The purpose of this page is to enlighten new collectors to the outright bogus and fantasy
badges being offered for sale or auction.  Anyone new to collecting law enforcement
badges and/or patches, should educate themselves before wasting good money on bogus
items. The badges pictured here are all reproductions or outright fantasy.
This much reproduced badge
shows  up every once in awhile
and usually  with a high price.  
Sometimes the seller swears by
its authenticity but  usually no
mention of it is made at all.  
Looks good but not worth  
anything to a legitimate
This badge is a joke. The original    
manufacturer has quit selling them but
they keep turning up at ridiculous
prices.  This badge does not resemble
any badge every used by Los Angeles
County Sheriff's  Department.  It is not
only a fake, but it's also a fraud.
Another fake/fraud
showing up on  eBay in
March 2005.  Worthless!
Two outrageous "parts" badges.  Made
from a "maybe" legitimate blank and  
stamped for what ever title they want.
Looks like crap and is!
An assortment of typical Blackinton fake or fantasy badges.  Usually sold or
auctioned as legitimate issued Los Angeles County.  L.A. County NEVER used
Blackinton to make their badges.
The bear looks like a
Polar Bear!
Never used by LASD.
Replica.  Click on
badge to see
Recently offered at auction
to be true? If authentic, I'll
buy 100 of them myself.
Currently(Feb'06) on
eBay.  Very good
Available from seller in
any rank.  That tells it
all right there!
Just a "fantasy" badge.
Notice seller has
covered up the badge
number to make you
think he's protecting
someone.  Implies
Recently offered for sale
as the 150th Anniversary
being nickel plated.  
Appears much flatter
than genuine Millennium
badge and alot cheaper.
This one is often sold without mentioning it
isn't an authentic badge.  E.W.B. is supposed
to stand for:  Eugene W. Biscailuz.
Another bogus
Anniversary badge
offered.  Described
as "silver finish".
This one for auction on and
starts at $100.
I would classify this
as a large "pin".
This is an interesting badge.  I first saw
it offered on eBay about 10 years ago.  
It has since been displayed at badge
shows and even in the LASD yearbook
as the "First LASD Badge".
I will let you make up your own mind
as to this badges authenticity as a
"First" LASD Badge.
Click on image for additional pictures
which give food for thought.
Looks good until you turn it
over and look at
Ed Jones!
This one was being sold as authentic
while it is really a fantasy design, never
used by LASD.
Offered on eBay for $19.99!  
Description states it is an obsolete
badge over 75 years old.  Nice copy and
good price to fill  in for the real thing.
Offered on the internet as
authentic.  This design was
never used or issued.
Fakes & Frauds & Repros
More Blackinton repros.  Los Angeles County has never used
Fantasy Badge offered on
eBay as the real deal!  
Last offered back in
March of 2005.  It's back
again in 2007.
Here it is again!  This repro comes up
almost every month on eBay.  This time
years old......yadayada..B.S.
4-13-07 by "tonythemouth"
Fake Undersheriff Badge.  
Real badge would have
stars, not a number.
Pilot badge turns up
often.  Sometimes with
badge number blocked to
imply authenticity.
Another Blackinton
badge.  Different
number than the one
at top of this page.
This one offered at
version of the
Helicopter badge. They
used a different style of
a fake! On eBay in
Another fictitious title
on a Blackinton badge.  
On eBay in Dec.'07
Another Court badge.  
Different number and
style of font.  Still a
reproduction!  On eBay
Maker unknown.  Poor quality.
Fantasy badge.  Poor
'09.  Maker unknown.  
Badge number blanked out
to lend to authenticiy.  
Probably a Blackinton.
regular deputy badge with a
"Detective" banner attached to
the uppermost point of the star.
Pin on left is alleged to be for the Los
Angeles County Police while the pin on the
right is an actual pin used by LASD.
County Police pin is a cheap imitation and
not described as either genuine Department
authorized or just a fantasy pin.
Front and reverse of a very poorly
made reproduction.  Illegal to
use to impersonate a deputy.