Meet Our Family


We are a family of 4 living in Hawaii. Kendra, Brian, Sophie (3) and Parker (4 months). We are originally from snowy Utah. Although we miss our family there and winter (snowboarding!!!) we really love Hawaii.

kendraI am lucky enough to get to stay home with Sophie and Parker. I am a beauty school drop out and wear a pony tail practically every day because it is  h o t  in hawaii!! I love to read magazines and books, but don’t have a lot of time for that. I am a self taught graphic designer and I google everything. I am a fontaholic. I love photoshop and I have been blogging for almost 6 years.

sweetsWe love to eat. Just the other day Brian said to me, “The older I get the more I love food.”  So true! My weakness is baked goods. Cookies in particular. I seriously seriously love cookies. And cookie dough. And cookie dough smashed in between two cookies. Brian is a sucker for a crunch. Cheesy chips and crackers. He loves em.

juiceBut we typically try to be pretty healthy. Of course we go through our phases of dedication but we aim for exercise several days a week and healthy sensible meals. But we also believe in moderation. Meaning … enjoy a treat now and again. We don’t drink or smoke.

bandpMy husband Brian. This guy makes me smile. I could write a big long sappy list of all the reasons I love him but since this is a food blog, not a chick flick I won’t. Just think “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.” or “P.S. I Love You.” … Yeah because my husband took me to that movie on our honeymoon and I totally bawled my eyes out. We have been married almost 6 years.

sophiebeachSophie is 4 and loves to play in the dirt, ride her bike, and play at the beach. She keeps me busy. She loves to help me bake. Especially when it involves chocolate chips. Oh, and she changes her outfit like a bizillion times a day. Which … is great for me because I am the worst at doing laundry. I never remember to switch the clothes over and then have to re-wash them.

parkerParker. My Parker Boy. Sweet and content. Hmmm really, is there anything sweeter than holding a sleeping baby? I think no. Oh except maybe watching the bond between a father and his son. Man, those two are already best buddies. They are going to be hunting and eating powdered donuts together in no time!