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About Silverbased

What is Silverbased?

A blog about photography—specifically, the wonderful, tangible reality of photography using real film and vintage metal cameras.

I explore DIY hacks, techie curiosities, and offer appreciations of camera gear that many would consider laughably obsolete. There’s an index to most of my posts so far, over on the Welcome Page.

Who is Vox?

Just some guy in Michigan—who has spent the past 40 years bashing around with cameras and tinkering with basement projects, as seen here.

Why “Silverbased”? What is AgBr?

Grains of certain silver compounds are the essential light-sensitive element of film.

AgBr is the chemical notation for silver bromide ( “Ag” comes from the Latin “argentum”). Photo emulsions may also include small proportions of silver iodide or silver chloride, but are mostly silver bromide.

Bromine, iodine, and chlorine are collectively known as the “halogen” elements; so their silver salts are known as silver halides. But silver bromide is the most light-sensitive of the three. The ability of AgBr to record even very faint exposures to light is what makes analog photography possible.

Do you really hate digital?

Why, pish. Vox began using Photoshop 2.5 sometime during the Bill Clinton’s first term in office. He has always been aware of digital’s pragmatic advantages.

But remember: Film is Cooler.™

Doesn’t “silverbased” need a hyphen?

If you like. But the trend in English is for compound words to fuse as they become more familiar. If you look in old photo publications, you’ll often see flashbulb and viewfinder hyphenated or written as separate words.

Also, hyphens in URLs are a drag.

If someone really wanted to, how would they talk to the Vox?

Assuming one is not some icky spam robot, one would put together the name “vox” with the domain of this site, in the logical way…