Terrifying moment Qatar Airways passenger jet aborted takeoff and came to a screeching halt on the runway - and shaken passengers watched it all unfold on their in-flight screens

Qatar Airways aborts takeoff on first Airbus A350 flight from US

Qatar Airways was becoming the first airline to fly the Airbus A350 from the US, but the milestone event didn't go as planned. As the plane accelerated on the runway, it suddenly came to a stop, with cabin crew (left) telling shaken and confused passengers to remain in their seats. Journalist Zach Honig, who was on board, said the A350's computer system decided the runway was 'too short' and applied the brakes on its own - 'bringing us from more than 100mph to a loud, screeching halt in roughly 15 seconds.'

Unemployed man says living on £145 of benefits a fortnight is hard but he still manages to spend THOUSANDS on a luxury TV and modifying his moped 

Chris Coombs spends benefit money on luxury TV and modifying his bike

Twenty-seven-year-old Chris Coombs, from Portsmouth, shares his story in the Channel 5 programme, Benefits: Portsmouth on Payouts, which airs on December 14 at 9pm. Pictured clockwise from left, Chris poses with his beloved moped, searches the Internet on his luxury television and is seen smoking in his living room.

One in five of the UK's biggest charities are 'spending less than half of public donations on good causes' (and some spend as little as ONE PER CENT on charitable work)

Some of Britain's biggest charities have been branded an 'utter disgrace' after a new report claimed one in five of them is spending less than half of its public donations on good causes.

Ban on migrants claiming benefits for four years in doubt as Cameron prepares for showdown with EU leaders

Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron arrives for a joint news conference with his Polish counterpart Beata Szydlo in Warsaw, Poland December 10, 2015.       REUTERS/Kacper Pempel

The Prime Minister insisted the ban was a red line in his renegotiation of Britain's membership of the European Union, but has been repeatedly told by leaders they will not sign up to the plan.

'Tyson Fury was a shy lover with flowery sheets on his bed': Mother-of-one reveals her two-month affair with controversial boxing champ 

Baillie Mansell said she had a two-month affair with the 27-year-old star after they met at a bar in Sale, Greater Manchester in September last year.

Paul Gascoigne faces police probe after racist joke on stage about not being able to see a black security guard in poor light

It's claimed Paul Gascoigne star drew gasps after stating he wasn't be able to see a black security guard in poor light during a show at Wolverhampton Civic Hall last month.

Mumsnet for jihadis: The female extremist online network which recruits British women with smiley faces, photos of children and a Happy 9/11 cake with picture of Osama Bin Laden 

Mumsnet for jihadis Free Our Sisters recruits British women with propaganda

A shocking online forum for female Muslim extremists has been revealed with users posting vile pictures celebrating 9/11 and tributes to several women jailed for terrorism related offences. The pages appears to be a hotbed for extremism, filled with propaganda posters and homemade letters decorated in love hearts and glitter for jailed Muslim prisoners involving in terror cases. One disturbing image shows a homemade cake with a large toy plane crashed into the chocolate coated icing with a carefully decorated stencil of Osama Bin Laden on the other side of the dessert.

Paris attack mastermind 'had photos of BRITISH targets on his phone': Chilling pictures of Birmingham found on smartphone

Investigators have discovered that Abdelhamid Abaaoud had pictures of places in Birmingham stored on his smartphone, raising the chilling possibility that his cell was planning atrocities in Britain

Tube attack hero who shouted 'You ain't no Muslim bruv' reveals he is NOT a Muslim and now fears ISIS revenge attacks 

The man who shouted at a suspected terrorist during the Leytonstone tube station stabbing, coining a phrase that later went viral, has told how he just had to say what he felt at the time.

My threesome with Justin Bieber: British model reveals she was whisked to star's hotel in blacked-out car for private party which ended in a visit from police

Justin Bieber had a 'threesome with British model Laura Carter'

Laura Carter, 30, was partying with friends in London's Tape club when Justin Bieber's security men invited her to join 20 women at his table. At around 2.30am the 21-year-old singer, who was unwinding after headlining the Jingle Bell Ball at London's 02 Arena on Sunday (left), asked her to come to his hotel for a private party - which ended with the police being called. Miss Carter (right), originally from Leeds but now living in West London, said Bieber began showing off his dance moves and then suggested a game of truth or dare before the pair spent the night together.

Phone tycoon John Caudwell reveals 11 of his family have crippling Lyme disease - including his eldest son who has been bedridden for 10 YEARS. So is his theory that it's passed on by other people not ticks correct?

John Caudwell reveals ELEVEN of his family now have Lyme disease

EXCLUSIVE: Billionaire John Caudwell (pictured with his diagnosed son Rufus) says Lyme disease is 'one of the most dangerous illnesses to mankind', after it struck down 11 members of his family. These include his ex-wife Kate McFarlane (top right) and his two daughters Rebekah (bottom right) and Libby (bottom centre, with her boyfriend Simon Morgan who has also tested positive). Despite Public Health England's insistence that the disease can only be caught from a bite by an infected tick, Mr Caudwell claims that it can also be transmitted to a baby during pregnancy, or by an adult by sexual contact, and can lie dormant inside a body for years before attacking.

Tears of joy as historic deal passed: Politicians hail deal to halt climate change after the world FINALLY agrees to work together to cut emissions

The Paris Agreement, which aims to limit global temperature rises, was passed with no objections by French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius this evening - ending four years of negotiations.

