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Bernard Denner is the author of the original "Bloke's Night Out" concept.
The 'Bloke's Night Out' resource kit provides everything you need to run your own night.

On 9th June 2010 at Redcliffs/Mildura Victoria, Bernard presented his 100th Men's Health Night talk to an audience of 220 men. LISTEN TO Bernard's interview on Regional ABC/Mildura Rural Report at the 100th Men's Health Night talk. (.mp3 3.9mb)

Men's health talks are an important link in the awareness pathway for men...16years on from his first at Castlemaine. On the night 70 men also had a Health Check part of the CAMH Check-Mate program of Full Blood Lipids/Blood Pressure/Blood Sugar and general chat.

"Our lives begin to end, the day we become silent about things that matter"

~ Martin Luther King

• Health & Wellbeing Matters •


"It's a Boy - A Journey Into Manhood"
This story is based on one man’s journey reflecting the first 25 years of life men can experience. It tackles male issues including the insecurities of male sexuality and the ability or inability to meet the demands of women.

Buy direct from Amazon Books at discounted prices or Rose Dog Books. (2009, paperback, 172 pages).



Bernard visits War Memorials

Bernard had the opportunity to visit France and the Australian War Memorials across France especially those around the Lille region. He also visited Fromelles on the weekend of its dedication.


“As a Vietnam veteran and Australian I was truly humbled by the sacrifice of those young Australians killed on the fields of France in WW 1 & 2. Being in their presence ‘choked me with tears and pride’. I must say that the French have never forgotten their sacrifice and this is demonstrated in the care and condition of the monuments under the auspice of our Australian War Memorials Office. I encourage everyone to experience ‘the spirit’ of these brave Australians and that of rural French people. ‘Lest we Forget’


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Who is Bernard Denner? Or perhaps, more importantly, what is a Bernard Denner?

Perhaps it can be best described as a one-man band with a rather large percussion section, because it’s beating the drum exceptionally loudly for the physical and mental health of half the population. The male of the species.
And it’s also unashamedly right in your face.


CAMH & News Updates

NEW!!! CHINA, December 2011

Theme: Innovative Cardiology from Molecules to Engineering

December 4-6, 2011
, Beijing, China

Point-of-Care Cardiac Testing Intervention - Creates a Behaviour Change for Better Community Health Outcomes 

Bernard J. Denner, Principal, Centre for Advancement of Men's Health (CAMH), Australia

In August 2011 the MAN Model of Men's Health Promotion was endorsed by the "Australian Institute of Male Health and Studies"

Bernard was invited to Canada in 2011 to develop the MAN Model and introduce the CardioChek under the Population Health Program….   ‘Where are the Men’ initiated by Dr David Bowering and his Population Health team headed by Julie Kerr. The program provides the pathways for the Northern Health Province to Engage and Support men in their communities and the importance of healthier men to families.’  read more (external link)

In 2012 the BC Canada Men’s Health Program is going great guns.   "We are doing more and more screening along the lines of your model so thanks again for sharing it with us."  David Bowering

Bernard presented a paper called  “MALE HEALTH INTERVENTION - THE MEN'S NIGHT OUT CREATES A BEHAVIOUR CHANGE IN MEN'S HEALTH OUTCOMES.”at the 20th IUHPE World Conference on Health Promotion, 11-15 July 2010, Geneva, Switzerland

The 100th MHNight was presented at Redcliffs Victoria in June 2010 and in October the 103rd MHN was conducted in Murrayville Vic with 75 men  from population of around 700.

  • The paper (.pdf 213kb) presented at the 20th IUHPE World Conference in Geneva.
  • The Paper (.pdf 9mb) presented by Bernard Denner at the 10th National Rural Health Conference in Cairns May 2009 was recognised in the Top 30 Papers at Conference. Read Bernards other papers.
  • CAMH sessions over the last 14 years
  • Last summer the new Australian government announced that it would introduce a National Men's Health Policy. Bernard  brings us up to date with progress so far and explains why it's so important in an article just published by European Men's Health Forum. Read the full story here
  • Bernard attended the Men's Health Australia Longitudinal Study stakeholder forum hosted by Governor Professor David deKretser at Government House, Melbourne June 10th, organised by Andrology Australia.





Articles & Reports

The Men's Health Night or Workplace Men's Health sessions are now the preferred option by a range of organisations to provide men with a range of health messages.

CAMH now provides a night for women "Understanding Men" (see results under Research & Findings) and more importantly an option for Indigenous communities (see RMHP findings).

'The Bloke's Night Out' is a valuable tool for providing men with a pathway to the health system and recognising the value of good health and early intervention risk assessment. Download article 'Land of Hope' published in Insight, The Age, Saturday June 16, 2007 (.pdf 131kb)

CAMH provides a range of other sessions including Workplace Health/Adolescents LifeSkills and development of our Check-Mate screening program along with the resources to develop the Bloke's Night Out.' (see a list of CAMH sessions over the last 14 years).

Google Bernard Denner to see the extent of articles & work published on CAMH by others.