United we stand

This is with reference to the report “Support grows for KSA-led alliance against terrorism” (Dec. 20). The formation of the Islamic coalition to fight the menace of terrorism was a much-needed step.

Undue criticism

I read with interest the article “It’s no reason to cry foul” (Dec. 20) by Rasheed Abou-Alsamh.

Misplaced priorities

This is with reference to the report “Beijing issues second red alert as choking smog sets in again” (Dec. 20).

Spreading hatred

Republican party’s presidential candidate Donald Trump is not doing any service to his country by spreading hatred against minorities in the country.

Uri’s balanced approach

I always read with interest Uri Avnery’s articles not because he is against his own country’s policies toward Palestinians but mainly due to his objective approach and incisive tone.

Tales of two women

The reports “Woman stops running car as driver has heart attack” (Dec. 19) and “Saudi recounts tale of artist daughter’s dark journey into Daesh abyss” (Dec. 19) caught my attention.

Polio-free world

I read with interest the article “Toward a polio-free world” (Dec. 19) by Bill Gates.

Unanswered questions

I read with interest the article “The big question” (Dec. 17) by Abdulateef Al-Mulhim. I fully agree with the views expressed by the writer.

Say no to confrontation

I read with interest the article “Not at China’s expense” (Dec. 17) by Rajeev Sharma. I liked the objective approach of the writer.

The Saudi youth

It is heartening to note that the Kingdom is making good use of the advancements in Information technology.

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