Nicolas the frog recovers from his broken leg in bright blue plaster

Last updated at 15:02 27 March 2008

This little frog is recovering from a broken leg after he hurt himself while trying to break free from netting which was put over a garden pond.

The green amphibian, who is called Nicolas, was taken to St Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital, in Bucks, where his right leg was X-rayed.

The X-ray confirmed it was broken and the injured leg has now been strapped in blue plaster and bandaged. It will take up to eight weeks to mend.

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Recovering: Nicolas the frog has broken his leg

The two-year-old frog was named after French president Nicolas Sarkozy - who is currently visiting the UK.

The Common frog is becoming a rare sight in the UK but is currently out and about because of the start of the mating season.

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Injured: The frog's X-ray reveals the damage to his leg which happened when he became trapped in a pond