Will Ferrell stays serious for a second on SNL to attack Trump's ban on Muslims: Star reprises his W. Bush impression to call The Donald a 'knucklehead with a big, fat orange Oompa Loompa face'

Will Ferrell's George Bush SNL skit aims at Donald Trump and Republican candidates

Donald Trump (left) was ridiculed as a 'knucklehead with a big, fat orange Oompa Loompa face' (right) last night on SNL as Will Ferrell reprised his President George W. Bush role for the show's cold opening. Dismissing the billionaire tycoon's policy to ban Muslims entering America, Ferrell turned deadly serious for a second to say the idea was 'impossible to implement and not what this country is all about.' And as he mocked the outspoken businessman it was difficult to tell if Ferrell broke character when he began laughing at the very thought of Trump and 'his hair, and the 100 foot wall' and said just looking at his face lifted his bad mood. Ferrell was at the helm of the opening skit to take aim at the fractious field of Republican presidential candidates - which is currently headed by Trump. Ferrell, 48, returned to the program to reprise his role as the 43rd president in order to made a parody announcement that he would be entering the race for the White House for a constitutionally impossible third time. 'This is an important day,' Ferrell said as he imitated Bush's laconic Texan drawl. 'I made a big decision: I'm entering the race for the President of the United States of America.'

Shocking footage shows LA cops gunning down armed black man as he walked away from them - and then firing MORE rounds at him as he crawled away dying

Video shows Los Angeles cops shooting armed man dead in Lynwood

The man, who is reported to be a father-of-three, 28, who has not been named, was accused of firing a .45 caliber handgun into the air before officers approached him at a gas station, then opened fire and killed him. Officers say they were called to 'multiple agency reports' that the man was firing shots into the air, adding that he aimed his weapon at officers before they opened fire. However, video footage appears to show the man walking away from police before they shoot at him, then continue firing as he tries to crawl away.

Marine Le Pen's National Front accuses France's tactical voters of 'intellectual terrorism' over last-ditch bid to stop them taking power in two key regions 

It could be impossible for National Front (FN) candidates to win, not least of all Marine, who is trying to take the Nord-Pas-de-Calais-Picardia region.

Winter? What winter? Temperatures across the eastern half of the country continue to climb and may go beyond 60 degrees by end of weekend

The rising temperatures mean 75 per cent of the population will have weather typical of September or October by the end of the weekend. Record highs will be set in many states east of the Mississippi River.

'We met the moment': President Obama hails historic Paris climate deal saying it is 'the best chance we have to save the one planet we've got'

U.S. President Barack Obama delivers a statement on the climate agreement at the White House in Washington, December 12, 2015. The global climate summit in Paris agreed a landmark accord on Saturday, setting the course for a historic transformation of the world's fossil fuel-driven economy within decades in a bid to arrest global warming. REUTERS/Yuri Gripas  TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY

Speaking from the White House today, Obama said the deal marks a 'turning point for the world' adding that the agreement was down to 'strong, principled, American leadership.'

Finally! For first time since 1994, Mariah Carey's All I Want For Christmas Is You is NOT the song that holiday shoppers are most likely to hear at stores

Mariah Carey's version of All I Want For Christmas Is You was knocked from the No 1 spot by The Shins' cover of Paul McCartney's Wonderful Christmastime. That song debuted on a 2012 compilation album.

The moment all hell broke loose in biker shootout: New footage shows gangs using chains, fists and guns in fight that killed nine

Texas police footage shows chaos outside a Twin Peaks restaurant

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Police dashboard video from Texas shows a tight group gathered in front of the Twin Peaks patio before the brawl breaks out, wreaking havoc outside the Waco restaurant. Several bikers duck for cover as one is seen striking others with a chain, swinging it wildly over his head. Twenty seconds later, the biker who was wielding the chain is shot in the leg and the hip, staining the grass with blood - he was struck by the same caliber of rifle fired by Waco police. Four of the nine people killed in the melee between rival biker gangs outside the restaurant were struck by the same caliber of rifle fired by Waco police.

Navy's new $4.3b stealth destroyer USS Zumwalt rescues fisherman on its first day of sea trials

The 600-foot USS Zumwault is the largest destoryer ever built for the Navy. It was doing sea trials when the Coast Guard received a distress call about a 46-year-old captain.

