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The Internet is an indispensable part of today's media landscape. His emphasis is on the increase due to the increased used Web search and there are more and more applications on the market, defining the classic business processes from scratch. But the Internet presence is now no longer sufficient for a company.

The Baltimore office of TruePresence is your local internet marketing resource.  From helping you FIND new customers, to helping you GET them to become your customer, to helping you KEEP them as a customer over time, TruePresence Baltimore has the answers.  We specialize in Search Marketing, SEO, Online Advertising, Social Media, Website Design, Landing Page Development and E-Mail Marketing, and have vast resources from which to draw for other online marketing needs as well!
Why you need to Do Internet Marketing?
84%        of internet users regularly use search engines to find information.
87%        of search engine users do not look at the second result page.
76%        of all Internet users use search engine with an intention to purchase.



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"Now, whenever I meet a new potential client or employee, I tell them to check out our site because I know it delivers a positive impression."

- Logan Payne, Founder and President, Creative Mortgage Partners Corporation