'We met the moment': President Obama hails historic Paris climate deal saying it is 'the best chance we have to save the one planet we've got'

U.S. President Barack Obama delivers a statement on the climate agreement at the White House in Washington, December 12, 2015. The global climate summit in Paris agreed a landmark accord on Saturday, setting the course for a historic transformation of the world's fossil fuel-driven economy within decades in a bid to arrest global warming. REUTERS/Yuri Gripas  TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY

Speaking from the White House today, Obama said the deal marks a 'turning point for the world' adding that the agreement was down to 'strong, principled, American leadership.'

The trillion pound bill: That's what this respected expert says the climate summit may cost the world each year. And yet, he argues, it will hardly change a thing  

The UN Climate Change Conference in Paris, which reached an agreement to limit the rise in global temperature to less than 2C, has been a festival of hot air, writes BJORN LOMBORG.

Pedestrian is left seriously injured by suicidal woman who jumped out of a Manhattan building and landed on her

The jump occurred Friday on First Avenue near 51st Street around 3.15pm. The jumper was pronounced dead at Bellevue Hospital and the victim was taken to Cornell University Hospital for treatment.

Solved! Riddle of the rocker who simply vanished: James Morrison reveals the triple heartbreak - and the personal demons - that kept him in hiding for four long years 

James Morrison reveals why he has been hiding for four long years

Four years ago, he was the toast of the music industry, a string of sold-out arena shows under his belt and his third platinum-selling album topping the charts. But then James Morrison disappeared. His soulful voice fell silent, the appearances dried up and baffled fans were kept waiting and waiting for his next release. Morrison had become a virtual recluse from the music scene, holed up in the mansion that his six million album sales had bought him - literally building a high gate to shelter himself from the outside world. Only now has he finally emerged from that self-imposed exile with the release of a long-awaited new album. And only now is he able to speak of the demons that he has fought in his extended spell away.

Schoolgirl, 15, dies and boyfriend fights for life after they were hit by a bus while Christmas shopping 

Summer Seymour, 15, was enjoying an afternoon with Jake Ford, 17, when tragedy struck in Sheffield just before 5pm on Friday. Both teenagers were struck by the bus at a busy junction.

People who are experts at swearing have BIGGER vocabularies, claims new study 

A colourful tongue does not mean the talker is lazy or uneducated, a US study published in the Language Sciences journal found. Instead, those who swear are more articulate in other areas.

Gone in 13 seconds: Irish UFC fighter Conor McGregor knocks out his opponent just moments into their title fight

Conor McGregor finishes Jose Aldo in 13 SECONDS in UFC 194 fight

MARTIN DOMIN IN LAS VEGAS: Conor McGregor had waited 12 years for his chance to challenge for a UFC title. He needed just 13 seconds to win it. The Irishman landed the shot he calls the most feared in combat sports - his left hand - on long-reigning champion Jose Aldo.

Lucozade hoverboard 'thief' is one of the first charged with using the gadget on a pavement as police reveal they've made only one other arrest over the illegal use of the boards 

Omaree Lindsay, a 19-year-old from Croydon, Surrey, is thought to be one of the first charged under new laws that ban the use of the self-balancing motorised devices in public places.

Girls un tour no more: North Korean leader's favourite pop group cancels their first ever international concert before sneaking out of China

Members from North Korea's Moranbong band walk out of their hotel in Beijing on December 11, 2015 ©STR (AFP)

North Korea's premier pop group, the all-girl Moranbong band reportedly formed by leader Kim Jong-Un, has cancelled its first concert abroad, China's Nationa...

'Like John Lewis but WAY weirder': Hardware chain Robert Dyas releases Christmas advert where staff reveal their sexuality while holding drills and saucepans

Robert Dyas Christmas advert where staff reveal their sexuality

Hardware store Robert Dyas' festive campaign has left viewers confused with staff randomly talking about their sexuality. Marcus, left, is gay and tells viewers he likes volleyball and James, right, is straight and likes sailing. Both tell viewers the products they're showing are perfect for gay and straight people. Viewers were baffled by the advert with some questioning if it was fake (bottom inset), while one joked the owner must have asked for something 'way weirder' than the John Lewis advert (top inset).

On the day of the X Factor final, previous wannabe Sam Callahan says he was beaten up while on tour by a rival contestant

Within 24 hours, X-Factor bosses booted Rough Copy's Kazeem Ajobe from the live shows for what they described at the time as a 'backstage incident'.

Revealed: The two ruthless Roman queens who academics believes were the REAL inspiration for Shakespeare's Lady Macbeth 

An expert at East Anglia University in Norfolk believes the bard may have drawn on historical references to the queens Tanaquil and Tullia for his tragedy, which was first performed in 1611.

Britain's ports will become soft target for terrorists if ministers carry out plan to relocate intelligence officers away from coast, warns police chief

After a nationwide review, Special Branch officers will next year be switched from harbours and marinas to London, Birmingham and Manchester (fie photo of commandos during training exercise)

'My lawyers will be in touch': Lady C threatens yet MORE legal action after ugly Twitter spat with Duncan Bannatyne's girlfriend Nigora Whitehorn

Lady C in Twitter spat with Duncan Bannatyne's girlfriend Nigora Whitehorn

She is hardly one to avoid confrontation. So, when Nigora Whitehorn started a Twitter spat with Lady Colin Campbell, the 66 year-old inevitably hit back in what became an ugly - and very public - war of words.  The savage argument was played out before an audience of millions on Friday, which ended in the I'm A Celeb alumna threatening yet more legal action.