Accused cop-killer who killed two Mississippi officers dies of 'heart disease' in his cell

Authorities said Marvin Banks, 29, was alone in an isolation cell when officers found him unresponsive on Friday night before he was transported to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead.

'Loner', 23, is arrested for 'firebombing' California mosque and charged with committing a hate crime and arson

A 23-year-old man has been charged with committing a hate crime and arson after being arrested in connection with a fire that damaged a mosque in Southern California.

'It was mine for the taking': Al Pacino turned down the role of Han Solo in Star Wars because he could not understand the story

The 75-year-old actor revealed he could have snared the part of the human smuggler in the movies, starting with the first film in the original trilogy in 1977

Gone in 13 seconds: UFC fighter Conor McGregor knocks out his opponent just moments into their title fight

Conor McGregor finishes Jose Aldo in 13 SECONDS in UFC 194 fight

MARTIN DOMIN IN LAS VEGAS: Conor McGregor had waited 12 years for his chance to challenge for a UFC title. He needed just 13 seconds to win it. The Irishman landed the shot he calls the most feared in combat sports - his left hand - on long-reigning champion Jose Aldo.

The $1.5billion 'pretzel' that could save planet Earth: Device which 'recreates conditions inside stars' could make fossil fuels redundant 

The Wendelstein 7-X machine in Germany, which cost €1billion to build, recreates conditions similar to those occurring inside stars and heralds a big leap towards a limitless supply of clean energy

The trillion dollar bill: That's what this respected expert says the climate summit may cost the world each year. And yet, he argues, it will hardly change a thing  

The UN Climate Change Conference in Paris, which reached an agreement to limit the rise in global temperature to less than 2C, has been a festival of hot air, writes BJORN LOMBORG.

Helicopter working for MTV reality show The Challenge crashes in Argentina on its way to a shooting location, killing two people

The Bell 206 helicopter crashed as it flew over the reservoir at Potrerillos de Mendoza dam, Gianni Vernier, security minister for Mendoza province, said.

Brave neighbors are hailed as heroes for saving an elderly man's life by taking on his attacker with their guns


Karen Duncan was walking up her friends's driveway in Lawrenceville on Monday afternoon when she heard an elderly man's desperate cries for help. Duncan saw an elderly gentleman laying on the ground.

Twelve undocumented immigrants found near US-Mexico border jammed into SUV painted to look like a Border Patrol vehicle

Undocumented immigrants found near US-Mexico border in 'Border Patrol vehicle SUV'

Real border patrol officers from a Laredo, Texas, station stopped the vehicle heading north on Interstate 35 after an agent thought that something was unusual with the cloned Chevy Tahoe. Twelve people (left) were found jammed into the back of the SUV after the suspicious vehicle was stopped. Unlike real Border Patrol SUVs, the fake one had a low bumper and did not have lights mounted on top.

REVEALED: San Bernardino terrorist Tashfeen Malik openly supported violent jihad on social media yet still passed THREE background checks to gain entry into America

If American officials found the messages Malik posted before she applied for her visa from Pakistan last year, red flags would have gone up and she likely would not have been approved to enter the US.

Tube attack hero who shouted 'You ain't no Muslim bruv' reveals he is NOT a Muslim and now fears ISIS revenge attacks 

The man who shouted at a suspected terrorist during the Leytonstone tube station stabbing, coining a phrase that later went viral, has told how he just had to say what he felt at the time.

San Bernardino victim who shielded co-worker with his body during the attack remembered as a hero in emotional funeral

Shannon Johnson, 45, of Los Angeles, received a hero's funeral in his home state of Georgia 10 days after the attack where he and 13 others were killed in San Bernardino, California.

Tired-looking Kate gets in some Christmas shopping: Duchess of Cambridge is seen at favorite department store Peter Jones

Kate Middleton does some Christmas shopping at Peter Jones department store

Even a royal has to pop out for some last minute Christmas shopping from time to time. And wrapped up warm in her favourite coat, paired with stylish black boots, the Duchess of Cambridge looked ready to do battle with the festive hordes on Friday. Kate, 33, was spotted in upmarket Chelsea, where she spent an hour in department store Peter Jones, a branch of John Lewis.

