Corrections Officer
Corrections Officers.
Corrections Officers were the brainchild of Sheriff Peter J. Pitchess. The use of C.O.'s to augment
the sworn staff was a ploy to save money as the C.O.'s  were paid less.
Over time they began performing all the same duties in Custody Division that the Deputies were
doing. They started with the same uniform as Deputies with their own patch. After awhile the C.O.'s
asked for and received permission to wear the regular Deputy shoulder patch so the inmates of the
L.A. County Jail could not tell the difference. They also stopped wearing the cap piece and badge.
When they started demanding equal pay for equal work with Deputies the program was disbanded.
After some years the Department created the Custody Assistants. They wear green pants and shirt
with a cloth badge and patch.
Original hiring pamphlet for Corrections Officers.
Last Corrections Officer class. 1966.