipwreck.

Death Claus: Norwegian newspaper forced to apologise after printing obituary for SANTA saying he died at age of 226

Readers of Norwegian paper Aftenposten were shocked to read an obituary for the man in red, which was published in the country's second-highest selling paper this week.

ISIS Inc: Extraordinary documents show terror group's masterplan for world domination

Leaked internal documents have revealed ISIS has created staggeringly sophisticated levels of administration in a bid to turn its self-declared caliphate into a legitimate state.