LIZ JONES: Kate Middleton morphing into her mum? That may be a very good thing 

Kate and her 60-year-old mother not only share genes, they share jeans. And jewellery. And mannerisms: they both clench their fists and make their mouths into 'O's when excited.

Was Kate's hair cut by Royal command? Queen may have had some influence on new shorter 'do

GIRL ABOUT TOWN: I hear that Her Majesty's views on hairstyles may be why Kate has been adopting a more 'sensible' look recently.

Terrifying moment Qatar Airways passenger jet aborted takeoff and came to a screeching halt on the runway (and passengers watched it unfold on their in-flight screens)

Qatar Airways was becoming the first airline to fly the Airbus A350 from the US, but it didn't go as planned. Its computer system decided the runway at JFK Airport in New York was 'too short'.

It must trot in the family! Prince George follows in his father's footsteps to learn to ride aged aged just TWO

GIRL ABOUT TOWN: She recently vowed never to let Prince George on a motorbike, but it seems the Duchess of Cambridge is more relaxed about her son riding ponies.

Journey to torture: Guantanamo detainee tells how he went from working for the US army to being savagely abused in an American base under the noses of 'posh' British intelligence officers

Shaker Aamer on going from the US army to abuse in Guantanamo

WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Shaker Aamer, the Briton held at Guantanamo Bay for 14 years, pictured, recalled his 5,007 days in prison without even being charged. In the almost 14 years Aamer spent at Guantanamo, he was a victim of the Forcible Cell Extraction team many hundreds of times - he says that in one year, 2012, he was 'FCE'd' 370 times, more than once a day. The last time was just two months before his release, because he refused to give four vials of blood, demanded on the spurious grounds that the authorities were checking inmates for tuberculosis.

More than 10,000 unaccompanied minors stopped at the U.S.-Mexico border in the last two months

A total of 10,588 unaccompanied children crossed the border in October and November - more than double the 5,129 who crossed during the same two months last year, officials said.

ACLU leader resigns after 'joking' that he will have to 'shoot' anyone voting for Donald Trump 

Colorado ACLU leader Loring Wirbel stepped down on Friday over the controversy surrounding a Facebook post threatening to 'shoot' anyone who voted for Donald Trump.

Ex-Giants player who was cut from team after locker room fight over Dre headphones speaks out

Defensive end Damontre Moore, 23, fought lineman Cullen Jenkins on Thursday after he got upset because the veteran took multiple pairs of the headphones that Odell Beckham Jr was handing out to the team.

Rapist cop Daniel Holtzclaw is placed on suicide watch in jail after crying his eyes out at the prospect of 263-year sentence

Oklahoma City rapist cop Daniel Holtzclaw is placed on SUICIDE WATCH

Authorities say a former Oklahoma City police officer convicted of 18 charges including first-degree rape is under 24-hour watch in jail after an emotional outburst following his conviction. Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office spokesman Mark Opgrande said Friday that Daniel Holtzclaw is in special protection inside the jail as a precaution because of his demeanor after the trial. The 29-year-old Holtzclaw began sobbing late Thursday after a jury convicted him. Opgrande says Holtzclaw is being held in a single cell inside the county jail and is under 24-hour surveillance by a jailer. The former police officer was placed on suicide watch, Sheriff John Whetsel has said.

No longer in a Golden state: Perfect start to NBA season for Warriors is over after upset loss to Milwaukee Bucks

The reigning NBA champions got off to the best start in league history by beginning the year 24-0 and had won 28 consecutive regular-season games overall dating back to last year entering play.

'You're a terrible person': Minnesota man found guilty of killing wife and chopping up her body gets 13 years in prison

A Minnesota man who killed and cup up his wife was called a 'terrible person' by a judge, then sentenced to more than 13 years in prison on Friday.

The Donald gets TRUMPED in Iowa! Ted Cruz goes ten points clear and TRIPLES support in new poll as cracks begin to show in GOP frontrunner's campaign

Ted Cruz trumps Donald Trump to go ten points clear in Iowa

Ted Cruz hailed the results of a new poll which showed him on 31 per cent support in Iowa compared to Trump's 21 per cent just nine weeks away from the nation's first Republican caucus there. The new results mark a 21-point jump for Cruz compared to the same poll carried out in October, meaning he has tripled support in just over two months, an unparalleled feat in recent election cycles. Meanwhile Trump hit out at pollster Des Monies Register and Bloomberg Politics, calling them 'failing' and 'biased'.