Paracetamol for flu? It's pointless, say scientists: Popular drug neither reduces fever nor aches and pains

Contrary to official NHS advice, paracetamol neither reduces fever nor other symptoms like aches and pains, says a study by New Zealand medics.

Gordon Banks reveals he is suffering from kidney cancer - and he's using World Cup spirit as his motivation to beat it

STOKE ON TRENT, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 27:  Former Stoke City goal keeper Gordon Banks greets the fans prior to kickoff during the Capital One Cup fourth round match between Stoke City and Chelsea at the Britannia Stadium on October 27, 2015 in Stoke on Trent, England.  (Photo by Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images)

The 77-year-old has been warned by doctors that the remains of his kidney will have to be removed if his cancer grows and hie is taking chemotherapy tablets to try and avoid a transplant.

Kate hits the High Street for a spot of Christmas shopping: Duchess of Cambridge is seen at favourite department store Peter Jones (but did she get some gifts for George and Charlotte?)

Kate Middleton does some Christmas shopping at Peter Jones department store

Even a royal has to pop out for some last minute Christmas shopping from time to time. And wrapped up warm in her favourite coat, paired with stylish black boots, the Duchess of Cambridge looked ready to do battle with the festive hordes on Friday. Kate, 33, was spotted in upmarket Chelsea, where she spent an hour in department store Peter Jones, a branch of John Lewis.

Wife suspected of killing her husband and keeping his body for 18 years 'joked that she'd buried a body in her garden during barbecue at her home' 

A neighbour alleged Leigh Ann Sabine, who died of cancer six weeks ago and is the prime suspect in the murder of her husband, joked 'I've buried a body here' during an event in the flat's garden.

Al Pacino TURNED DOWN the role of Han Solo in Star Wars because he could not understand the story

The 75-year-old actor revealed he could have snared the part of the human smuggler in the movies, starting with the first film in the original trilogy in 1977

The 11.23 wreckspress! Watch the heart-stopping moment a speeding passenger train smashes through a lorry after it jumped flashing red lights at a crossing

Video shows train smash through lorry at Czech city of Frydek-Mistek's rail crossing

The driver came within seconds of death when his lorry was hit by the passenger train at 7.38am on Friday after he ignored the flashing red light in the Czech city of Frydek-Mistek. CCTV footage shows the moment the lorry was hit with such force that the cab was separated from the container. Amazingly, the driver escaped with only minor injuries.

British astronaut Tim Peake reveals his blast-off playlist: But would YOU spend your last moments on Earth listening to Coldplay?

The man (pictured) set to become the first Briton to visit the International Space Station (ISS) has revealed he will be listening to Coldplay, Queen and U2 during his last moments on earth.

The €1billion 'pretzel' that could save planet Earth: Device which 'recreates conditions inside stars' could make fossil fuels redundant 

The Wendelstein 7-X machine in Germany, which cost €1billion to build, recreates conditions similar to those occurring inside stars and heralds a big leap towards a limitless supply of clean energy

'I feel the loss of Mum most at Christmas': Carmella lost her mother to cancer at 17. Eleven years later she has devoted her life to helping other motherless daughters

carmella prev v2.jpg

Carmella De Lucia lost her mother to brain cancer as a teenager. Eleven years on, she has set up a support group to connect motherless daughters all over the country 

EXCLUSIVE: Guantanamo Briton Shaker Aamer relives his 14-year nightmare of savage abuse - including agony of being 'hog-tied' for 45 minutes at a time - and the joy of finally seeing his family again

Guantanamo Briton Shaker Aamer relives his 14-year nightmare of savage abuse

WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Shaker Aamer, the Briton held at Guantanamo Bay for 14 years, pictured, recalled his 5,007 days in prison without even being charged. In the almost 14 years Aamer spent at Guantanamo, he was a victim of the Forcible Cell Extraction team many hundreds of times - he says that in one year, 2012, he was 'FCE'd' 370 times, more than once a day. The last time was just two months before his release, because he refused to give four vials of blood, demanded on the spurious grounds that the authorities were checking inmates for tuberculosis.

Joy I dreamed of for 14 years: Guantanamo Brit Shaker Aamer reveals the moment he was reunited with his family 

Pride: With children Johaina and Michael

WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Shaker Aamer, the Briton held at Guantanamo Bay for 14 years, pictured, recalled the moment he went from hell to an ecstatic reunion with his family.

Journey to torture: Aamer tells of how he went from working for the US army to being savagely abused in an American base under the noses of British intelligence officers

WORLD EXCLUSIVE: In some of the most painful testimony he has given to the Mail on Sunday, Shaker Aamer reveals how his suffering began before he even set foot in Cuba.

'Ah, David... I'm sorry I've kept you waiting so long': Shaker Aamer's greeting for the Mail on Sunday reporter who led the campaign over his torture

Through all those years, he had been an almost spectral presence, knowable only at great distance, writes DAVID ROSE (pictured with Aamer). Now he was manifestly real.

MAIL ON SUNDAY COMMENT: Healing the wounds of Guantanamo 

Shaker Aamer has marked his release with a powerful denunciation of Islamist fanatics who accept the hospitality of Britain, and turn on their hosts.

