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Let’s take a moment to celebrate the success of marriages just like yours! With over 800 members, Diva Central is a membership based community where people turn to for great ways to strengthen their marriages; ways that seem more like fun than work, more like play than effort.

Do you remember back when you and your spouse were first dating? The time you’d spend getting ready for them? How you couldn’t wait to just be in the same room?

No matter if you’ve been married for one year or twenty-five, it’s an undeniable truth: what you pay attention to thrives and what you ignore, dies.

So start paying attention today and reclaim that sense of anticipation and excitement! Add the best ideas and fun back into your marriage, starting right now, with a membership to Diva Central.


  • Includes our 7 Day Love Quest! Start your Diva Central membership out with this member exclusive marriage challenge! You’ll be amazed at the changes you’ll see in your marriage in just a week’s time!
  • Engaging and exclusive date ideas, that bring couples closer together over laughter and love. Complete with an easy-to-follow plan and all the printables.
  • Intimacy tips and bedroom games that keep blushing to a minimum, but connections red hot!
  • Exclusive, gorgeous printables that bring back the butterflies in your marriage, and make flirting with your spouse fun and easy again!
  • Relationship building articles written with your marriage in mind!
  • Exclusive Tele-retreat recordings from other marriage professionals on various marriage and family topics to help give you insight, inspiration and motivation!
  • Additional ideas, specifically tailored to your relationship. Are you in a great marriage? We have ideas for that! Empty Nesters? Second Marriage? Get exactly what you need, at exactly the moment you need it!
  • Member Exclusive Giveaways – Only members can enter to win these giveaways which boosts your chances enormously!
  • Access to our Diva Central Private Facebook Group where you can meet and socialize with other community members {and Divas}, and have open discussions pertaining to your marriage (but don’t fear – what’s said in Diva Central STAYS in Diva Central!). This private Facebook group is designed to be a safe, confidential, and respectful group where you can ask questions, make suggestions, get advice and stay up-to-date with all things Diva Central!
  • Bi-monthly emails that keep you up to speed on all the latest happenings within Diva Central… so you won’t miss a thing!
  • 10% off in the Diva Store, all the time!
  • The ability to manage your account and card information.

Each and every month, we deliver fresh, exclusive and unique member content, right to your inbox! No matter if you’re happy and just looking for that extra spark, or facing the challenges of a long-distance relationship, in Diva Central, we’ve got you covered!

Diva Central was created to give you the customized content that your marriage needs to bring back that spark, keep it alive, or even just add a little variety! No two marriages are the same, just as no two Diva Central memberships are the same! Since your marriage is unique, Diva Central is totally customized to what your marriage needs right now. Marriage is a personal journey you take with your spouse… and we want to help you achieve that fairy tale romance that we know you can have!

Jennifer Peatross

I fell in love INSTANTLY with the printables! I have also found tons of fun ideas, great articles, and content that I can really relate to. In a nutshell, it has given me inspiration and tools to use for improvement in communication with my husband, fun date ideas, and unbelievably creative printables.

My boyfriend is in the military and is gone SO much for LONG periods of time! I make him packages for the time he’s going to be gone with the ideas you have and then planning a nice weekend of cute romance for when he comes home! It has helped us keep our relationship strong through all the separations!

Y’all are AMAZING!!!! I’m going into my second marriage – I got married very young and didn’t understand all of the work that a marriage requires. I’m committed to working at this marriage more actively and fun things like your site are going to help that end so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!