During World War II the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department utilized a
number of persons in an organization know as "Auxiliary Deputy Sheriffs."  They
were part of the Civilian Defense program, and were non-deputized volunteers, In
1950 an ordinance was passed deputizing these men into the Sheriff's Emergency
Reserve.  Auxiliary Deputies wore only a cap piece and no badge.
East Los Angeles Company Two, Auxiliary Deputy Sheriffs.  Taken 1942 or 43.  
Deputies wore a patch on each sleeve that said, "Deputy Sheriff's Auxiliary" and
on the left sleeve below the regular patch was a patch with the same design as
the armband below.
Shoulder patch for the Sheriff's
Used with permission and courtesy of
The California Patch Book
Armband for members of the Disaster
Relief Authority.
Armband for Air Raid Warden  
WWII/Civil Defense
I.D. Cards and arm band for Air Raid Warden, during WWII years
and Civil Defense during Cold War era.
Armband for Air Raid
Warden  WWII/Civil Defense
Posse jacket worn with Mounted Posse Badge.  
Pre 1948 Auxiliary Mounted
Posse Badge
These three pieces were found on a
large sign at Wayside Honor Rancho
years ago.  The original mounting was
old and decrepit.  I remounted them on
a wooden plaque I use for the Sheriff's
Relief retirement plaque.  They are
made out of solid brass and look very
Sheriff's Mounted Posse plaque.  
Usually 8" to 12" high for mounting on
horse trailer.
Retired Mounted Posse.  Note
the five cut stones (diamonds?)
embedded on star.
Posse patches and Mounted Posse uniform courtesy of
Sheriff's Auxiliary 1940's
Courtesy of:
Sterling lapel pin for Mounted Posse.
Approx. 11/2 inches high.