Did You Wake Up to Find the IRS Has Taken Your Money and Assets?

We Can Help You Get It Back

A few years ago the IRS issued over 3.6 million levy notices! (Source: IRS Data Book, 2010)

The IRS is serious about collecting on the taxes that Taxpayers owe to the IRS.

The IRS uses their Levy process to seize your assets to pay off your debt to the IRS. The IRS can take such assets as your house, autos, boats, bank accounts, your salary and even your Social Security checks.

The good news is that AAA Tax & Accounting has stopped levies in a few business days, in many cases. Our tax resolution Team will contact the IRS in the effort to prevent you from losing any of your assets. We negotiate with the IRS to find the best possible solution for you, including: an Offer in Compromise, an affordable monthly payment plan, or have you declared Currently Not Collectible by the IRS. We also use the IRS laws to our advantage by requesting that the IRS release a levy if the levy is creating a Taxpayer hardship.

An IRS levy of your bank account might seem terrible, but pales in comparison to having your income garnished. That’s when most of your pay check goes to the IRS. If you are a 1099 contractor they take 100% of your earnings! The IRS doesn’t care if you don’t have enough money left to pay your bills. If you receive a paycheck, up to 70% of every check goes to the IRS each and every payday until the tax debt is paid in full.

The IRS will send final notice of levy, via certified mail, to the address they have on record for the year the debt was created. If you have moved there is a good chance that you will never receive this warning and wake up one morning to find out that the levy has taken place anyway. Once you recieve a levy notice or a levy has been issued, contact us immediately so that our tax resolution Team can get your levy released.

If you owe money to the IRS, they may choose to collect by seizing your property. This means you could wake up one morning with nothing – literally! You may find that your bank accounts have been cleaned out, your cars and home have been seized, and your wages are being garnished. There is no such thing as an affordable payment plan when you are dealing with the IRS. Their goal is to take what is owed to them quickly and without regards to you and your family.

An IRS levy may well be in your future if you are ignoring notices from the IRS.

Once the IRS is garnishing your wages, they will continue to take money directly from your paycheck until your tax debt is paid, without regard to leaving you enough money to pay the rest of your bills. They will even take everything you own and auction it off in order to get the money you owe them.


If you are already in this situation, however, let us see what we can do to help. We can often get at least some of these levies released and to help you start getting your life back.

We routinely assist our clients with IRS levies. Call our office (720-392-0420) or send us a brief email with the form provided, and we will contact you within 24 hours.


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