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  1. Though it may be hard, remember to avoid buying more than you can afford for gifts or outings this season!

  2. For you who waited on your planning just a few weeks remaining on 2015 tax moves. Call today for help.

  3. Summoning 80-year-old capitalists: You have experience, and you CAN grasp the technology

  4. Tax Deadline Notice: if you earned $20 or more in tips during Nov, be sure you report it to your employer by tomorrow (Dec 10).

  5. Tax Debt Webinar Starting Now

  6. AAA Tax Accounting followed and
    • @MichaelRozbruch

      I help CPA’s, Attorneys, and Enrolled Agents build highly profitable practices by showing them how to add tax resolution to their firm. Expert.

    • @5iveTransportCo

      Five Star Car Service and Transportation is a family owned and operated business since 2007.

  7. Tax Debt Webinar in 1 Hour

  8. If you just pay the minimum each time on your credit card, your balance would continue to increase, even though you quit using your card.

  9. Learn how an interest rate change can impact you (and not just if you're buying a house):


  11. Business owners regularly review finances (or they should!), but not enough families do. It's really important for families also.

  12. Knowing we could take some help for Christmas present ideas -- business edition

  13. The avg credit card balance for an American household as of Aug. was $7,529, which is an upsurge from years previous.

  14. As you go into your weekend, what do you think about this wallet-helping statement? :)

  15. See this interesting graphic listing the largest company (by revenue) for every state. Some are surprising.

  16. A thorough analysis of your tax consequences if you rent out your home this holiday season (and anytime)

  17. Good-bye hands-free. Soon is keyboard-free. May want to put this on next year's Christmas list.

  18. Well, Dec. is here so no more delaying! Stop in for tax planning or a business review before 2015 is over! (720) 392-0420

  19. A quick reminder... don't neglect to keep receipts from any 2015 you make!

  20. How we decide to treat our circumstances usually influences the posture of our hearts -- and, thereby, our future circumstances.

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