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Debunking Billy Meier's UFO's

Since 1975 Billy Meier has been sold to the public as a "simple Swiss farmer" who has taken 8mm films & hundreds of clear, close up, photos of UFO's from the "Dal universe" even though Meier himself admits to having had over 300 different professions during his life, suggesting the complete opposite - that he is no simple farmer!

Photo by Phil Langdon March 2011



Study photoset comparisons between photos taken by Billy Meier in 1975 - 1980, of apparent UFO's, and mine taken in 2009 - 2012 of UFO models, with analyses.


Watch the UFO BUST! series,

a 9 episode documentary I produced covering Billy Meier's UFO evidence and why I think it is the biggest UFO hoax on record.

Michael Horn

Michael is the American media representative of the Billy Meier UFO contact case. Take a look at some of Michaels claims concerning the Billy Meier case.



Billy Meier

Billy Eduard Albert Meier (BEAM) has claimed to be the reincarnation of Jesus and in contact with aliens since 1942. Take a look at the man behind the myth


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Until FIGU submit Billy Meier's materials for peer review in the correct academic manner this case can never been taken seriously. The peer review process requires that several appropriately qualified scientists review evidence. That will never happen because whatever supposed "analysis" has been done on Meier's evidence either has proved nothing or pretended to prove something using psuedo-science.

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