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" Even J.S. Bach had to put up with these limitations and the harmonic impurity they engender. I'm sure that he would be delighted to use electronic musical instruments if he were alive today." - Wendy Carlos



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Music evolves.

It is the goal of Justonic Tuning Inc. to restore the lost harmonic foundations of music that were sacrificed because of the limits of an earlier technology.



Music has at last been unchained from the mechanical, seventeenth century, equal tempered scale.




Musicians will soon discover that with the Justonic system the tonal palette has been expanded to allow virtually infinite combination of scale and tonal flexibility.



Music evolves, and returns to where it all started. This is only the beginning.




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Pitch Palette for Windows XP

Pitch Palette for Mac OS9

The Story of Harmony



Pitch Palette for Windows XP

Pitch Palette for Mac OS9

The Story of Harmony



Welcome to Justonic Tuning Inc.

The "insurmountable" tuning problem called the "Pythagorean comma" has been solved! The Justonic Tuning Cube can retune an electronic music synthesizer in real time, allowing pure harmony to be maintained in every chord.

Using the Justonic Pitch Palette, any musician playing a MIDI keyboard or MIDI guitar connected to a computer and music synthesizer can now perform in real time just intonation by playing the root note on a MIDI tuning channel. The Pitch Palette MIDI tuning software does the rest sending a MIDI system exclusive tuning message to the synthesizer. The data for the message for every roor within every key comes from the Justonic Tuning Cube. The cube is created from a 12 note scale of 12 ratios. The alternative tuning possibilities within an octave are endless.





Unleash the beauty
of pure harmony!

Justonic Pitch Palette is here!

With all of the original features:

  • MicroTuner for changing the tuning of your synth in real time. With the touch of a MIDI note, you can send a MIDI System Exclusive (SysEx) to your synth;
  • Chord Detector for automatically chooosing Root and changing tuning;
  • Scale Editor for viewing, adding and editing scales;
  • Music Calculator, for converting ratios and decimals to cents;
  • Oscilloscope for viewing harmony as Lissajous curves;
  • Frequency Analyzer for viewing frequencies in real-time;
  • Piano keyboard , in case a real one is not handy;
  • Sequencer for playing and adding tuning data to .MID files.


And many new features, including:

  • System Exclusive MIDI tuning messages are now automatically saved in Standard MIDI files for playback on any sequencer;
  • Pitch Bend mode now available for non-microtunable MIDI synthesizers;
  • Multi-Tone Generator with 16 Tuning Faders that connect to 1 of 128 different voices;
  • Scale/Octave MIDI Tuning Standards: Real Time or Non Real Time, 1 or 2 byte format in addition to exclusive formats for most popular synthesizers;
  • MIDI In and MIDI Out monitors;
  • Support for MIDI Pitch Bend Range specification of up to 24 semitones per semitone.



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