The Donald attacks 'disgraceful' Supreme Court chief calling him a 'disappointment' to conservatives over backing for Obamacare

AIKEN, SC - DECEMBER 12, 2015:  Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks to the crowd at town hall meeting Saturday, December 12, 2015 in Aiken, South Carolina. The South Carolina Republican primary is scheduled for February 20, 2016. (Photo by Sean Rayford/Getty Images)

Quizzed by Attorney General Alan Wilson on how he would vet future Supreme Court Judges, Trump instead took the opportunity to criticize Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts.

American Nazi Party leader says Trump's plan to ban all Muslims from the U.S. won't work and casts doubt over whether 'he even believes what he says'

Rocky Suhayda - The American Nazi Party Chairman

Rocky Suhayda, the leader of the American Nazi Party, today said that it is unlikely that Trump will be able to enact 'any of his plans' because they would be blocked by other politicians.

Donald Trump holds onto his commanding lead among Republican voters even after his inflammatory 'Muslim ban' comments were condemned worldwide

In this Dec. 10, 2015, photo, Republican presidential candidate, businessman Donald Trump gestures during an address at a regional police union meeting in Portsmouth, N.H. Trump and Ben Carson could dangle the possibility of independent runs for president well into the primary season next year, but they canít wait forever. State filing deadlines would give the two Republicans until about March 2016 to launch independent or third-party campaigns, experts said. That would give a well-financed campaign enough time to gather sufficient signatures on petitions so the candidate could appear on the ballot in every state. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

Donald Trump led the pack of candidates seeking the Republican Party's nomination in the 2016 election with 35 percent of support from Republican voters, the opinion poll found.

Rupert Murdoch says the GOP is 'mad to think of expelling Trump' because it will only lead him to run independent and 'guarantee' a win for Hillary Clinton

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch warned on Friday that if Trump ran as a third-party independent, the election would secure a presidency for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

My threesome with Justin Bieber: British model reveals how she was whisked to star's hotel in blacked-out car for private party which ended in a visit from police

British model reveals how she had a threesome with Justin Bieber

Laura Carter, 30, was partying with friends in London's Tape club when Justin Bieber's security men invited her to join 20 women at his table. At around 2.30am the 21-year-old singer, who was unwinding after headlining the Jingle Bell Ball at London's 02 Arena on Sunday (left), asked her to come to his hotel for a private party - which ended with the police being called. Miss Carter (right), originally from Leeds but now living in West London, said Bieber began showing off his dance moves and then suggested a game of truth or dare before the pair spent the night together.

University of Colorado student, 22, is arrested for murder after fellow student, 26, is found stabbed to death after argument

26-year-old Sean Hudson (pictured) was named as the victim by the Boulder County Coroner's Office. Ian Scheuermann, 22, was named by Boulder police as the suspect on Saturday.

Bronx Catholic priest accused of using $1million in church cash to fund S&M; love affair resigns from his position 

Rev Peter Miqueli was a pastor at St. Frances de Chantal in Throggs Neck in the Bronx. Miqueli resigned on Saturday, just days after a lawsuit was filed in Manhattan Supreme Court by furious parishioners.

Hundreds of mothers and infants may have been exposed to tuberculosis at Northern California hospital by infected nurse 

A nurse tested positive for the disease at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center in San Jose in November. More than 1,000 people total may have been exposed to the airborne disease.

Cargo company claims it owns three jumbo jets 'abandoned' at Malaysian airport after officials bought newspaper ads to find out who they belong to

Malaysian authorities said they were forced to take the unusual step after they grew tired of seeing the planes sitting idle on the tarmac at Kuala Lumpur International Airport for more than a year.

Inseparable! Army dog Rocky who was blown up by an IED in proudly wears his Purple Heart in the hospital room he shares with his handler

Military police officer, dog wounded by IED in Afghanistan 

A soldier with the U.S. Army Military Police and his working dog who were injured by an IED in Afghanistan are recovering at a hospital in the United States. Specialist Brown and his military working dog Rocky were wounded in the first week of December, and were being treated in the same hospital room, according to the 89th Military Police Brigade's Facebook page.


