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Teaser PosterWelcome to the official home of Space Ruckus, an upcoming action/adventure game from Gridline Games. Our team consists of several talented individuals from around the world. Like many games, Space Ruckus began as a simple idea, and over the course of time, it has evolved into something else. As the game has evolved, so has our team. We have come a long way, and have learned a great deal. When complete, Space Ruckus will feature an imaginative storyline, dozens of landscapes, hundreds of unique characters, and billions of stars. Together, these elements will draw the gamer into a remarkable gaming experience.

A release date is not currently set, but we are working at a steady pace, and promise to bring you the best possible product. If you are interested in a position, please refer to the openings on the team page.

Story Synopsis

In a distant star system, an alien force is rising, which poses an insurmountable threat to the galaxy. Knowledge of their existence is not wide spread, but that is about to change. While conducting a routine mission in deep space, Commander Gunner is abducted, while his team is left to die. In the wake of such unforeseen events, who will take charge? In the midst of chaos, one man rises, and his name is Bill Grig. He is only a rookie, but using his vast skills and a secret weapon, he must send the aliens packing.

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