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Upon retirement, sworn
personnel may order a badge
encasement containing,
among other things, all the
individual had attained.  In
this case the individual
retired as a Commander.
Award for Exemplary
Another excellent drawing by Sgt. Mike
Clinkunbroomer depicting a tribute to
Firestone Station.
A limited run of 300 lithographs will be
available soon.  Contact:
More lithos of Sheriff's Stations coming
soon.  Pictures will be posted here or go
Los Angeles County Jail wristband.
The bar code is used to make purchases from
the Jail Store.
Lithograph showing the three faces of Lennox
Station.  Copies suitable for framing are available.
Contact Lennox Station. (310) 671-7531
Letterhead for Sheriff Will A.
White 1903-1906.
1956                       Reprint of 1956                            1981                                 2000
printed in 1981.
Covers of all the Los Angeles Sheriff's Dept. Yearbooks.  Another yearbook is pending
delivery.  I have added these to the site as I am seeing some for sale on eBay.
Early business card.
Prototype Memorium plaque, designed
by Sgt. Len Poteshman, around 1980.
To be given to survivors of Deputys
killed in line of duty.
Never adopted.
Los Angeles Sheriff's Academy graduating class 168.  October 4, 1974.
I'm in there somewhere.  
Sheriff Pitchess was absent that day so he sent his
Undersheriff, James F. Downey, seventh from the left.  Sherman Block is
fourth from the left. (at this time Block was either a Chief or Assistant Sheriff)
and I'll post it.
1950's 33 RPM album produced for Sheriff Peter J. Pitchess.
Copy of a portrait of John Lennon by
Hillside Strangler Kenneth Bianchi.
Done while in the Los Angeles Co. Jail
Another Sterling silver buckle by
Bohlinmade of Hollywood.
This one presented by the Sheriff's
Relief Association to Rex Allen.
Sterling silver custom belt buckle.  Dates from the 1930's or 40's.
Wings and certificate from the
collection of William Unland
Click on this link for an Ode to the Los
Angeles County Jail by an inmate!

Collection of memorabilia owned by the
grandson of William Rupert Hayes Sr.  
He served on the Department in the
1940's and 50's.  Grandson thinks he
retired as a Captain.  Any info
regarding this would be appreciated.
1977 ad for Chevrolet
An 1889 letter from Sheriff Martin
Latest litho by renowned artist, Mike
Century Station.
The Battle of Palmdale
A short, humerous article involving the Newhall Sheriff's
Station and the United States Air Force back in 1956.
The above is a section of jail
bars from the old Hall of
Justice Jail.  These came a
complete renovation and
most of the old jail cells have
been removed.  The cell
Charlie Manson was housed
in has been dismantled and
saved to be reconstructed at
a later date in a suitable
If you recognize this, you
know my other passion.
The Medal of Valor honor
a member of the Los
Angeles Sheriff's
Department can receive.  
who distinguish The
Medal of Valor honor a
member of the Los
Angeles Sheriff's
Department can receive.  
It is awarded to persons
life-threatening peril and
with full knowledge of
the risk involved.
This medal is the second
highest award a
Department member can
receive.  It is awarded to
themselves in immediate
peril and perform an act of
heroism and/or save the
life of another.
This medal is awarded to
persons who, when
confronted by
circumstances beyond the
normal course of their
duties, place themselves in
potential peril while
heroism or while saving or
attempting to save the life
of another.
Medal of Valor
Meritorious Conduct
Medal - Gold
Meritorious Conduct
Medal - Silver
Sign to be hung inside auto on
rear-view mirror denoting official
business of the Sheriff.  Signed by
Sheriff Traeger.
Sheriff Peter J. Pitchess election poster
from 1958.
Paris Hilton being escorted by Los
Angeles Sheriff's.
Sheriff Leroy Baca with Deputy
Jackie Chan
Los Angeles Sheriff's Metrolink Unit
K-9 Unit
A set of murals painted by inmates at the Los Angeles County Jail MCJ (Main County Jail)
Scene from a 1950's TV series, Code-3.  Note uniforms
and star decal on rearmost side windows of patrol car.
Scene from a 1950's TV series, Code-3.  Note uniforms
and star decal on rearmost side windows of patrol car.
This is star decal is exactly as the
original.  Made by the same company,
years ago that made the original stars
for the Sheriff's Department in the
1950's.  Measures 7 1/4 inches tall.
It can be applied both inside and outside
of window.  This is a water decal and is
exactly the same as the 1950's stars. I
have a quantity of these and if
interested, contact me.
Star on the memorial at Lakewood Station
Old Reward Posters
Link to Badges of Cities that now
contract with LASD.
Press passes.
Unauthorized video.  Sung by
Randy Newman.
Here's a link to a 1938 movie
made at the Sheriff's Pistol
Click on badge.
This is a 8" brass badge which
was part of a larger sign for the
Sheriff's Mounted Posse.