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When Santa goes rogue: Hundreds of drunken Saint Nicks paint New York red for Santacon

Saint Nicks paint New York red for Santacon with the all-day 'Merry Marathon'

Human snow globes, wrapped packages and the occasional Santa Jedi were also part of the festivities Saturday as the group stepped off in Brooklyn's Williamsburg neighborhood. The all-day 'merry marathon' started at 10am in Brooklyn's McCarren Park and is planned to make its way through Williamsburg and Greenpoint before ending promptly at 7pm in the East Village.

Parents are squishing their babies' faces to look like 'Japanese rice balls' in a bizarre Instagram trend (and DOGS are getting in on the action too)

People are squashing their babies' faces to look like Japanese food. The meme #RiceBallBaby is growing in popularity over the globe, reportedly started by Tokyo comedian Masahiro Ehara.

People who are experts at swearing have BIGGER vocabularies than clean-tongued folk says new study 

A colourful tongue does not mean the talker is lazy or uneducated, a US study published in the Language Sciences journal found. Instead, those who swear are more articulate in other areas.

British boy, 15, who fell off his hoverboard and was hit by a bus 'was dragged 200 yards down the street to his death as horrified witnesses tried to alert the driver' 


Nawaf Al-Tuwayan is believed to be the first victim of the craze for the £250 gadget. Met Police confirmed he was riding a self-balancing scooter at about 6.30pm in London, last night.

Tow, tow, tow your boat! US Navy's 'truly unstoppable' new warship breaks down after only three weeks at sea and has to be pulled back to shore

USS Milwaukee breaks down and is towed to base in Virginia

The U.S. Navy's newest ship broke down at sea on Friday and had to be towed to a base in Virginia. The littoral combat ship, the USS Milwaukee, had to be towed more than 40 nautical miles to Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek after suffering an engineering casualty.

Michigan man, 18, who had sex with 15-year-old he knew from Grindr is ordered to spend 60 days behind bars

Cody Hunter Swatling, of South Lyon, received a three-year probation sentence and must be electronically monitored for a six-month period upon getting out of jail.

One step closer to solving the mystery of the Japanese 'Schindler': Four Jewish women who were saved from the Nazis by Japanese tourism official are identified

Tatsuo Osako received photos from seven refugees and kept them in a diary. The discovered photos sparked an international search in 2010 to find the identities of the man and six women.

Man, 22, jailed after he 'stabbed puppy in neck and stomach with 8-inch hunting knife'

Philip John Shoemaker has been charged with cruelty to animals after he allegedly held down the one-year-old pup named Buddy with his knees during the attack.

She will go the ball! Ronda Rousey honors her promise to the young marine who asked her to the Marine Corps Ball

UFC's Ronda Rousey honors her promise to marine Jarrod Haschert and attends ball

Ronda Rousey, 28, teamed up with Marine Jarrod Haschert (pictured left) at the event, as promised, seemingly shrugging off her recent loss to rival fighter Holly Holm. Back in August, Haschert, 22, bravely posted a video to Facebook, pictured bottom right, in which he asked his 'celebrity crush' to accompany him to the event. Rousey is seen at the event top right.

Bodies are strewn on the streets of Burundi's capital after a day of bloodshed that left at least 87 people dead 

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT - Witnesses told of watching the government troops going door to door in oppositions strongholds in the capital, dragging out young men and 'executing' them

Family of knife-wielding man who shot by FIVE San Francisco cops release new video of his death as they launch lawsuit

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT: Mario Woods, 26, was reportedly hit 20 times during the shooting last week when police said he refused commands to drop an eight-inch knife.

Man escapes death with only a scratch when large metal beam impales his car window - mere inches from where he sat driving

An unidentified man was driving in San Jose, California on Friday when a large metal beam flew off a truck in front of him and impaled his car. He escaped with only a scratch.

'We lost one of our own': Sarah Paulson leads tributes to American Horror Story star Rose Siggins... calling her 'an absolute light'

Sarah Paulson ?@MsSarahPaulson  2h2 hours ago
Love this...

Rose Siggins was an absolute light,' Paulson tweeted. 'I will never forget your laugh or your beautiful eyes.' Siggins died Saturday aged 43 following kidney surgery.

