"By 2016, 40 percent of enterprises will make proof of independent security testing a precondition for using any type of cloud service."- A research report from Gartner

Security Testing

As enterprises leverage the convergence of cloud, mobility, social computing and web applications, one area that concerns everyone is Security. Availability of the applications, Privacy of the data, and Confidentiality of the information published and subscribed are three very important considerations for creating a secure business environment. This calls for a seamless security testing strategy by specialist software security testers.
The consequences of a security breach are significant: loss of revenues, damage to credibility, legal liability and loss of customer trust. Security testing ensures an organisation's reputation, privacy of sensitive data, customer confidence, and also trust.

Security testing reveals vulnerabilities in the security mechanisms of the applications under context that protect data and maintain functionality as intended. Typical security requirements may include specific elements of confidentiality, integrity, authentication, availability, authorization and non-repudiation.

  • Need for knowledge of entire application ecosystem (multiple platforms across the presentation, logic, and data tiers) and applicable threats and vulnerabilities
  • Voluminous lines of code to be tested for vulnerabilities in short test cycles
  • Too many false positives and false negatives caused by tool-based scan approach
  • Need for accredited and certified and testing professionals with ethical hacking skills
  • Lack of security standards and guidelines required to address emerging technology
The Solution

Over the last decade, Cigniti has built capabilities, knowledge repository, and test accelerators leveraging experiencing working on over 100 engagements using latest industry standards (OWASP, etc.) and proprietary testing methodologies. Our team leverages passive security testing techniques (Social Engineering, Data Privacy, Architectural Risk Analysis, etc.) and active security testing methods (Ethical Hacking, Threat Modeling, etc.) using combination of open source, commercial, and proprietary security testing tools.

Cigniti offers an in-depth security analysis supported by comprehensive reports and dashboards, along with remedial measures for any issues found. Cigniti has deep expertise in Security Testing for web applications, mobile application, software products, and web services, both on the premise and over the cloud.


The key benefits of testing Security may be summarized as below:

  • Applications under testing are FREE from OWASP reported vulnerabilities & threads
  • Optimal mix of manual testing and automation scan minimized incorrect reporting
  • Readiness certification for PCI-DSS, and other industry compliance requirements
  • Testing performed by CEH, CISSP, CISA certified professionals

The Process

Cigniti Security Testing Practice and Offerings include the following:

  • Web Application Penetration Testing
  • Mobile Application Security Testing
  • Product Security Testing
  • Cloud Application Security Testing
  • Web Services Security Testing
  • Security Code Review
  • Network Security Assessment

To know more about how Cigniti can help you take advantage of Security testing, write to info@cigniti.com.