QUICK EDIT: Celebs make us feel like stars

Why do we love celebrities? One obvious answer is that they live out our dreams. 

Getting to live our lives in the spotlight is something we all long for at some point. 

The other and not so obvious answer, is the fact that we perceive celebrities as people who can break the rules. From drug-taking, to jail time, to battery and assault – we not only experience a vicarious thrill by reading our celebrities' exploits, but also expect them to flaunt it. 

Fantasy life: We expect celebrities to live our dreams for us

Fantasy life: We expect celebrities to live our dreams for us

Whether it is Salman Khan’s brushes with the law or ‘Iron Man’ Robert Downey Junior’s bad boy history, there is a thrill each time for us when we feel they will reveal all. 

This was aptly shown when Downey walked out of a Channel 4 interview when the interviewer started asking about his jail time and drug taking. 

In Salman’s case too, we expect that he will open up about his lost love Aishwarya Rai and everything else, but we are part relieved, part disappointed, when he does not. 

This raises questions about us as a society. Why do we feel this need to create the illusion of people who can seemingly do it all? Rationally, we know this is not true - but yet we persist. 

Are our lives banal? Is the mass media indoctrinating us? No, these explanations are far too simplistic. The fact is that we create illusions because we enjoy playing the role of transference. 

Yes, cinema, the mass media, award functions and the like contribute, but the point is we do not look at Salman Khan or Robert Downey Jr, but we are them. 

The important point is, we are them willingly. That is why we never want them to reveal all, because the illusion and thus the transference would end. 

It is a high. A high broken when we leave the cinema hall, or stop watching news channels covering Salman’s ordeals. 

Yes, we love celebrities. Because through them we can take drugs, go to jail, and have affairs without leaving our bedrooms. 

Thank you Robert and Salman, thank you for helping us all to be ‘stars’!