Artists Reflect on the Death Penalty.

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Photos from Opening Night in Houston

The death penalty has come under intense criticism of late. innocent people have been released from death row after years of wrongful incarceration. other innocents, such as ruben cantu in Texas, may have been wrongfully executed. Calls have been made to stop all executions and investigate the system or to abolish it once and for all.

We organized this international, all-media, juried art show to foster the creation of new artwork on the death penalty, to celebrate artwork that may already have been created and to encourage and enhance civic engagement and dialogue about the death penalty.

Democracy is animated when an informed public is engaged in the issues of the day. We hope this art show will reach new and diverse participants and audiences and will stimulate public dialogue about this contemporary social issue and inspire action to make change. Art is a wonderful medium for the transformation and awareness of the world.

The death penalty art show was exhibited in Houston at Gallery M Squared from February 10 - 18, 2007 with an opening night reception at 7 PM on the 10th. The gallery is located at 339 West 19th Street in Houston (Map). There was a gallery talk Friday, Feb 16, at 7 PM with Margo Handwerker,Curatorial Assistant at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston and instructor at The Glassell School of Art.

The Austin Chronicle says "the show is nothing short of powerful."

The opening night reception for the death penalty art show on May 6 was an exciting night. The following awards were announced:

"Best in Show" ($500) went to Isabelle Heitzmann of Paris, France for "Lethal Injection (Barbie Jail Fun Series)", mixed media, 28x30x61 cm. artist's audio statement.

Second place ($250) went to Annie Feldmeier Adams of Chicago for "Last Supper Trading Cards", cardstock and ink, 3.25" x 4.25", set of 52 cards. artist's audio statement.

Third place ($175) was Jason Archer of Austin for "War Tribunal", giclee print, 24 x 16 in. artist's audio statement.

Two merit awards of $50 each went to Mark Jenkinson of New York City for "Ricky Langley", digital c print, 30 x 40 inches. artist's audio statement.

and Thomas Buchner of Germany for his series "World Wide Patent fig. 1, 2, 3"; adhesive tape on printed drawing, 29,8 cm x 21 cm. artist's audio statement.

The jury also gave an award for "Best Work by an Artist on Death Row" ($175), which went to Robert Perez, who is on Texas' death row, for his two pencil drawings, "Texas Executioner", 22x14 and "Yellow Rose for Friendship", 14x12 in.

The "Viewers Choice Award" ($100), which was selected by a vote of the opening night reception attendees, went to Ben Woitena of Houston for his work "Dead Man Walking" of painted steel, masonite, plexiglass, photo-montage & xerox copies, 39-38"h x 27"w x 3-1/4"d. artist's audio statement.

List of artists whose work will be in the exhibition at Gallery M2 in Houston Feb 10-18, 2007.

Online gallery of jury selections.

Annie Feldmeier Adams - Chicago IL USA

Jill Alo - Austin TX USA

John Amador - Polunsky Unit TX USA

Keith "BB" Amante - Austin TX USA

Jason Archer - Austin TX USA

William Berkley - Polunsky Unit TX USA

David Blow - Hickory Creek TX USA

Samuel Brown - Minneapolis MN USA

Thomas Buchner - Ampfing Germany

Anibal Canales, Jr - Polunsky Unit TX USA

Russell Castillo, Jr - Liberty Hill TX USA

Barbara Caveng - Berlin Germany

Ebbesen Davis - Austin TX USA

Reinaldo A. Dennes - Polunsky Unit TX USA

Cristina Ferran-Jadick - Houston TX USA

Christopher Fitzgerald - Austin TX USA

Rita Fuchsberg - Poultney VT USA

Tania Guerrera - Mount Vernon NY USA

Vincent Gutierrez - Polunsky Unit USA

Isabelle Heitzmann - Paris France

Linda Hesh Alexandria - VA USA

Jasmin Hilmer - Hamburg Germany

Renaldo Hudson - Sumner IL USA

Mark Jenkinson - New York, New York, USA

Michael W. Jewell - Powledge Unit TX USA

Lou Jones - Boston MA USA

Stan Kaplan - Levittown NY USA

Jim Krantz - Chicago IL USA

Robert Kunec - Halle/Saale, Germany

Jenn Lindberg - Austin TX USA

Ahren Lutz - Portland OR USA

Kate MacDonald - Vancouver BC Canada

Farley C. Matchett - Polunsky Unit TX USA

Michelle Mayer - Austin TX USA

Misty Morris - Aiken SC USA

Khristian Oliver - Polunsky Unit TX USA

Scott L. Panetti - Polunsky Unit TX USA

Louis Castro Perez - Polunsky Unit TX USA

Robert Perez - Polunsky Unit TX USA

Bogdan Perzynski - Austin TX USA

Shanon Playford - Portland OR USA

Roger Preston - Las Vegas NV USA

Arnold Prieto - Polunsky Unit TX USA

Travis Runnels - Polunsky Unit TX USA

Stephanie Saint Sanchez - Houston TX USA

Shannon Stoney - Houston TX USA

Carlos Trevino - Polunsky Unit TX USA

Carlton A. Turner - Polunsky Unit TX USA

Claude van Lingen - Austin TX USA

Collin W Williams - Montevallo AL USA

Melinda Wing - Phoenix AZ USA

Ben Woitena - Houston TX USA

Peter Wortel - Haren The Netherlands

We are excited to announce that we are using an innovative system called "Guide by Cell" for this exhibition. Visitors to the gallery will be able to call a number using their cell phones, punch in a number found next to each artwork and listen to an audio recording of the artist speaking about that artwork. The service is free, except for the use of minutes on the cell phones. The audio recordings are also posted as links on this website.

We welcome submissions from artists who engage the issue from all sides.

deadline for submissions: March 28, 2006. Exhibition: May 6-22, 2006 in Austin, Texas