'Jihadis must get the hell out of Britain': Shaker Aamer says what many UK Muslims dare not in his first interview since release

UK Muslim Shaker Aamer says 'Jihadis must get the hell out of Britain'

WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Shaker Aamer, the Briton held at Guantanamo Bay for 14 years, pictured, finally arrived back home in London on October 30. He said last night that Muslims who support terror attacks have no right to live in this country. He also expressed revulsion at the murder of hostages by Islamic State, saying the extremist group's treatment of prisoners had abused basic principles of Islamic law.

'I've been irresponsible and naive in the past - I've been a child all my life. But it's time I grew up': Tara Palmer-Tomkinson on being an It-girl and high family expectations

Tara Palmer-Tomkinson on being an It-girl and high family expectations

She was the It-girl who seemed to have it all, but Tara Palmer-Tomkinson's party lifestyle brought her nothing but heartache. She talks to Catherine O'Brien about the new project that's helping her to like herself again.

It must trot in the family! Prince George follows in his father's footsteps to learn to ride aged aged just TWO

GIRL ABOUT TOWN: She recently vowed never to let Prince George on a motorbike, but it seems the Duchess of Cambridge is more relaxed about her son riding ponies.

Was Kate's hair cut by Royal command? Queen may have had some influence on new shorter 'do

GIRL ABOUT TOWN: I hear that Her Majesty's views on hairstyles may be why Kate has been adopting a more 'sensible' look recently.

LIZ JONES: Kate Middleton morphing into her mum? That may be a very good thing 

Kate and her 60-year-old mother not only share genes, they share jeans. And jewellery. And mannerisms: they both clench their fists and make their mouths into 'O's when excited.

Huge blow for British death row grandmother as her lawyer is arrested for 'trying to bribe a judge'

Grandmother Lindsay Sandiford's last legal bid to avoid the firing squad has suffered a huge setback. Indonesian lawyer Chris Harno is accused of offering a bribe on behalf of a different client.

Beard? Likes red? Enjoys handing out goodies? How Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn dressed up as Santa on TV - but MPs on the show didn't know who he was

Jeremy Corbyn dressed as Father Christmas on live TV

He has got the beard, the love of red and a penchant for handing out goodies: It is almost as if Jeremy Corbyn was made to be Father Christmas. But when the now-Labour leader appeared on BBC TV dressed as Santa it seemed he lacked the political - and festive - stature to carry off the outfit, as fellow Labour MPs struggled to work out who was lurking behind the costume. The archive footage from the Daily Politics reveals the moment Mr Corbyn declared 'mince pies all round' after he was unmasked as the programme's Secret Santa.

Britons arrested after drugs gang disguised £240 MILLION haul of cocaine as wood and charcoal 'bound for the UK'

Spanish Police raided a shipping container in Valencia after a tip-off from the National Crime Agency, and found 1.5 tonnes of cocaine, which had been disguised as wood and charcoal.

Labour MPs fear Lord Livingstone: Corbyn could give his old mate Red Ken a peerage and a job in the shadow cabinet

Ken Livingstone giving his speech 

Labour MP and Labour leader candidate Jeremy Corbyn speaks at a rally of supporters in Camden. 

Supported by Ken Livingstone, Brian Eno, Owen Jones and others.

Hard-Left Supporters of the Labour leader leader want him to carry out a major overhaul of the shadow cabinet, axing moderate MPs who have challenged Mr Corbyn in public.

Parents' anger as their school is to be taken over by Islamic group despite having less than 2% of its pupils being Muslim 

A petition was started after it was revealed Tauheedul Education Trust (TET) is taking over Highfield Humanities College in Blackpool, Lancashire (pictured), which is in special measures.

That's what you call a one-sided cat fight! Hilarious video shows an angry little kitten repeatedly punch a toy tiger in the face

Hilarious video shows tiny kitten punch tiger in the face

A cat with a mean right hook has given a stuffed tiger toy a serious pounding in a hilarious video. Footage shows the ruthless animal rising onto it's back legs and hissing before repeatedly punching the toy square in the eye. Uploaded to Youtube on Saturday, the minute-long clip has accumulated more than 8000 views, with viewers labelling the furious feline as 'Cat-sius Clay' and 'a boxing champion.'

Mixed martial artist, 21, dies of heart failure after trying to lose too much weight before a fight 

ONE CHAMPIONSHIP TWEET YANG JIAN BING taken without permission at request of the news desk

Yang Jian Bing (pictured) died at hospital in the Philippines, after a collapse. The flyweight was due to compete in ONE Championships' Spirit of Champions event on December 11.

Michael Winner's widow launches Crimewatch plea to catch woman who subjected her to a terrifying raid at her £3.8m London flat 

Geraldine Winner revealed her horrific ordeal when a burglar attacked her London home. The 77-year-old was beaten, tied up and blindfolded by the female intruder.

London's £350-a-night Dorchester named world's best city hotel at top travel awards

Set on Park Lane with views overlooking Hyde Park, The Dorchester was one of the top winners at the World Travel Awards, which honoured the best in everything from airlines to destinations.



Hiding away in a manger: Drunk driver tries to hide from police in nativity scene after crashing his car into metal barriers 

Drunk driver in North Yorkshire tries to hide from police in nativity scene

The man hid with the hay and a model of the baby Jesus (inset) as he tried to lose officers in Tadcaster, North Yorkshire, on Friday. He had crashed his Mini Cooper into a pedestrian island on the A659 (main image) before running 200 metres to seek refuge in a large shed with a nativity inside. North Yorkshire Police revealed the man had been located and later arrested via Twitter. The incident sparked a bombardment of hilarious comments from other social media users.

