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The SafeSkies website focuses on aviation safety issues that affect Canadians, whether flying as passengers or crew, for pleasure or for work, on wide-body jets or single-engine floatplanes.

It was first created to showcase a landmark event: the Aviation Safety Round Table which convened in 2009 on Parliament Hill. The full proceedings of this event are available on this website, including video/audio and transcripts of all of the presentations.

The shocking revelations that emerged at this event galvanized efforts to scrutinize Transport Canada's performance, and to force the department to step up to its regulatory responsibilities.

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SafeSkies Newsletter Vol. 1 No. 3

Volume 1, No. 3


September 1, 2009

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  • "New Rules for Aviation Safety a Flight Plan to Disaster, Critics Warn"

New Rules for Aviation Safety a Flight Plan to Disaster, Critics Warn

Air Safety News Conference
Air Safety News Conference
Justice Virgil Moshansky

Released by the Canadian Press on August 23, 2009

By Terri Theodore

VANCOUVER, B.C. — Proponents predict it will make air travel in Canada safer than ever. Critics call it a flight plan for disaster.   Read more...

Kirsten Stevens is Interviewed by The Rutherford Show

On July 28th, 2009 Kirsten Stevens was interviewed about safety management systems and the aviation industry by Dave Rutherford of "The Rutherford Show" on CHQR Radio, Calgary.   Read more...

Federal Inspections for Planes Far Weaker than for Cold Cuts

As Printed in "The Hill Times" and "The Ottawa Citizen" on July 23, 2009 

By Daniel Slunder

From a distance, cold cuts and airplanes have absolutely nothing in common.

But on closer examination, they do share something: Ottawa regulates the safety requirements for both industries.   Read more...

Air Safety Flies Under the Radar

As printed in "The Hill Times" on June 8, 2009. 

On February 28, 2005 a small float plane crashed near Campbell River , BC . All on board died – the pilot and four forest workers. A botched rescue and investigation angered Kirsten Stevens, the widow of one of the victims. She was shocked to learn in late 2006 that the Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) had classified the crash as a “5”, its lowest priority. “Five men died. How could it be at the bottom of the barrel?”   Read more...

Air Safety Problems Exposed Online


MAY 11, 2009

During Question Period on April 23, the Honorable Rob Merrifield, Secretary of State for Transport, rejected the claims of the NDP Transport Critic, Dennis Bevington, that Canada is not meeting international standards for aviation safety. Perhaps Mr. Merrifield has been duped by bureaucrats in the same manner as the Canadian travelling public.   Read more...

Question Period: Air Safety Challenged

(Video 1:16)

23rd April 2009:  NDP Transport Critic Dennis Bevington asked the following question in the House of Commons:

"Yesterday pilots responsible for inspecting safety practices on airlines said because of this government's move to have the industry oversee its own safety, Canada is no longer meeting international aviation standards. The proposed safety management systems will remove Transport Canada from its important role inspecting planes and enforcing safety regulations. How can this government continue to allow the industry to police its own safety when it knows doing so puts Canadians' air safety below world standards."

Federal Aviation Safety Practices Must Be Investigated, NDP Transport Critic Demands

Air Safety News Conference
Air Safety News Conference
Presenters: Kirsten Stevens, Greg Holbrook,
Dennis Bevington, Peter Julian, Ian Bron

OTTAWA: Transport Canada and the Transportation Safety Board (TSB) are failing in their duty to protect the safety of Canadians who travel by air and those who work in the industry and there must be a public investigation into how these agencies operate the NDP’s Transport Critic demanded today.   Read more...