It's Billionaires' Row: The most expensive streets in the UK are revealed - including the one where a home costs £8MILLION

Most expensive streets in England and Wales revealed

Victoria Road (main), in the exclusive London area of Kensington, has an average price of £8,006,000, making it the most expensive street in England and Wales. Buyers pay more in stamp duty on a house here than the actual price of a property in the most expensive street in Wales. In 2013, a five-bedroom end-of-terrace house (inset) with a ballroom on Victoria Road was sold for £8.15million. The surrounding area also attracts wealthy buyers, with 12 roads in Kensington and Chelsea included in the list of England's most expensive streets.

London's most stunning extensions revealed: How soaring house prices are prompting homeowners to stay put and improve their properties 

With house prices in London rising at a rate of £5 per hour last year, homeowners have been trying to make the most of what they have with ever more elaborate extensions.

Top ten ski chalets for sale: From a £2m bolt hole with cinema to a £50k studio with mountain views we reveal some of the best on the market

The ski season is upon us and if you're looking to invest in a chalet, take a look at our top options for those looking to take to the slopes - whether you have a multi-million pound budget or £50,000.

Live like the Lord of the Manor! Step into the shoes of the Earl of Suffolk by renting his former Chelsea home for £7,000 A WEEK 

Rent the Earl of Suffolk Henry Howard's former Chelsea home for £7,000 A WEEK 

The Grade II listed property dates back to 1792 and boasts a wood-panelled living room, billiards room and wine cellar. It is just moments from Harrods in London's Knightsbridge and is available to rent for £6,950 a week or to buy for £14.5million.

Better be first-class! Luxury flats in huge conversion of Royal Mail's north London sorting office priced at up to £1.8MILLION

The £400m conversion of the North London Edwardian warehouses includes shops and restaurants as well as 263 luxury apartments priced between £715,000 and £1.79million.

Would you buy this house? It's £700k for a one-bedroom flat but it does have gardens overlooking the Thames, a badminton court, and a children's maze

In the first of a new series looking at properties for sale, we ask would you buy this house? We kick off with a trip to Fulham Riverside's luxury development of 463 homes.

It was a pursuit for gold which resulted in the creation of porcelain and now it's every bit of valuable to those who love it

It was a pursuit for gold which resulted in the creation of porcelain and now it's every

Porcelain has been made and revered for 1,000 years since the Chinese first began using it for their bowls and vases. It continues to inspire admiration and adoration today. Now, the history of porcelain is the subject of a fascinating new book The White Road: A Pilgrimage Of Sorts by Edmund de Waal, a potter and author.

Christmas is coming - and now is the time to get your home guest ready with our top tips for hosting in style

The festive season will ring in many house guests - invited or otherwise. With Christmas only five weeks away, here's our guide for being guest-ready this year:

Sweet dreams are made of this - how to invest in the perfect night's sleep

Getting a good night's sleep can be divisive. The good news is that retailers have woken up to the importance of sleep and are increasingly focussed on helping us achieve the optimum night's rest.

EXCLUSIVE: YouTube star couple Jim Chapman and Tanya Burr splashed out £2 million on swish London home that almost 7 million followers get to peek inside

YouTubers Jim Chapman and Tanya Burr splashed out £2m on London home

They've struck gold on advertising linked to their internet channels and now high-profile YouTubers are buying multi-million properties to match their enviable lifestyles. Jim Chapman and his wife Tanya Burr are the latest to have bought a luxury home - with a private garden for their beloved dog Martha.

Bank of Mum and Dad forces grown-up children to sign pre-nups to protect their property investment

Parents who give their grown-up children a loan to help with a deposit for a house are protection their investments with pre-nuptial agreements amid fears of a relationship breakdown.

Prestigious London mews address that Sir Michael Caine lived at when he filmed Alfie and Get Carter comes onto the market for £5m

Sir Michael Caine's former London home is for sale for £5M 

The luxury home, which is in a gated development near Hyde Park, was The Italian Job actor's address in the 1960s. Today, it has the Hollywood touch with Sonos sound system and designer kitchen. It is for sale through estate agents Kay & Co for £4.95m

The car gallery is the new status symbol for wealthy homeowners - and with room for 25 vehicles and a scissor lift, is this Britain's ultimate petrolhead home?

Is this the biggest luxury home car gallery in Britain? 

The £3.25m house has seven bedrooms, a full-sized snooker room and an acre of landscaped gardens. It also boasts a grand staircase, a banquet dining room and a wet room. But it is the the underground showroom that is the real star of the show for car collectors.

