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How We’re Funded

We at the Center for Global Development (CGD) are deeply committed to the principles of transparency and accountability as a means to fostering better development outcomes. Our research and policy work on transparency includes exploring ways to tackle illicit financial flows,  pushing for open government contracting, encouraging the use of biometric identification systems to help control corruption and reduce waste, promoting universal transparency in the extractive industries, and urging aid agencies and global health funders to become more transparent about how they allocate funding.

It therefore seems appropriate that CGD should walk the walk, applying the same standards of transparency to our own funding, a level of disclosure that goes beyond the information traditionally disclosed in US tax forms and annual reports. In 2014, with support from our funders and Board of Directors, we decided to publish information on all grants and donations received that are above $100,000. Gifts under $100,000 are equivalent to approximately 1% of the Center’s annual budget. We will also continue our practice of disclosing the membership of our Partners Council (corporate and individual contributors who give $5,000 and above) and CGD Society ($150 - $5,000), and include the annual totals for these two membership bodies in the table below.

In May 2014 and December 2015, Transparify awarded CGD the highest rating (five stars) for our open disclosure of funding, making us one of the most transparent think tanks in the US and worldwide. In several blog posts, Chief Operating Officer Todd Moss and Deputy Director for Institutional Advancement Katie Douglas Martel explain why CGD believes this push towards transparency is critical to our mission, the efficacy of think tanks, and global development outcomes as a whole.

We hope that our move towards greater transparency will encourage other think tanks and nonprofits, as well as the very institutions that we aim to influence, to do the same.