REVEALED: San Bernardino terrorist Tashfeen Malik openly supported violent jihad on social media yet still passed THREE background checks to gain entry into America

If American officials found the messages Malik posted before she applied for her visa from Pakistan last year, red flags would have gone up and she likely would not have been approved to enter the US.

One soldier is killed and four injured in a bomb blast at a checkpoint in Pakistan 

At least one soldier was killed and four others wounded including a passerby when a bomb exploded at a paramilitary checkpoint in southwest Pakistan, police said.

Senior doctors 'repeatedly lied' about performing a key test that could have saved the life of an eight-week-old baby 

Benjamin Condon's (pictured) parents thought he died of a cold like virus in April but were later told that he also had a virulent bacterial infection and antibiotics could have saved him.

Ministers not told of 'very high' levels of cyanide gas in house where tragic boy, 7, died during 2014 floods

Hydrogen cyanide levels 500 times above a fatal dose were recorded in the Surrey bedroom of seven-year-old Zane Gbangbola after he died of poisoning during floods in 2014.

Selfie queen Karen Danczuk reveals her new man on Twitter (where else?) and yes, he's another gym fanatic 

Karen Danczuk on Twitter reveals her new gym fanatic man

The 32-year-old, who rose to fame by posting busty pictures on the site, sparked romance rumours after uploading a montage of photographs with fitness fanatic Andrew Foster. The images, which were posted on December 5, included a cute shot of the pair cuddling (left) and another showing Mr Foster leaning against a Land Rover in what appears to be a multi-storey car park. She tweeted her 67,500 followers: 'My Saturday with @TT_FITNESS covered.' She also posted three heart-shaped emojis. The speculation came after Mrs Danczuk struggled to maintain her modesty as she showed off her ample endowments as she attended the launch of Prestige Pawn in Manchester on Friday night (right).

Labour's women at war as Abbott 'plots to oust Chief Whip' over plum Shadow Cabinet job 

Diane Abbott, pictured, former lover of leader Jeremy Corbyn and a fierce ally, has been accused of plotting to 'oust' Rosie Winterton from the key post of Labour Chief Whip.

Boyfriend of former Strictly Come Dancing finalist Chelsee Healey 'sentenced to a year in prison for driving offences'

Former Strictly Come Dancing finalist Chelsee Healey has suffered fresh heartbreak when her boyfriend Jack Molley was sentenced to a year in prison, this month.

Could it be magic? Take That 'land residency in Las Vegas after impressing US tour promoters'

They have played to sell-out venues across the UK. But now it appears that Take That will be following in the footsteps of Britney Spears and Celine Dion with a long-running residency in Las Vegas.

Get tough on guns, PM tells Europe: Cameron calls on Brussells to ban semi-automatic weapons in wake of Paris attacks 

The Prime Minister will also demand more extensive sharing of ballistics data and action to take more firearms out of circulation in the Western Balkans.

The tiny gas-guzzling strip that can keep fruit fresh for up to four days' longer (and cuts the food mountain) 

The innovation, which has been developed by a British company, is a 'filter' that slows the ripening process of a wide range of produce, allowing them to stay fresh for longer.

Is 50 the new 30? You bet! From the confident CEO to the energetic novelist, seven inspiring women tell us why this is their best decade yet

50 the new 30? You bet, seven inspiring women tell us why this is their best decade yet

Doing the splits, clubbing, modelling, beating cancer twice, retraining, reaching the top, looking after your health... these women show how your fifth decade can be the most rewarding.

Revealed: Cheery letters written by Lord Janner months before police were told he was 'too ill' to be questioned over historic allegations of child abuse

Lord Janner was sending letters to the Mayor of Leicester inviting him to visit him in London months before police were told he was 'too ill' to be questioned over historic sex abuse allegations.

It's SPROGGLEBOX! Move over Steph and Dom... the kids have taken over the sofa for Gogglebox Christmas special and some very surprising verdicts 

Meet the stars of Gogglesprogs, a festive spin-off from Channel 4's Gogglebox that will feature ten sets of children - aged between five and 12 - giving their verdict on some of 2015's best TV.

We have to make women's rugby safe, says partner of tragic player killed in training session 

Lily Partridge, 22, suffered a fatal head injury during a training session at a rugby ground on Dartmoor. Her partner Anne-Marie McIntyre called on the Rugby Football Union to invest in improving safety.

Lord Feldman under fire as bereaved parents of bullied activist boycott Tatler Tory probe

The move by Ray and Alison Johnson, whose son Elliott committed suicide in September, is a major blow to Tory chairman Lord Feldman's hopes of avoiding the sack over the matter.

At last! RSPCA chiefs drop legal vendetta against fox hunting and will now hand over evidence to the police

The RSPCA will stop carrying out private prosecutions against UK fox hunts and instead hand over evidence to the police, Crown Prosecution Service or trading standards officers.

'Scalpel in the back' surgeon wins right to appeal over jail sentence after retired builder died following routine knee surgery

Surgeon David Sellu, who worked at the private Clemntine Churchill Hospital in North-West London, has been allowed to challenge his 2013 conviction for gross negligence manslaughter.

