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And then it started to snow…

Saturday 16th January – A bit after bedtime…. The last time it snowed here was 3 years ago, But you were so tiny you just didn’t know. You can’t have been more than a few short months old, Wrapped up in a snowsuit all safe from the cold. But we bought you a sledge as… Continue reading And then it started to snow…

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The many meanings of “Mmmuuhh!”

Our beautiful boy, you’re now 16 months old. You are smiley and cute and so snuggly to hold. But your tot conversation is somewhat reserved. In fact until now you’ve had only one word… “Mmmuuhh!” With determination, and one outstretched paw. Your insistant “Mmmuuhh!” Means “May I have some MORE?” “Mmmuuhh!” Can mean “MINE!!!” Be… Continue reading The many meanings of “Mmmuuhh!”

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Wayfair UK – Blog it forward…(A rhyme!)

  Last week I was contacted by Wayfair UK, who asked if I would join in their new #BlogItForward charity project. During the month of December they raised over ¬£2600 and this month they want to do even better. Here‚Äôs how it works: ¬†Spread positive cheer by doing a good deed, no matter how big… Continue reading Wayfair UK – Blog it forward…(A rhyme!)

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Harry Potter Studios – A magical visit.

I’ve always been quite a big fan so to speak In fact you might say I’m a H. Potter geek. When I heard of the tour of the film studio, I instantly knew I was desperate to go. Then I read Hello Archie’s¬†fantastic review, And I pleaded with hubby to take me there too. He… Continue reading Harry Potter Studios – A magical visit.

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Winning at dinner with a picky toddler.

I’m not what you’d class as a talented cook. I’m hardly Nigella, but quite like her book. And most of the time I go out of my way, To put something nice on the table each day. Which my baby boy scoffs like a small dinosaur, Stuffing in fresh fruit and veggies galore. But tea… Continue reading Winning at dinner with a picky toddler.


Your first day at nursery…

This morning I woke feeling anxious inside. Nervous, excited, and fizzing with pride. Your “Frozen” bag’s packed and you’re ready to play. You’re starting your preschool adventure today! We’ve found the right place¬†and I know that it’s time. You’re ready for more so I know you’ll be fine. You’ll play with the first toys that… Continue reading Your first day at nursery…

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My scales are clearly broken.

I waddled to the scales this morning. Eyes half shut I climbed on, yawning. The numbers climbed extremely high. I really can’t imagine why? In fact it gave me quite a scare To see such numbers flashing there. Perhaps, as far as I can tell. A hippo had climbed on as well? It left me… Continue reading My scales are clearly broken.