Valentine DIY – Message in a Balloon

Posted on by Shannon

Today is our last day of Valentine DIYs. And then tomorrow we are finishing off the week with a bunch of fun printables to help you make this the easiest (and cutest!) Valentine’s Day!

Without further adieu – the Message in a Balloon!


That’s all!

1. Fill up our balloon up with confetti

2. Roll up your message and put it into balloon

3. Blow your balloon up!

4. Then give it to you whomever you like to pop and read the message!

I found it cool that when you shook up the balloon, the confetti would stick to the side. And it looks even cooler when you put it against a window.

I gave the balloon to Keaton to play with and to take some photos – do you know how hard it is to take a picture of a kid holding a balloon??? Sorry about the fuzziness!

Right after this photo was taken, the balloon popped unexpectedly.  But Keaton loved it! Not only was he showered with heart confetti, he got a little message that he wanted me to read to him!

Out of all the DIYs this week – the Heart Surprise, the Confetti Bag, the Heart Pancakes and the Message in a Balloon – which one(s) would you try?


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18 comments on “Valentine DIY – Message in a Balloon

  1. Renee @ on said:

    This one is my favourite – love!

  2. Sarah @ Sugar and Shimmer on said:

    Loved all the ideas this week but I think the Heart Surprise was my favourite and one I’ll try. I might just do confetti in balloons and forgo the love note since there’s something so unsettling to me about balloons popping!

  3. Caitie on said:

    Keaton is one lucky kid! What a cutie… this is a great idea :)

    • Shannon on said:

      Haha, he had no idea what was going on when I was making these things. And honestly, trying to get a picture of him standing still with that balloon was torture!!!

  4. Nicole Bigioni on said:

    I love this one & the pancakes!! I want to do both of them!

  5. Shannon on said:

    Do it Nicole!!

  6. I love them all! But I would like to say that I helped with all of them and I was the master mind behind making this and the pancakes work. hehehe. Great ideas!

  7. Crystal on said:

    the balloon for sure. easy peasy

  8. Pam @ Cherish Toronto on said:

    This project is right up my alley – it’s simple to execute and it’s fun. Thanks for the idea!!

  9. Krista @ Nook of Wellington on said:

    Love that little “mailbox” Valentine, so cute! P.S. Hoopla is officially award-winning… check out my NofW post today for details! Xo

  10. Should I use helium to inflate the balloon just so it floats or should I just blow it up by mouth?

  11. whoa you’ve got a wonderful idea ! I will do that for our 2years anniversary, it is so cute.

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