Business and Payroll Tax Issues

If you own a business and have employees, we highly suggest that you hire a payroll service. If you are having payroll tax problems, you probably don’t employ a payroll service. Our first course of action is to bring your business into compliance by directing you to hire a payroll service.

If your business is closed at the time of tax issues with the IRS, you will or have gotten a collection action notice from the IRS. In this case we would determine what you have to pay and negotiate an IRS payment plan.

Who is Actually Responsible for Payroll Tax Issues?

The IRS considers payroll tax problems to be the worst tax liability to owe. They will access liability for payroll taxes owed from as many people as possible, owners, officers, book keepers, spouses and even the secretary who answered your phones and handed out paychecks. Depending on your situation and our assessment, AAA Tax & Accounting may be able to have you and other individuals in your company declared -currently non-collectible.

Never Attempt to Deal with the IRS on Your Own

The reason you should never attempt to settle your payroll tax problems with the IRS on your own is simple. The IRS will conduct a trust fund recovery interview with you in where they will as you very complicated questions to access liability to as many people within your business as possible. Answering these questions requires a great deal of skill and knowledge of IRS laws in order to limit the number of responsible people involved.

When you have payroll tax problems, the first thing the IRS will do is begin to shut down your business by immediately seizing assets, including accounts receivable, credit card merchant accounts, bank accounts, equipment, fixtures and furniture. When this happens, you, the business owner, will have no choice but to close your doors. After assets are seized, the IRS will begin collection actions, such as wage garnishments, bank levies and seize autos, your home and personal property to fulfill any outstanding balance owed to the IRS.

AAA Tax & Accounting may be able to stop the IRS from closing your business and seizing business and personal assets if you contact us at the first sign of payroll tax problems. Many business owners don’t believe that the IRS would take such drastic measures but many IRS agents are ruthless in their methods of collections for payroll tax problems. In the eyes of the IRS, they view payroll tax problems as stealing money from the government and the government employees, meaning they feel you have stolen from them personally.

AAA Tax & Accounting will vigorously defend you before the IRS in an effort to stop overly aggressive collection actions.

As ex-IRS agents, we have inside knowledge of the IRS. We have been successful in protecting our clients from payroll tax liability collection actions being taken against business owners, personally and in significantly reducing the payroll tax liability owed by their businesses. We can help you prevent a business shutdown and asset seizure and effectively negotiate an IRS payment plan.

Mistakes on Payroll Taxes is Guarnateed a Visit from the IRS

Failure to pay or late filing of payroll tax returns results in more severe penalties than any other tax penalty. If you are not paying your business’s payroll taxes, you are stealing money from your employees and the government. The IRS will not hesitate to seize your assets, shutdown your business and stop you from making a living.

If you are behind on payroll taxes, it is vital that you get help from a professional who understands tax law and how the IRS operates. The way you handle your initial contact with the IRS will determine your chances of staying in business. AAA Tax & Accounting will assess your current situation and find answers that will best preserve your ability to stay in business.

We routinely assist our clients with payroll tax problems. Call our office 720-392-0420 or fill out the form provided and we will contact you within 24 hours.


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