Taking a modern Roman holiday: It can scan your emails and track your every move, but can Google change the way we vacation forever?

For many of us, the smart phone is now an extension of ourselves; whether we're photo-taking, email-checking or scanning social media, it is never far from eager finger tips and eyes.

Fiendishly difficult brainteasers that the chief of Britain's spy agency thinks NO-ONE will be able to solve. Can you?

GCHQ release fiendishly difficult Christmas posers they don't expect you to solve

Just when you thought you were clever for solving a ridiculously difficult quiz, several more have arrived to wipe the smile off your face. A crossword-style puzzle released by the UK governments communications headquarters (GCHQ) had people across the country and the world scratching their heads, even though it is only stage one of the intelligence agency's festive brainteasers. Those who solved it found out the solved grid was actually a QR code that grants access to fiendishly hard challenges (pictured), including some that don't even come with instructions.

Star Wars megafans camp and even get MARRIED as they queue up for a week in advance of The Force Awakens premiere 

Fans of Star Wars are already camping out for the premiere of The Force Awakens in Hollywood. About 150 fans clustered outside of the TCL Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard.

Girls un tour no more...: North Korean leader's favourite pop group cancels their first ever international concert - before sneaking out of China

Members from North Korea's Moranbong band walk out of their hotel in Beijing on December 11, 2015 ©STR (AFP)

North Korea's premier pop group, the all-girl Moranbong band reportedly formed by leader Kim Jong-Un, has cancelled its first concert abroad, China's Nationa...

Pill gives fresh hope to cystic fibrosis victims...and tackles the cause of the genetic disease rather than just relieving its symptoms 

Orkambi was licensed for UK use last month, and watchdog the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) is now considering the case for it to be made available on the NHS.

Women with breast cancer are told: You DON'T need a mastectomy

One of Britain's top breast cancer surgeons has spoken out against 'medieval' mastectomies after a new study showed women who have the operation are less likely to survive the disease.

That's what you call a one-sided cat fight! Hilarious video shows an angry little kitten repeatedly punch a toy tiger in the face

Hilarious video shows tiny kitten punch tiger in the face

A cat with a mean right hook has given a stuffed tiger toy a serious pounding in a hilarious video. Footage shows the ruthless animal rising onto its back legs and hissing before repeatedly punching the toy square in the eye. Uploaded to Youtube on Saturday, the minute-long clip has accumulated more than 8000 views, with viewers labelling the furious feline as 'Cat-sius Clay' and 'a boxing champion.'

Paracetamol for flu? It's pointless, say scientists: Popular drug neither reduces fever nor aches and pains

Contrary to official NHS advice, paracetamol neither reduces fever nor other symptoms like aches and pains, says a study by New Zealand medics.

Driven crazy by car buying: Half of men will look under the bonnet of a used vehicle... but have no idea what for 

A survey found that 47 per cent of men and 41 per cent of women admitted to looking under the bonnet of a car, even though they know nothing about engines, to look more knowledgeable (file photo)

Australian family set to send 'Jihadi Hunter' to save their son who has left the country to go and fight for ISIS in Syria

A decorated army veteran renowned for rescuing youths from Islamic State today (mon) warned that the terrorist group is placing ?sleeper cells? in European countries including the UK. 
Dimitri Bontinck, who is known as the ?Jihadi Hunter?, spoke out as he prepared to support his own teenage son in a criminal trial after bringing him home from Syria.

An Australian family have enlisted the help of a 'Jihadi Hunter' to rescue their son who fled to fight for Islamic State in Syria and have been discussing the best way to negotiate or form a rescue mission.

Solved! Riddle of the rocker who simply vanished: British singer James Morrison reveals the triple heartbreak - and the personal demons - that kept him in hiding for four long years 

James Morrison reveals why he has been hiding for four long years

Four years ago, he was the toast of the music industry, a string of sold-out arena shows under his belt and his third platinum-selling album topping the charts. But then James Morrison disappeared. His soulful voice fell silent, the appearances dried up and baffled fans were kept waiting and waiting for his next release. Morrison had become a virtual recluse from the music scene, holed up in the mansion that his six million album sales had bought him - literally building a high gate to shelter himself from the outside world. Only now has he finally emerged from that self-imposed exile with the release of a long-awaited new album. And only now is he able to speak of the demons that he has fought in his extended spell away.

