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  1. It's like these big companies, whose entire remit is Internet-based, have no idea how the Internet works.

  2. . . . it's almost like they haven't heard of good ol' Barbra Streisand & the └(◑౪◐)┘/derpshrug

  3. Did they honestly think that taking away a verified icon wasn't going to initiate a ?

  4. Just glad I don't own stock.

  5. Today has been a great day for the . A really, really bad day to own stock, though.

  6. I'm feeling good, how about you? Oh and how about dat ?

  7. It is true, though. The applies to pretty much anything on the internet these days. demonstrates that.

  8. Enjoying the ? is unstoppable.

  9. Oh ! You of all people should have realised how the works

  10. Twitter doesn't know the and if they think SJW's alone can keep them afloat financially, they're wrong

  11. That's worse than the !

  12. Meanwhile the Q&A has been removed from the website.

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  13. "Innovation". I remember when EA said that too with their response to criticism about DungeonKeeper.

  14. Media censors active in even during the holiday season as Zoran Kesić's satirical sketch is being taken off the net

  15. Nations need to give their officials some kind of official training on and the - they still don't grasp the Net

  16. the stupidity level..of these choades..comparable to Dominos... Stupidity level ;)

  17. SJW's freak out about but it has only driven more traffic to the site. in action.

  18. Sadly never heard of the in that trying to silence critics encourages them

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