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The World Climate Summit 2015 is organised by World Climate Ltd, the global climate stakeholder platform, in partnership with Sustainia, a leading sustainability think tank. With a community of more than 20,000 corporate and institutional leaders in the climate arena, we have organised more than 10 global conferences in Denmark, Mexico, South Africa, Qatar, Poland, Peru, Belgium, France, USA and Dubai.

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What we do

Since 2010, the World Climate Summit is the original business, finance and government forum during the UNFCCC COP. Our objective is to accelerate, promote, and support climate change solutions in cities, regions, and countries. We do this by inviting the most relevant CEOs, leaders, and VIPs to the World Climate Summit.

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How we Helped

In December 2015, world leaders gathered at the COP21 in Paris to agree on a universal agreement on climate change. This was a historic opportunity for all generations to set a sustainable future. Participants in this high-level event of COP21 listened and learnt from leaders and experts; networked with business, financiers and policy makers; and showcased their solutions to a VIP audience and global media.

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Business, Finance and Political Negotiators Succeed in COP21

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