Amazing video shows in super slow-motion what it looks like if you drop a condom full of water on a friend's head 

Condom Challenge with Slow Mo Guys

The footage, which offers a new take on the 'condom challenge' internet craze, demonstrates two men from Austin, Texas, enjoying the bizarre use for contraceptives.

The band of three brothers who all made the ultimate sacrifice in WWI are finally reunited as lost campaign medals are returned to the family after a century 

Brothers Bertie, George and Joe Muteham, all in their twenties, left their home in Thetford, Norfolk, for the Western Front in the 1900s after joining the Army for World War One - but never returned.

Make Room For Daddy actress and active philanthropist Marjorie Lord dead at 97 in Beverly Hills

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Jim Smeal/BEI (1530544bk)
 Marjorie Lord
 50th Anniversary of St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital Benefit Gala, Los Angeles, America - 07 Jan 2012

The actress, who survives Oscar-nominated daughter Anne Archer, was found dead at her Beverly Hills home on November 28, the Los Angeles Times reports, six decades since her defining role.

South Korean girl group called 'Oh My Girl' claim 'denied entry to the US on suspicion of being prostitutes'

Eight members of Korean pop girl group say they were denied entry to US at LAX on

Oh My Girl, (left) a girl group whose members range in age from 16 to 21, arrived at Los Angeles International Airport (top right) on Wednesday and said they were held for more than 15 hours. Their management company said 'they were mistaken as 'working women', but US Customs and Border Protection does not comment on individual cases. Los Angeles's Korean community says more scrutiny is being placed on young Korean women coming to the city because of efforts to crack down on 'doumi' girls who are paid to socialize with men at bars in Koreatown (bottom right).

'I thought I brought it on myself': Lady Gaga gives candid interview about how she 'completely changed' after being raped as a teenager

The 29-year-old wowed in all-white for Billboard's 10th Annual Women in Music lunch with her fiancé, Taylor Kinney. She stepped out one day after she candidly talked about the aftermath of her rape.

Awestruck in the Holy City, wild by the Med and indulged by the Dead Sea - there's plenty of life and luxury in Israel yet


From Jerusalem's lavish Waldorf Astoria hotel (pictured) to the buzzing Tel Avivian nightlife, Israel's tourism industry continues apace despite frightening international headlines.

From you're boring to I fancy someone else: Eights things you should never say in a relationship

With tensions running high in the festive build-up, little niggles can escalate into major rows. But some things should be left unsaid, warns marital therapist Andrew G Marshall.

Is 50 the new 30? You bet! From the confident CEO to the energetic novelist, seven inspiring women tell us why this is their best decade yet

Doing the splits, clubbing, modelling, beating cancer twice, retraining, reaching the top, looking after your health... these women show how your fifth decade can be the most rewarding.

When the DMV gets a bit too much: Florida woman attacks cop and is wrestled to the ground after blazing row with a bureaucrat

Eleanore Stern arrested after kicking a cop at a Florida DMV

Eleanore Stern, 31, was caught on camera as she kicked the Florida Highway Patrol trooper at the Deerfield Beach Department of Motor Vehicles in Florida. Stern can be seen aggressively turning to face the trooper as she fights with him and holds onto him. He keeps calm but attempts to get her under control and throws her to the ground.



Alaska family sets up website to allow ANYONE online to control their Christmas lights and watch the results

Alaska family allows anyone on the Internet to control their Christmas lights in real time

An Alaska family's Christmas lights are spreading joy not only around their neighborhood but around the entire world because they allow anyone on the Internet to turn them on and off. Ken and Rebecca-Ellen Woods, of Fairbanks, set up the website christmasinfairbanks.com, which allows users to watch their house in real time and play with 12 different sets of lights. The result is a constantly-changing constellation of Christmas cheer, as hundreds of users make the home twinkle by tinkering with different combinations of wreaths, railings and trees.

Smile for your seal-fie! This cute beast can't help posing for the camera as he encountered an underwater photographer 

Photographer Alexandre Voyer captures a leopard seal photobomb

A series of stunning photographs capture the moment a large leopard seal decided to play with a team of French divers, under the ice on an expedition to Antarctica. Photographer Alexandre Voyer managed to take the snapshots while he got up close and personal with the giant mammal. But he had to approach the seals with caution as they have a sharp set of teeth (inset) and can become very dangerous when threatened.



