Uniform hat for male deputies for
special occasions such as funerals.  
Deputies are required to purchase hat
and cap piece.
Issued uniform hat for male deputies.  
in the 1970's.
Corrections Officer hat.  Discontinued
in the 1960's.
New hat with decorated bill and heavier
gold band for Captains and above.
Older hat with gold band and
lieutenants badge.
New hat with older cap piece.  Older
cap piece was authorized to wear if
deputy had been issued one.
Official "D.I." or "Trooper" hat.  Worn at various functions or details.
Picture on right shows officers lanyard worn by Lieutenants and above.
Uniform hat for female deputies.
Discontinued in the 1960's.
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pictures of hat and female
Older "riot" helmet with the face
shield attached.  Face shield can be
readily placed in the down position to
protect the deputies face from liquids,
objects, etc.
1960's era "riot" helmet.  Still in use
today for training.  Note the smooth
shiny finish.
Late 1970's era "riot" helmet.  Still in
use today.  New finish is dull and rough.
Older, pre-1948 Aero Squadron hat with
cap piece.
Hat for County Deputy Marshal.  
Marshals now integrated into Sheriff's
Civil Defense helmet.
Newly issued helmets.  Kevlar military
style with visor.  Used by Los Angeles
County Sheriff's Security.
No longer authorized for wear with Class A