Well-off Serbian city gets £1million of new flood defences courtesy of British taxpayers - while Cumbria remains underwater 

Serbian city Lazarevac gets £1million of new flood defences

The foreign aid to Lazarevac was revealed after devastating floods wrecked about 5,000 homes and businesses in Cumbria and Lancashire in a year when spending on UK defences fell 14 per cent. The Serbian city of 60,000 people in a region known for its top universities received the cash after the heaviest rain and worst floods in parts of the country since records began 120 years ago. The flooding in May 2014 saw states of emergency declared in parts of Bosnia and Serbia after overflowing rivers burst into towns, landslides buried houses and at least three people drowned.

The ultimate gift guide for gadget lovers: A hairbrush for glossy locks, a 3D printer and a futuristic hoverboard - the must-have technology this Christmas

For all the gadget lovers in your life (or those who like a techy treat), FEMAIL has found the perfect gift to suit all budgets from £19 to £399. From an ionic hairbrush to a hoverboard to hit the streets on.

Cookbook sales reveal 'tis the season to be slim as Christmas stocking fillers are packed with recipes that are light on the waistline   

TV chef Jamie Oliver has soared to the top of Amazon's cookbooks bestsellers list with his healthy eating bible Everyday Super Food, knocking off last year's winner Mary Berry.

Can't face the in-laws? Too lazy to cook? Have we got a meal for you... TOM PARKER-BOWLES puts six ready meals to the test

Picture: Craig Hibbert      4-12-15..Tom Parker-Bowles taste tests fast Christmas lunches...Bisto Roast Turkey Dinner.

Can a ready meal really taste better than a real turkey and all the trimmings? The Mail on Sunday's food critic TOM PARKER BOWLES puts six of them to the test...

When will it stop? More misery for deluged towns as Britain wakes to 60 flood alerts with ice and four inches of snow on the way as temperatures plummet to -10C

UK weather sees Cumbria on renewed flood alert as rain shows no sign of easing

Parts of the North of England including Cumbria and Lancashire are facing further flooding due to continued wet weather and high river levels. Sleet and snowfall, combined with clearer conditions overnight, could bring a greater risk of ice - and there is also a high risk of freezing fog. Temperatures in the Highland village of Dalwhinnie dropped to -6C last night, while forecasters were expecting -10C to be recorded rurally overnight. The Met Office has severe warnings out for snow in Scotland today and tomorrow as well as half an inch of rain today in Northern Ireland. Pictured: Deer roam the grounds of a snow-covered Raby Castle in County Durham today (left), as stranded motorists and local residents help clear the roads of snow in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear (right).

Girl scout, 14, dies after 'falling 40ft from a coastguard helicopter that was rescuing her and a friend from towering 15ft waves' 

Aoife Winterlich, 14, was on a venture scout trip when she was thrown into the Irish Sea at Hook Head on Sunday afternoon. Friends paid tribute after she died in hospital yesterday.

Foul-mouthed farmer branded an 'old trout' by her own lawyer is jailed after accusing innocent people of being 'paedophiles' and 'drug dealers' for being on her land 

A court heard how Margaret Wooliscroft, 60, who has been jailed for 28 months, laid traffic cones across the road to prevent drivers getting past and held up traffic with her geese

RACHEL JOHNSON: Now meet part of our 'Muslim problem', Mr Trump...Me 

RACHEL JOHNSON writes to Donald Trump after he said the US should ban Muslims from entering your country and then that we in the UK were trying to hide a 'massive Muslim problem'.

ANNE MCELVOY: Dave thought Boris was bad - then he met Zac the zealot 

Downing Street is reeling from a noisy clash of egos this week that left the Prime Minister fuming - the result of a visit from the Tories' unpredictable London Mayoral candidate, Zac Goldsmith.

I understand that you need to see a doctor! Anguish turns to joy for sick young Time Lord fan forced to miss convention as star Peter Capaldi appears at his hospital bedside

Doctor Who fan forced to miss convention is visited by Peter Capaldi in hospital

As Doctor Who, he's become a master at materialising in unexpected places. And actor Peter Capaldi certainly caught teenager Daniel Norton by surprise - when he suddenly appeared beside his hospital bed at St Mary's Hospital in Paddington, London. Capaldi, 57, decided to make the unannounced call on Daniel (pictured with Capaldi) when he read on social media that the ardent Time Lord fan had been forced to cancel a visit to London's Doctor Who Festival after being rushed to hospital in London.

Saudi Prince calls Trump a 'disgrace' - but the tycoon fires back by accusing him of meddling in US politics with 'daddy's money'

Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal has called Donald Trump a disgrace to the United States following his call for a ban on Muslims entering the country.

A roarsome recovery! Poisoned stars of TV's Big Cat Diary are back on the prowl... and that's bad news for at least one buffalo 

Two of the famous Marsh Pride in Kenya's Masai Mara died after herdsmen laced a cow carcass with pesticide. A third was too weak to avoid a herd of cattle and was so seriously gored he was put down.

From you're boring to I fancy someone else: Eights things you should never say in a relationship

With tensions running high in the festive build-up, little niggles can escalate into major rows. But some things should be left unsaid, warns marital therapist Andrew G Marshall.

What HAS the BBC done to Agatha Christie? Christmas viewers will be stunned by controversial new adaption featuring drugs, gruesome violence and the F-word 

She is adored around the world for her sophisticated, restrained whodunits. But fans will be confronted with a controversial new interpretation of her work - featuring drug abuse, violence and swearing.

