BLACK DOG: Corbyn... and his growing ambition 

Even some of Jeremy Corbyn’s closest backers are baffled by his giddy journey from obscure backbench rebel to towering national statesman. 

One Corbyn insider disloyally observes: ‘It’s like that 1979 film Being There where Peter Sellers plays an ordinary guy who is mistaken for a genius and urged to run for President. He’s really just a humble gardener’. 

Dog wonders if Corbyn secretly agrees with the comparison. 

After addressing adoring crowds last week, he was heard sighing: ‘Oh well, if I don’t win, I can always go back to my allotment.’

Jeremy Corbyn, pictured, was heard saying if he does not win, he can always go back to his allotment 

Labour's dwindling army of Blairites, who sought political asylum in Liz Kendall’s leadership camp, are now defecting to Yvette Cooper in a desperate last-ditch move to stop Corbyn. 

The switchers use the code ‘going to KFC’ for their secret meetings. 

They aren’t stuffing their faces with fried chicken – the initials stand for ‘Kendallites for Cooper’.

Tom gets unlikely lift from 'limo girl' Farah 

Burly Tom Watson’s bid to replace Harriet Harman as Deputy Labour Leader – and therefore be the man to face George Osborne at Prime Minister’s Questions in David Cameron’s absence – has received a boost from an unlikely source. 

Farah Sassoon, pictured, has donated £6,000 to Tom Watson's Labour deputy leadership campaign through her company, it has emerged 

Farah Sassoon, pictured, has donated £6,000 to Tom Watson's Labour deputy leadership campaign through her company, it has emerged 

Farah Sassoon, best known for her antics in a taxi after a night out with her drinking pal Sally Bercow, has donated £6,000 to his campaign through her company – thus lending a much-needed touch of glamour to the old bruiser.

Here's hoping the Spitfire and Hurricane pilots in last week’s Battle of Britain 75th flypast did not spot the bizarre ‘wild garden’ look of the battle memorial on London’s Victoria Embankment. 

When Dog walked past, the weeds sprouting out of the top were – to paraphrase Winston Churchill – definitely ‘the many, not the few’.

Matt's spooky move 

George Osborne’s acolyte Matt Hancock, the Paymaster General, is having to work in a distinctly creepy atmosphere in the Cabinet Office after the building was hit by lightning in a summer thunder storm. 

The electrics have shorted so his lights mysteriously flicker on and off without warning. 

Ungenerous colleagues, envious of the thirty-something’s meteoric rise, snipe that the ‘haunted house’ setting suits shadowy Mr Hancock down to the ground. 

Over recent years, John Bercow has battled numerous attempts to topple him by Tory MPs and survived an endlessly eventful marriage to Sally. 

His compensation? The controversial but generous £7,000 pay rise being given to all MPs means that Bercow will now earning a healthy £149,766 in a full year – just shy of the £150,000 top rate of tax, and more than the Prime Minister. 

Dog wonders if he will mention that when he addresses the TUC conference next month.


Updated leadership rules to be debated at the Liberal Democrats’ seaside conference next month begin grimly: ‘Upon election, the Leader shall hold office until death’. 

Happily for newly-elected party boss Tim Farron, a youthful-looking 45, he is left with a less dramatic way out: ‘Resignation.’

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