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old and new.
Interesting Link:  Los Angeles County Murders
Link to the history of the Santa Clarita Valley Station,
formerly Newhall Station.
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Here is a link to a small video showing
the consequences of not following
procedure and lack of communication
between partners.  WARNING!!  This
is a graphic, disturbing video and not
intended for children!  Besides the
video is the complete story behind it.
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Links to Police Collectors Web Sites
As of July 17, 2008, this site
lists 1028 state and local law
enforcement officials from
enforcement agencies who
have written 2187 books.
Designed by Harry Penny, former
LASD member and author.
Enforcement Historical Society.
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Pat Olvey
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Here's a link to a nice website created by a person in Germany.  Dedicated to
the Los Angeles Police Department.  He would appreciate any pictures/items that pertain to
the Department.
The California Patch Book.
The LARGEST military
antique RETAIL SHOP in the

Click to check it out!  I highly
recommend.  Good people!
Link to the Los Angeles Police Departments Police Museum.  
Definitely worth the trip to see.
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a new book.
Excellent tax consultant and preparer.
Specializes in law enforcement returns.