Give them one Elle of a Christmas! From the supermodel's 'green gunk' elixir of powdered veg and digestive enzymes to the wrinkle-busting pillowcase, our selection of gifts that are gorgeous AND good for you

There's no denying at 51, model Elle Macpherson is stunning. Her secret, she says, is chugging back the Super Elixir – 45 powdered fruits and vegetables, Chinese herbs and digestive enzymes

There's no denying at 51, model Elle Macpherson is stunning. Her secret, she says, is chugging back the Super Elixir – 45 powdered fruits and vegetables, Chinese herbs and digestive enzymes

The New Parent 

Gro-hush, £19.99,

No more desperate 3am drives to calm a crying baby – now you can soothe them to sleep with this ingenious hand-held white noise device. When placed against the ear, the three settings – heartbeat, ocean waves or the pitter-patter of raindrops – can only be heard by your baby, so you can comfort them without disturbing others.


Nutribullet Baby, £59.95,

You're never too young to get in on the Nutribullet phenomenon. This pint-sized version is used to whizz up tasty and nutritious baby food in seconds. Add your ingredients to the bowl, place it on the power base, then push and twist for an instant meal without a jar or masher in sight.


Munchkin Grippy Dots, £4.95,

These textured dots not only stop your little one from slipping during bath time, one dot also changes colour to tell you when the water is too hot.


Ingenuity Baby Base 2-in-1 floor seat, £39.95,

This doubles up as a floor seat for playtime and booster seat that can be secured to a chair, so your baby can join you at the dinner table. The handy tray can be stored away beneath the seat, making it easier to transport when visiting friends or relatives.


Tiny Love Tummy Time Frog baby playmat, £29.95,

Although babies should sleep on their backs, some 'tummy time' is recommended as it promotes neck, shoulder and back muscle development and fine motor skills. This cute mat makes it fun for them, as well as providing cushioning support.


The Outdoorsy Type 

Heimplanet Fistral tent, £319.99,

Heimplanet caused quite a stir this year when it launched a £3,000 blow-up expedition tent, the first of its kind. This one-man version is slightly more economical but also takes just minutes to pitch. Just the thing when the weather closes in unexpectedly.


Oakley Flight Deck XM goggles, matte black/prizm torch iridium, £131.99,

Look as if you know exactly what you're doing on the slopes by wearing these high-tech goggles – the special lens filters out glare to show up every lump and bump in the snow. There's no excuse for falling over now!


Brooks England MT21 multi-tool, £30,

What do you get the cyclist who has everything? How about something from heritage brand Brooks England? This multi-tool has just about every type of attachment, from something to tighten a saddle to a bottle opener for those well-earned 'pit stops'.


GoPro Hero4: Silver Edition, £250,

From adrenaline junkies to commuting cyclists, action cameras that attach to the body to capture 'first person' footage are now ubiquitous. Not for nothing are GoPro the market leaders – this is their latest HD camera, compatible with the brand's huge range of mounts.


Garmin Epix GPS watch, £369.99,

The first hands-free navigator with a high-res colour touchscreen. It contains maps of 44 European countries, so you can see where you are.


The Health Foodie 

The Pickle House Original Pickle Juice 500ml, £7.50,

It may sound odd, but advocates swear by the powers of this tangy, vinegary blend to reduce hangovers, or after exercise to replace lost salts and sugars.


Cuisinart SSB1U soup maker, £126,

Move over sugar-laden smoothies, and make way for soups, which are low-calorie, filling, and packed with nutrients. And they couldn't be easier to prepare – just throw in the ingredients and whizz up.


Click And Grow smart herb garden starter kit, £42.72, clickand

Harness the healing power of fresh herbs with this Nasa-inspired planter. Based on technology used to grow food in space, it automatically waters when it senses the soil is dry, and a UV lamp switches on if there hasn't been enough light that day.


