The Instantx Detecting Soda Machine…. Dash N Drink

Why a vending machine?

Because it shows off InstantX in a real world use point of sale scenario. This can't be done with any Bitclone(coins that confirm and secure transactions at the same time).

What does it do?

Displays a QR code to send Dash.
If the amount is sent via Instantx and the amount is equal or above the amount needed, it sends the command to credit the machine for 1 beverage.
This is fast - Instant from a human's perspective.
If the amount is less/over, it instantly returns the change.
If a standard transaction is sent it rejects it and instantly sends it back.  (Maybe display "We don't wait for block confirmations and either should you, InstantX instead!")
Once a purchase is made, it displays a thank you and rotates the QR code.

Where will this machine debut?

The North American Bitcoin Conference, Miami January 21-22 2016