Is this the dirtiest town in Britain? Streets of Luton awash with dumped mattresses, washing machines and food as fly-tipping soars amid cleaning cutbacks

Photos show Luton as Liberal Democrats blame Labour's cuts for mess

Shocking photographs reveal the true extent of Luton's fly-tipping crisis, which has seen mounds of rubbish left to rot outside homes. Liberal Democrats blame Labour cutting nearly £1million of funding to the town's street cleaning department, while also introducing a £25 fee to leave bulky items at the municipal dump. Instead, many of those looking to get rid of garbage simply choose to leave it lying in the street. Locals said the council must act now to stop the town 'choking on rubbish'.

Hundreds of anti-war rabble-rousers blast 'insane' and 'evil' David Cameron for launching air strikes in Syria as they march through London

Hundreds of people took to the streets of London to rally against the decision to bomb Syria, with Prime Minister David Cameron and Labour MPs who supported the action blasted by activists.

Women with breast cancer are told: You DON'T need a mastectomy

One of Britain's top breast cancer surgeons has spoken out against 'medieval' mastectomies after a new study showed women who have the operation are less likely to survive the disease.

Driven crazy by car buying: Half of men will look under the bonnet of a used vehicle... but have no idea what for 

A survey found that 47 per cent of men and 41 per cent of women admitted to looking under the bonnet of a car, even though they know nothing about engines, to look more knowledgeable (file photo)

Pill gives fresh hope to cystic fibrosis victims...and tackles the cause of the genetic disease rather than just relieving its symptoms 

Orkambi was licensed for UK use last month, and watchdog the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) is now considering the case for it to be made available on the NHS.

Shocking footage shows LA cops gunning down armed black man as he walked away from them - and then firing MORE rounds at him as he crawled away dying

Video shows Los Angeles cops shooting armed man dead in Lynwood

The man, who is reported to be a father-of-three, 28, who has not been named, was accused of firing a .45 caliber handgun into the air before officers approached him at a gas station, then opened fire and killed him. Officers say they were called to 'multiple agency reports' that the man was firing shots into the air, adding that he aimed his weapon at officers before they opened fire. However, video footage appears to show the man walking away from police before they shoot at him, then continue firing as he tries to crawl away.

Woman Bishop in withering assault on BBC as it screens just 4 HOURS of new religious programmes at Christmas 

In a barbed Christmas message, the Bishop of Gloucester, the Rt Rev Rachel Treweek (pictured), said she found the Corporation's scant religious television offering 'offensive'

Ho, ho, no: Meet Hollywood's favourite Father Christmas, who dedicates himself to helping today's Santas negotiate a politically correct world

Today's Father Christmases must negotiate a minefield of modern manners during the holiday season - so Tim Connaghan set up the world's first Santa school, to help his colleagues out.

Archbishop Welby: It's right to ask if UK has any more room... but I pray we can help refugees in need

As the first refugees from Syria began to arrive in this country, he said that there were 'still doubts and fears' about the impact they would have, though he was praying that people would be generous

PETER HITCHENS: Goodbye Christianity, hello multicultural wasteland...

The self-proclaimed 'Commission on Religion and Belief in British Public Life', wants to make state schools less Christian that they currently are, claiming they are 'socially divisive' and promote 'segregation'.

JAMES NAUGHTIE: Sparring with Blair, eating squirrel and that Jeremy Hunt slip - why I'll miss the Today programme

JAMES NAUGHTIE: At nine o'clock on Wednesday morning, I'll get up from the presenter's chair in the Today studio for the last time, and 21 years of my life will pass away.

Maxwell curse strikes again as his daughter goes bankrupt: New financial blow for troubled family of disgraced publishing tycoon

When disgraced publishing tycoon Robert Maxwell plunged to his death in 1991, falling from his luxury yacht, he notoriously left his widow Betty and seven children (all pictured) with huge amounts of debt

Star Wars megafans camp and even get MARRIED as they queue up for a week in advance of The Force Awakens premiere 

Star Wars fans get MARRIED as they queue up for The Force Awakens premiere

Some 150 fans of Star Wars are already camping out for the premiere of The Force Awakens in Hollywood (left). And to add even more intensity to the fandom, a couple among them are putting the final touches on preparations for their wedding. Australian Caroline Ritter (right) will be escorted down the aisle by Darth Vader when she weds her fiance Andrew Porters (inset with Miss Ritter) in an elaborate ceremony outside the TCL Chinese Theatre ahead of Monday's premiere. For the wedding, she will wear a classic white dress decorated with handmade crystal X-wing fighters. The ceremony will be conducted by a friend of the couple known as 'Obi' Sean, while there will also be a Star Wars-themed wedding cake.

Equality watchdog launches stinging attack on cinema bosses in a last-ditch bid to overturn ban on showing Lord's Prayer advert before the new Star Wars blockbuster

The Equality and Human Rights Commission has urged Digital Cinema Media to overturn its decision not to show a Church of England film ahead of the new Star Wars film in UK cinemas.

Vicar and Star Wars-mad children make hilarious spoof of the Church of England Lord's Prayer advert... only for Sony to ban it for 'copyright infringement'

East London vicar Cris Rogers landed in hot water with Sony after making a Star Wars-themed parody version of the Church of England Lord's Prayer film banned in UK cinemas.

Pinterest festive fails! Budding chefs and artists share their home-made disasters - from 'murder scene' Santa sweets to an evil army of strawberry elves

Wannabe bakers and craft fans are sharing their #PinterestFails online where they've tried out an idea from the social media site that's gone horribly wrong - and the results are hilarious.

