Making Connections

Just a tiny little post and another rubbish photo to say I’m having a little think! I’ve got lots of ideas whirring in my head for my blog (some just blog posts I can’t find the time to write, others more exciting projects) but, you know, life keeps on happening and I need about a week of no distractions to get things sorted. Since that’s unlikely, I’ll keep whirring for now but thought I’d let you know I’m just thinking (always reassuring to know that people are thinking isn’t it?).

I’ll work on it; I’ll get all the pieces connected. I’m hoping all the thoughts and ideas will come together beautifully…much like this rather snazzy train track, but hopefully without the marital bickering present during the great track build of 2015.

Brio challenge: connect every piece, use NO buffers


Anticipation – Christmas 2015

Do you ever have the sense that you’re trying to reach or search for a feeling or a time or a sensation…one you are sure exists but can’t be pinned down? I get this a lot – it’s a still from a film, an emotion from a song, a picture in my mind from a book, a sense of another time. I think it stems from having an active imagination and being a nostalgic romantic at heart.
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What’s In Your Pockets?

I was walking home childless yesterday and, feeling a bit chilly, pushed my hands into my fairly cavernous pockets. They didn’t get too far though – their way was impeded by sticks and stones and rubbish and treasures and all sorts of things that by touch alone I just couldn’t identify. All sorts of things that I can assure you would not have been in my pockets two years ago, pre-parenting. It got me wondering, what on earth is in there!?
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11 Tunes From My Parenting Soundtrack

You know when you, your friends or perhaps your children say something that just has to have a song lyric attached? Who, for example, hasn’t shouted ‘STOP’…then followed it up with ‘in the name of love’ or the slightly more bouncy ‘right now, thank you very much…’!?

Well, since having a child (now a 2 year old) my husband and I do this A LOT. This means that our parenting soundtrack is currently a heady mix of nursery rhymes, Bob the Builder/Little Red Tractor/Timmy Time and completely random snatches of random songs.
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#BlogaJob Challenge: Not Quite All the Jobs I Have Ever Done

The very lovely Alice over at Nipper and Tyke tagged me back in the far mists of time for #blogajob, aka the ultimate nosy person’s tag (not that I’m saying she is nosy, but I am so I’ve enjoyed seeing people’s responses). The premise is simple – The title of Alice’s original post “All the Jobs I Have Ever Done” sums up the expectation, although I’m told, much like a proper CV, omissions and poetic licence are allowed. Phew.

And so to begin:
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8 Photos of Happiness

The lovely Sarah at Twins Make Five nominated me for this tag. I really love her blog, do pop along for a visit if you haven’t already…you can find Sarah’s 8 Photos of Happiness post here and visit her blog homepage here.

So the tag, choose 8 photos of happiness…really quite self-explanatory…And yet a couple of challenges have arisen. Firstly my photography skills are bordering on shambolic BUT I don’t think that really matters, you’ll all just have to stick with me and marvel in some cronky photographs. The biggest problem is actually that I don’t want to share photos on my blog of me, my family or friends. Hmm. Given that those things make me happiest (along with tea and chips) I was a bit stuck for a moment.
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