Star Wars: Legacy #32 -- Fight Another Day part 1

Darth Krayt's program to exterminate the Mon Calamari is still in progress, with only the Mon Cal Rangers standing between the refugee populace and certain doom. Now a Sith scientist has a new weapon against which the Rangers are powerless.

Faced with a choice between allowing refugees to perish and sacrificing themselves in a fruitless delaying action, the Rangers turn to an unexpected-and reluctant-source for help.

"Star Wars: Legacy took a gamble by jumping the Star Wars saga one hundred years past what we knew about it and it has paid off. It's a great series."
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John Ostrander
Omar Fancia
Brad Anderson
Cover Artist:
Omar Fancia
Features: Review
Publication Date:
January 28, 2009
FC, 40 pages
7 61568 13514 5 03211

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