Reserve Forces
New style cap piece issued in 1948 and used until July
1961.  This piece has the Entemann hallmark on back.  
Most cap pieces I've seen do not have a hallmark.
Pre 1948 Reserve
Deputy Badge
Early Reserve Cap
Piece.  As worn
by Reserve Deputy
The above style Reserve Badge and cap piece was first issued in 1948 and used until July 1961 when
Sheriff Peter Pitchess called in the "2000" series Reserve badges and issued "8000" series badges,
without the "R".
The above badge 2116 R was issued to "Jimmy" on Nov 7,
training classes conducted at Lincoln High School on North
Broadway every Monday night for two years and did 3rd
man ride-alongs for training.  
"Jimmy" was assigned to Montrose Station and kept # 2116
while promoted to reserve Sgt. and Lt.
In July 1961 Sheriff Peter Pitchess merged the Emergency
Reserve (tan) into the "green" reserves and instituted
reserve academy class #1.
At this time all the 2000 series reserve badges were called
in and the 8000 series issued to reserves, 9000 to sworn
mountain rescue, and 10000 to posse members.
"Jimmy" retired in 1997 in accordance with the then
mandatory 70 year retirement for reserves as the Reserve
An early Reserve Deputy.  
There is an "R" patch sewn
under his shoulder patch.
Blank I.D. card for Reserve Deputy.  
Printed December 1956.
From the collection of P. Olvey.
A small "R" is behind the scroll on the
lieutenants badge.
Reserve Forces badge and matching I.D. cards from the
Note. Finish on badge has been dulled for photo and I.D.
cards are selectively blurred to hide the identity of the
Reserve Deputy.
Hat piece from a retired
Reserve sergeant.  He
added the Sergeant bar
EOW May 4, 2010
I first met Abe Cherry when I entered
the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Dept.
Reserve Academy, Class 30.
Abe was my D.I.
Abe volunteered his time to be a D.I.
and Motor Officer.  
I never knew what his paying job was
but I know he spent many hours of his
own time working for the Department.
He treated his cadets in the Academy
with strictness but tempered with the
knowledge that, we too, were
volunteering our time to the people of
the County of Los Angeles.
I thank him and hold him in very high
esteem in my memory.
I wish I could have known him better.
Chuck Connors (Rifleman) reserve ID.
Another example of a 2000 series
Reserve Badge with "R" below
badge number.