The 11.23 wreckspress! Watch the heart-stopping moment a speeding passenger train smashes through a truck after it jumped flashing red lights at a crossing

Video shows train smash through lorry at Czech city of Frydek-Mistek's rail crossing

The driver came within seconds of death when his lorry was hit by the passenger train at 7.38am on Friday after he ignored the flashing red light in the Czech city of Frydek-Mistek. CCTV footage shows the moment the lorry was hit with such force that the cab was separated from the container. Amazingly, the driver escaped with only minor injuries.

The MOBY DICK fossil: Museum curators find out that 'walrus' skull actually belonged to 15-million-year-old fanged white whale 

A pod of Albicetus, meaning "white whale," travel together through the Miocene Pacific Ocean, surfacing occasionally to breathe in this artist's rendering released to Reuters on December 8, 2015. REUTERS/A. Boersma for the Smithsonian/Handout via ReutersATTENTION EDITORS - THIS IMAGE WAS PROVIDED BY A THIRD PARTY. REUTERS IS UNABLE TO INDEPENDENTLY VERIFY THE AUTHENTICITY, CONTENT, LOCATION OR DATE OF THIS IMAGE. IT IS DISTRIBUTED EXACTLY AS RECEIVED BY REUTERS, AS A SERVICE TO CLIENTS. FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY. NOT FOR SALE FOR MARKETING OR ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS. NO RESALES. NO ARCHIVE.

Scientists have revealed that fossils unearthed in 1909 in Santa Barbara, California, had been wrongly categorized for
decades as belonging to a group of extinct walruses.

King of the road: Unemployed man converts a 1990s school bus into a motorhome to live on the American highways

Patrick Schmidt, who goes by Skoolielove, lives in a DIY converted school bus. He drove from Las Vegas to Florida on a 10,000 mile journey this year and plans to continue his journey.

Meet Australia's own Taylor Swift! Teen 'checkout chick' who is constantly mistaken for superstar singer finally meets her lookalike during 1989 tour

Nineteen-year-old New South Wales resident Olivia Sturgiss has managed to attract plenty of attention due to her uncanny resemblance to the 25-year-old singer.

'I would like Dad not to hurt Mummy': The heart-wrenching notes to Santa from children in struggling families - with simple requests for school books and socks

Children from often struggling families have written heartbreaking letters to Santa in the lead-up to Christmas but one Queensland charity is stepping up to bring them some Christmas cheer.

Out of this world? Stunning aerial shots of America's West Coast look like they could be of the moon or Mars 

Jassen Todorov, 40, from San Francisco, California, captured the incredible shapes and colours of the stark landscapes that look totally unrecognizable from the air.

In the dog house! Heartbreaking footage shows repentant poodle crying TEARS while being told off by its owner for eating too many nuts

The poodle was filmed at home in Haikou, Hainan Province, China blinking with tears in its eyes while being reprimanded for eating too many areca nut, also known as betel nuts.

Doting father brings the stars of Toy Story to life for a magical photo album to celebrate his baby son's first Christmas

Sam Auger-Forbes, 26, from Rochford, Essex created the inventive stop-motion caper for two-month-old Harvey taking inspiration from the Disney Pixar film. He will give it to his son when he's older.

Snappy holiday! Facing 5ft crocodiles, dodging baboons and donning traditional attire - an adventure in The Gambia

Amy Willis has a close encounter with baboons, touches a crocodile in Katchikally and wears traditional dress to sample one of Africa's up and coming tourist destinations - The Gambia.

The festive dining room where you can eat the walls for dessert: Posh hotel opens a life-size gingerbread house complete with a fireplace

Ritz-Carlton Dove Mountain creates life-size gingerbread house

Pastry chefs at Ritz-Carlton Dove Mountain, in Arizona, worked on the 20ft, life-size gingerbread house (left) for weeks. They made hundreds of gingerbread bricks that form the outer walls and decorated the house with icing, candy canes, gum drops and hard sweets. Guests will have to spend some dough to reserve the dining room (right) - a reservation costs $150, plus the price of dinner.