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    Already picked out my shirt for tomorrow.

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    Hey inspires us all around the world to do their kind of work.

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    Dear , , we are the people that operate your systems, educate your children, and subscribe to your services. <3

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    Hey , does the work to ensure that the internet stays open, encryption stays legal, and users remain in control

  5. Technology users worldwide help teach the CEO of T-Mobile US who EFF is:

  6. In guidance to states and cities on drones, DHS acknowledges the value of encryption:

  7. T-Mobile's CEO is dying to know who EFF is. Friends, please tweet at with the hashtag to enlighten him.

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    . Who pays for to keep watch on shady anti-net neutrality moves like this? People who know the net.

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  9. The proposed update to the federal ethics policy for experiments on human subjects is full of loopholes.

  10. TPP contains a worse version of the U.S. DMCA takedown system. It does even less to protect our speech online:

  11. . Does Binge On alter the video stream in any way, or just limit its bandwidth?

  12. Ask for the truth about T-Mobile's new Binge On program.

  13. We're deeply concerned about Binge On. Here are our questions for T-Mobile:

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    What do Neil Gaiman, Cory Doctorow and Elizabeth Bear have in common? They are in an anthology with !!!

  15. The proposed federal protections for human subjects of scientific research should be much, much stronger:

  16. Sentencing for journalist Matthew Keys is January 20. His prosecution highlights the CFAA's many flaws:

  17. DHS sees need for privacy, transparency, and accountability where state or local agencies use drones:

  18. We can stop the TPP from getting congressional approval. If you’re in the US, ask your lawmakers to reject it:

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    After you download 's "Pwning Tomorrow", give them money. They fight for your privacy, security, & speech online

  20. Under TPP, Canadians will be forced to swallow 20 yrs of copyright extension after rejecting it many times before.

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