Tenants will bear the cost of buy-to-let tax rises as fewer homes on the market will push prices higher, say landlords

An exterior view of the homes in Ealing, London, England.
Urban ?snobs? were condemned by a London MP today for sneering at
millions of people who live in the suburbs.
Rupa Huq, Labour MP for Ealing Central and Acton, also called for a new
taskforce to regenerate swathes of suburbia across the country as has happened for rundown city centres.

More than half landlords said they will not be buying anymore properties for buy-to-let following the recent surcharge on stamp duty and the cap on tax relief for buy-to-let mortgages.

Is this the death knell for Nimbys? Housing minister says Britain's 'broken' planning system will be 'scrapped'

Brandon Lewis's attack on the country's planning laws comes as the Government introduces reforms to allow local people to decide on what type of housing is built in their area.

Would you pay £150k for some mud and rocks underneath a mansion block in an exclusive London street? One 'unexcavated basement' buyer did...

London home buyer pays £150k for 'basement' under a mansion block in Bloomsbury

The extraordinary offer of a solid, 'unexcavated basement space' came up at auction with the freeholder's consent to develop - but no planning permission yet granted. While paying hundreds of thousands of pounds for a piece of land in Britain is nothing out of ordinary, this is believed to be the first time that such a deal has been struck where the developer must work around - or rather below - existing homes to construct the new property.

Don't look down: Take a peek at the unusual kitchen floor in this £1.75m London home... but could you live with a 6ft well in your house?

23.10.15 Wishing well 2.jpg

The four-bedroom London house dates back to the 17th century, which helps to explain the well in the basement. Although that drop could leave some feeling a little unwell.

EXCLUSIVE: Location of the X Factor house 2015 revealed (with its luxury seven bedrooms, swimming pool and a car lift)

X Factor house 2015 location in North London revealed

The final six X Factor contestants moved into the luxury £7m property in North London this week ahead of the live shows beginning this weekend. It is in one of Barnet's most prestigious roads and comes with a large driveway and grand staircase.

Wealthy overseas house hunters are pushing up rental prices as they pay £8,000 a WEEK for the best homes in London

People from Russia, Africa and Asia who have made their money from commodities, energy and finance push up rental costs in exclusive areas of London as they snap up the best homes.

Would living in a chapel spook you? Our top 10 homes that were once a church may convert you

Would living in a chapel spook you? Our top church conversions here

If you're hunting for a cosy home as the nights begin to draw in, these church conversions will answer your prayers. For it's time to curl up on a luxury sofa under stunning stained glass windows with Halloween just a week away.

Mortgage prisoners: Homeowners can't afford to move even if they want to as lending restrictions 'strangle' property hopes

Even creditworthy borrowers face harsh mortgage restrictions as new rules filter into the housing market, and numbers planning to buy a home have falling to their lowest level on record.

Fancy a castle for just £300,000? Ruin for sale - but you'll need up to £2million for a Grand Designs style fix up before you can move in

It costs more than the average price of home in Britain, yet this renovation project has no roof or windows, and trees growing through the walls. But it is worth restoring, insists the estate agent.

Rental madness: Cost of this 'cosy' studio in the heart of London is £1,000 a month (and the bathroom is shared)

Cost of ‘cosy’ studio in the heart of London edges towards £1,000 a month

Having everything close at hand takes on a new meaning at this studio flat in London. The property in Earl's Court (inset) is close to museums, the theatre and walks in the park but it is being advertised for rent at £910 a month. Bills are included but the flat does not include its own bathroom. The exact dimensions of the property have not been disclosed, but photographs show it is compact (main). So much so, that there is barely enough room to walk from the entrance at one end to the window at the other. It is the latest in a run of properties in London that are asking almost four figures for a single room to rent.

Would you 'downsize' to a luxury £200,000 park home to boost your pension pot?

With the average pension being only £90,000, many pensioners are faced with downsizing to help generate extra income in their retirement. Is moving into a £200,000 park home the answer?

Is this the cheapest house in Britain? A family home with three bedrooms and new carpets for £9,000

The terrace house, in Burnley, Lancashire, has a price tag of only £9,000, meaning the entire cost of the three bedroom property is less than most buyers pay as a deposit.




What would you find most attractive in a potential home?

What would you find most attractive in a potential home?

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  • Open-plan living 80 votes
  • Expensive kitchen 60 votes
  • Luxury bathroom 30 votes
  • Large garden 82 votes
  • Chance to extend 31 votes
  • Period features 87 votes

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Plight of the renters: Housing costs leap by 36% for tenants - while falling 3.2% for owners since the financial crisis

Sale and rent signs are displayed by estate agents on a block of flats near Wandsworth on March 7, 2012 in London.  (Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)

Mortgage costs have remained low for most thanks to record low mortgage rates, while rental costs continue to rise.