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Welcome to KinHelp

An introduction to me and my Scottish family history resources. Feel free to use what I have provided here (indexes, articles, etc.), and you may wish to use my KinHelp professional research service. I have a unique and extensive private research library to hand for many earlier records, but I can help with any time and place in Scotland. I also have colleagues who work at the main archive repositories in Edinburgh. NOTE: The log-in facility is only for persons allowed to make changes to the website, and for new contributions (e-mail them to me).

My genealogical indexes are free to use and to print off, but these and the articles remain my copyright and that should be respected. My "Snippets from history" pages are worth browsing through. They have interesting items taken from published sources covering several centuries. You might find an ancestor here if you are lucky! There will be more items from time to time.

The Library and Archive Sources (click on: Genealogical Resources and Hints section)is a list of libraries and archives which have genealogical material. This is hell to update, so expect it to be ages behind the times. Corrections and updates from the places listed will be welcomed.


Gordon...I'm a professional librarian who took early retirement in 1996, but find my time is filled up!. I'm also an enthusiastic knowledge merchant,a digger into everything under the sun (and beyond). My daughter say's I'm an expert know-it-all :-); but my late mother was a real ex-pert: her maiden surname was PERT. My wife says she knows me better.:-) My hobbies include family (living and dead), agates, sf, photography, cacti and orchids, journalism, running book sales to raise funds for my local church, and a thousand and one other things (from pogonophores to zoolites).

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