T2 chai pot, £34, and chai tea bags, £7.50 for 25,

Chai is typically a mix of black tea, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, cloves and pepper, and is used in ancient Indian medicine to treat everything from high blood sugar to digestive problems. Brew some with this gorgeous pot-for-one.


BKR 1 litre water bottle, £35,

Any foodie worth their de-ionised water wouldn't dream of sipping from scary chemical-laden plastic. These refillable glass bottles come with a pretty yet rugged silicone outer shell, which means they won't smash when dropped.


The Beauty Queen (or King)  

The Super Elixir Black Ultimate Starter Set, £145,

There's no denying at 51, model Elle Macpherson is stunning. Her secret, she says, is chugging back the Super Elixir – 45 powdered fruits and vegetables, Chinese herbs and digestive enzymes – which was created especially for her by a top Harley Street doctor. Mixed with water it becomes, well, a green gunk and tastes a bit like pond scum. But if it's good enough for The Body...


Illuminage skin rejuvenating pillowcase, £50,

Bringing a whole new meaning to the term beauty sleep, this wrinkle-reducing pillowcase is woven from fibres made from copper oxide, which its makers claim can help boost collagen and elastin, and improve the appearance of wrinkles within four weeks.


No!No! PRO3, £70,

A laser hair removal system you might have to ask for (nothing says I love you like a surprise gift of a moustache zapper). The No!No! is the must-have cosmetic gizmo, having won a host of awards for delivering smooth skin in the waft of a laser wand.


Lush Ro's argan body conditioner, 225g, £16.50,

From Gisele to J-Lo and Madonna, celebrities all slather themselves from top to toe in argan oil. Naturally rich in Vitamin E and essential fatty acids, it delivers unparalleled moisturising for hair and body. Have some of what they're having with this gorgeous cream wash.


The Natural Health Nut  

Cado HM-C10U humidifier, £179,

Singer Mariah Carey, who is wary of dry air damaging her delicate vocal cords and lungs, insists on such appliances to make sure centrally heated or air-conditioned rooms stay moist. Of course, the rest of us can benefit from one too. This one is stylish and portable.


Philips hue white and colour ambiance wireless lighting LED starter kit, £149.95,

At a swipe of your smartphone screen, these LED lights can be changed to any colour – from blues to energise, greens to aid concentration, and pinks or oranges to relax.


Cocolux island fig, cassis and peach copper candle 150g, £36,

You can eat coconut oil (model Miranda Kerr says it keeps her skinny) and rub it all over your body to moisturise. So why not waft it around the home with one of these luxuriously scented candles?


Netatmo weather station, £139,

Why look out of the window to see what the weather is like when you could use this weather station that communicates temperature, humidity, barometric pressure (important for headache sufferers) and pollution levels (which affect breathing) to your tablet or smartphone?


The Fitness Fanatic 

Nike Mog Bolt backpack, £45,

Sometimes you run with lots of stuff in your backpack, sometimes just a few things. The genius of this new design is that it has telescopic sections around an expandable inner that adjust to fit perfectly whatever load you put in it.


Under Armour pure stretch underwear, £10,

Work out without worrying about your VPL. These sleek knickers are laser-cut and have just two small seams – and deserve a place in every woman's gym bag.


Motorola Moto 360 smart watch, £229,

Fitness trackers don't all look like children's bangles, as this stylish timepiece proves. It charts steps taken, heart rate, and syncs with your mobile to tell you when you have a call, text or email while on the go.


Beats by Dr Dre Tour2 in-ear headphones Active Collection, £109,

Sport headphones can be a nightmare – they claim to be water-resistant but somehow fall to bits or stop working, or fall out when you move about too much. These, from the iconic Beats range, actually do what they say on the tin.


Adidas by Stella McCartney reflective jacket, £265,

Who said good design can't also be safety conscious? Chuck on this padded jacket for those winter runs in the dark. The reflective material lights up in car headlamps, ensuring that you can still be seen while being ever so stylish.




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