Hot off the (fashion) press: Iconic Vogue shoots starring Naomi Campbell and Gisele Bündchen feature in chic coffee table book celebrating the work of Grace Coddington 

Grace Coddington's Iconic Vogue shoots starring Naomi Campbell and Gisele Bündchen

Grace Coddington (centre) is a former model and creative director at US Vogue alongside editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour. Grace: Thirty Years Of Fashion At Vogue, published by Phaidon, has been re-printed after huge demand and celebrates her most memorable fashion shoots from 1972 to 2002. They include iconic images of supermodel Naomi Campbell and her then boyfriend boxer Mike Tyson (right) and a fresh-faced Gisele Bündchen aged 18, left.

One step closer to solving the mystery of the Japanese 'Schindler': Four Jewish women who were saved from the Nazis by Japanese tourism official are identified

Tatsuo Osako received photos from seven refugees and kept them in a diary. The discovered photos sparked an international search in 2010 to find the identities of the man and six women.

Police use water cannon to disperse 1,000 stone throwing anti-fascist protesters trying to disrupt a neo-Nazi rally in Germany

Leipzig, Germany. 12th December 2015 -- A counter protester throws a Teargasgrenade during the Right wing march Leipzig at 12.12.2015 in Leipzig, Germany in the direct of the police. -- Around 150 radical right-wing hold a march in Leipzig. Several thousand people take part at counter protests. Around 1000 left wing counter protesters battled with the police in the streets.

About 800 officers were drafted in to patrol the streets head of the planned neo-Nazi march - which attracted 200 right-wing protesters - on Saturday in the German city of Leipzig.

Engagement ring lost on a Scottish beach 43 years ago reunited with late owner's family after being found by a metal detectorist 11 miles away

Alex Jones, 61, was reunited with her late father's gold ring after it was found on a beach near Dundee, Scotland, 43 years after it originally went missing on another beach 11 miles away.

The band of three brothers who all made the ultimate sacrifice in WWI are finally reunited as lost campaign medals are returned to the family after a century 

Brothers Bertie, George and Joe Muteham, all in their twenties, left their home in Thetford, Norfolk, for the Western Front in the 1900s after joining the Army for World War One - but never returned.

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The world's greatest cities in a different light: Stunning time slice images show New York, Paris and Shanghai shifting from day to night in a single photo

Daniel Marker-Moore snaps time slice images of New York, LA and Shanghai

Daniel Marker-Moore, from Los Angeles, snaps hundreds or thousands of photos from the same spot - usually focusing on dramatic light - and then combines slices to create one mesmerising portrait. His images provide a unique look at famous skylines, including New York (main, top right), Shanghai (top left), Los Angeles, Paris and Toronto. With plans to photograph London soon, he usually focuses on a point in the day with the most dramatic light, such as sunrise or sunset.

Mark and Carol's £1million feud over Thatcher auction: Twins 'can't bear to be in same room' as daughter breaks ranks to cash in on mother's keepsakes  

The rift developed after Sir Mark Thatcher objected to sister Carol's decision to mount a £1 million sale of their mother's handbags, shoes and No 10 mementoes at Christie's this week.

Taking a modern Roman holiday: It can scan your emails and track your every move, but can Google change the way we vacation forever?

For many of us, the smart phone is now an extension of ourselves; whether we're photo-taking, email-checking or scanning social media, it is never far from eager finger tips and eyes.

Greedy little piggies! Adorable video shows TINY micropigs barely bigger than a human hand eating Christmas chocolate 

Germany-based online fashion retailer Stylight has released its own contender for cutest Christmas advert featuring micropigs Bam Bam and Pebbles feasting on chocolate Santas.



Amazing video shows in super slow-motion what it looks like if you drop a condom full of water on a friend's head 

Slow Mo Guys video shows condom challenge in extreme detail

The footage, which offers a new take on the 'condom challenge' internet craze, demonstrates two men from Austin, Texas, enjoying the bizarre use for contraceptives. Daniel Gruchy is the guinea pig as partner Gavin Free fills three condoms with water and drops them on his friend's head from a height.

How Jamie Dornan, Gillian Anderson, Robert Pattinson and a whole host of A-listers have helped make Belfast the hottest new weekend destination

With BBC drama The Fall showing off a sophisticated side to the city, not to mention Game Of Thrones showcasing its incredible landscapes, a weekend in Belfast just got popular.

Snappy holiday! Facing 5ft crocodiles, dodging baboons and donning traditional attire - an adventure in The Gambia

Amy Willis has a close encounter with baboons, touches a crocodile in Katchikally and wears traditional dress to sample one of Africa's up and coming tourist destinations - The Gambia.

Breathtaking marine life, extreme stargazing and one-on-one scuba diving instruction: Why staying on pontoon in the middle of the Great Barrier Reef is the ultimate way to see the Whitsundays

Scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, Australia is a travel bucket-list item for many - and for good reason. And the best place to do it is Reefworld, in the picturesque Whitsundays.

Is this the oddest Instagram trend yet? Parents are squishing their babies' faces and sharing photos (there's no escape for DOGS either)

Parents on Instagram squish their babies' faces to look like 'Japanese rice balls'

People are squashing their babies' faces to look like Japanese food. The meme #RiceBallBaby is growing in popularity over the globe, reportedly started by comedian Masahiro Ehara, from Tokyo, who posted pictures and videos of him squeezing his daughters' faces. Now the meme is inspiring people to squish their babies' faces into the triangular shape that resembles a rice ball - and those who aren't parents are even getting their dogs involved (bottom right).