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  1. Microsoft, Google, Facebook to U.K.: Don’t weaken encryption

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    From today through 10 Jan, ProxyProphet is donating 100% of proceeds to Jeremy Hammond's fund for his birthday:

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    Happy birthday Jeremy (and Jason!) Hammond

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    January 8 was a good day. Happy birthday, and . I love and miss you guys. <333

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  5. Edward speaks at Consumer Electronics Show disguised as a robot

  6. 320,000 Time Warner Accounts’ Info Compromised

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    More than 100 Turkish & Kurdish academics have already signed the campaign "We will not be a party to this crime"

  8. Facebook Censors Anonymous For Amateur Murder Mystery Sleuthing

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    Internet doesn't forget anything. Here is the webpage capture:

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    Meanwhile the Q&A has been removed from the website.

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    's Presidency of Religious Affairs: It is not haram to have sexual desire towards your own daughter.

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  12. 'I Live-Blogged My Rape'

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    Didn't Comey say that spooks have to not ask for a backdoor but talk more about "the problem" locally at IAPC

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    The first Bloc Party of 2016: It's In The Cards

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    Amnesty and the geopolitics of 'political prisoner': Leopoldo Lopez vs. Chelsea Manning

  16. THE GAME

  17. Guides for the Anonymous collective

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    Technology users worldwide help teach the CEO of T-Mobile US who EFF is:

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    In guidance to states and cities on drones, DHS acknowledges the value of encryption:

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